Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

We all know how technology has changed the world. As an IT Professional, I have seen the evolution from my eyes. In past two decades, almost every industry has accepted the high-end technological advancement including Robotics, Internet, IOT, Social Media & other inventions in technology. The Artificial Intelligence wave is the new normal these days in terms of absorbing technology in all the industries. The legal sector is the latest milestone for Artificial Intelligence to knock down. AI is the new normal & has made various seismic moves in every possible aspect of our life, from retail to online media & now AI-based based self-driven vehicles. As we are living in the 4th industrial revolution, and much of it is triggered by the phenomenal force of computing & the biggest drive of innovation & change is AI.

How does AI work in Legal Sector

The Application of AI is growing rapidly in all sectors. Being the least technologically advanced sectors, Legal (much of copious paperwork) is now using AI wholeheartedly. According to a Global Legal recruitment company, AI doesn’t change the nature of legal work. Instead, it assists by automation of various BAU activities such as document drafting, performing due diligence & legal research. The system has proven that it is fast & accurate. In recent time, the Indian Legal sector has started using the benefits of AI. The ability to manage Data & knowledge makes it even more popular in sectors like Legal services.

The Assimilation of AI has certainly enhanced the process of Data management & change the role of Legal professionals in a swiftly evolving business environment.

AI is the future of Law & it works by simply applying the raw data to a cognitive system that then helps in analyzing a large amount of data & delivers a required outcome. The focus is on high-value work thereby reducing the rote work & increase ROI. For the client, it will significantly reduce the number of billable hours.

Value for Lawyers & Legal Firms:

Lawyers and firms are using technological advancement to not only maintain but also analyze the piles and piles of records. Programs created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used as a substitute to paralegals. AI has the ability to process multiple pages at once and develop conclusions; these programs have the ability of decision making using analytical and logical thinking.

Database sorting technology is being used for library management of the entire clientele information hoarded in the firm.

Recently in India, paperless cases were initiated by the Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar when he referred a digital copy of the records instead of paper files.
According to various experts on AI, It will reshape the how the firms’ work law & their organizational structures by automation of most of the tasks which are usually assigned to junior assistants & paralegals. On the other side, it will help firms to increase their efficiency, allowing attorneys to focus on high-value work.

Indian Startups like provides guidance with almost all the types of legal difficulties. With the tagline of “ Making Legal Simple”, they are providing access to a network of highly experienced, qualified lawyers across India. 

The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

According to scientists, AI can be used in as a tool for sorting & highlighting cases that are most likely in violation of the law.  The main question for our country is, Indian legal sector can be reformed with AI. We all know how Indian Judiciary landscape is marked as slow moving cases with back to back hearing dates delays the whole process of reaching to a point of verdict. As the Indian Legal industry has already started adopting AI's true applications. It has already made its mark as a new normal in the sector.
Vision the world in which, AI legal assistant helping firms & lawyers with case predictions. The Robo-Judges assisting real judges in making decisions & complex judgments. I, this way AI may become the game-changer for the Indian Legal industry.

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