Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Startup Catering to the Challenges in the Legal Sector

Legal sector in India has vastly been ill-famed by the media and television. One of the major problems faced by the legal sector is the amount of time taken to resolve a case. This stems multiple other problems like paying high and irregular fees to the lawyers and spending time because of multiple hearings.

The legal sector is definitely changing if not evolving with the time. It isn’t considered a ‘noble’ profession anymore. ‘Legal services’ have become merely ‘services’. These services are now included under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The number of Corporate cases is overshadowing the domestic cases. This was never the scenario in India. The type of cases which are definitely on the rise these days is Civil cases which are basically a legal dispute between two parties where the plaintiff (person or organization who filed the complaint) claims that the other party failed to perform the legal duty which it was obligated to.

Most of us lack the understanding of the most basic and customary practices. This prevents us from fully enjoying the scheme and welfare plan by the Government which is designed to benefit us. We miss on a large number of opportunities as we fail to complete the tedious process with efficiency.

The major reason why all these problems still pertain is that even after all these years; the gap between the clientele and law firms is maintained. Law firms are going online and using these technologies to connect with the clientele. One of the pioneers providing such free online services is MyAdvo. They provide FREE online consultancy with a Lawyer, not a bot. It will be limited to only the first call. If you don’t need a private session and have basic questions, you can also ask them publicly and get those answered by Lawyers and advocates for free.

A leading lawyer discovery platform, MyAdvo utilizes the latest technology for making legal simple for anyone who may need it. MyAdvo's technology framework helps people in need of legal assistance to find the best lawyer based on in-depth lawyer profiling, specializations, and client reviews. MyAdvo helps people to get more clarity on the costs involved, allowing them to take informed decisions. MyAdvo also has a dedicated mechanism for handling any concerns that may arise during the progress of a particular case.

They will not only provide you highly skilled and experienced lawyers but also Case Managers to help you with anything and everything at any time through the case.
They promise you a complete quotation at the beginning so that there is transparency and no extra hidden charges. Most firms which offer online services are targeted to a particular type of legal service. But MyAdvo is providing consultancy, guidance, and Lawyers on all the major niches.

If you check out their website, you will find all these niches with brief details of the functioning of each one of them.

Don’t waste your time and money by the traditional way. Let technology improve your life. The Legal process is simpler and faster as compared to the past. Experience the changes yourself.

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