Monday, March 4, 2019

Legrand India to become part of USD 15 billion IoT market in India

India is at the cusp of a technological change with increased penetration of affordable devices combined with cloud computing, analytics. The rising consumer expectations are driving the rapid growth of the IOT market as accessibility and reach of these products along with the easy to use interface present larger choices to the consumer. The IOT also known as Internet Of Things is the latest technology where a system of interrelated devices are provided with a unique id and an ability to transfer data over a network without any requirement of human to computer or human to human interaction. 

Legrand India, a global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure recently rolled out their IoT programme- ELIOT for the Indian market. ELIOT which stands for Electricity + Internet of Things is a programme that aims to inject the power of communications, advances in connectivity and intelligence in the building environment and enhances the value of the connected products to improve user experiences. Aimed at providing a new dimension for connecting lives, ELIOT program is based on interoperability and connected solutions which are device agnostic.

With the launch of ELIOT, Legrand India to become a part of the USD 15 billion IoT market. By 2020, 25% of the companies global revenue is expected to be driven through these connected living products. 

In India the Eliot product offerings are
  •      Residential: Arteor With Netatmo, My Home Up, Classe 300 IP Door Phones, Nuvo for Audio  Systems;
  •         Hospitality: Neat for Integrated Assisted Living, Flex
  •         Commercial: Power Distribution Unit, Energy Distribution.

ELIOT, a combination of “electricity” and “IoT,” will work to transform built environments through a purpose-built cloud, with gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively connected new products, and solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services. Legrand India through their IoT Eliot programmes aims to deliver additional benefits for all private and professional users, whether they are end users or installers. The products are interconnected in such a manner that they are able to talk to each other and interact when the user wishes too.

The Eliot IoT programme is based on three cornerstones- 
• Connected solutions, 
• Interoperability and 
• Sustainable digital and electrical infrastructure for buildings. 

Legrand is joined by partners Amazon Echo, Samsung and Google Play, Renault, Marriott in launching ELIOT, which offers a purpose-built cloud, gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively connected new products, and innovative solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services. Legrand offers the triple focus of digital trust in IoT Eliot programme i.e. advantage in using the brand relationship satisfaction, ensuring security where no one else can access your data and ensuring privacy where no one else except you can access your data.
With its Eliot program, Legrand has decided to speed up the deployment of its connected offerings, to the benefit of both private and professional users. Professional applications currently account for 60% of the overall market of the Internet of Things. Globally ELIOT programme is present in France, Greece, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Dubai, America and made its first-time entry in India region with its launch today in Hong Kong.

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