Friday, July 14, 2017

The “Paper Problem” in Legal Sector

Welcome to 1960, don't check your calendars. Since we are talking about the legal sector, it seemed apt to turn the wheels of the time machine to at least half a century ago. Technology has changed our lives. Dare I say, improved? But there is one major sector which is clinging on to the early times with its complete jaw strength. Yes, legal sector, no points for guessing.
Imagine the times when people wrote letters to each other. Most of us haven't even experienced that period. But the legal sector is still in that era. Using methods and tools like a typewriter, MS Word, studying the heap files in physical paper form.

There is no denying the fact that Legal solutions are too expensive. And some of us can't even afford it. One of the biggest reason influencing the hefty fees of Lawyers are the ‘man labor’. Almost all the job is done manually in law firms which require hiring more people and also slows down the process considerably. The senior lawyers have multiple paralegals working under them. Their job is to search the paper files for information and document the case papers in a presentable and accurate format.
You don't need to be a tech savvy to figure out how to create digital documents and link files. But this step is supposed to be done by the client as a part of their records maintenance.

Ways to Handle the Paper Problem:  

During Legal Cases

The solution is pretty simple and has existed for decades. Use websites with dynamically linked HTML pages to maintain the records and documents of a case in a format that will provide maximum flexibility to the judge, lawyers as well as the client. Imagine having your entire files arranged like Wikipedia or any website you fancy.

For Clients

The solution for businesses is to maintain all your business information in the digital format. This will ease the job of a paralegal to a prominent extent and also give you the leverage as it will avoid all human errors.

Applications For Law Firms

Use applications like e-Discovery software like kCura which will manage the documents, litigation, and assist you with tracing the best path for your case. You can also appoint an application; Ross as your paralegal. Design applications to handle the unnecessary formatting of the documents. Make custom application of your firm and give the privileges to your client for maintaining their relationship with you through it.

Law Colleges

One of the major reason legal sector is lacking is that the professionals aren’t trained with technology. Incorporate the study of such applications and tools in the curriculum.

The only way to avoid all the redundant efforts is to stop taking those efforts. A lawyer’s degree should be more valuable than spending on old papers and files. Technology is ready to serve the legal sector. Let's ditch the pen and paper and make the legal process better. Startups Like are making the job easier for everyone. The idea is to leverage the technology as much as we can & get rid of the traditional way of paper work. We know it will take time, but this is the right time to choose the Legaltech.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Startup Catering to the Challenges in the Legal Sector

Legal sector in India has vastly been ill-famed by the media and television. One of the major problems faced by the legal sector is the amount of time taken to resolve a case. This stems multiple other problems like paying high and irregular fees to the lawyers and spending time because of multiple hearings.

The legal sector is definitely changing if not evolving with the time. It isn’t considered a ‘noble’ profession anymore. ‘Legal services’ have become merely ‘services’. These services are now included under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The number of Corporate cases is overshadowing the domestic cases. This was never the scenario in India. The type of cases which are definitely on the rise these days is Civil cases which are basically a legal dispute between two parties where the plaintiff (person or organization who filed the complaint) claims that the other party failed to perform the legal duty which it was obligated to.

Most of us lack the understanding of the most basic and customary practices. This prevents us from fully enjoying the scheme and welfare plan by the Government which is designed to benefit us. We miss on a large number of opportunities as we fail to complete the tedious process with efficiency.

The major reason why all these problems still pertain is that even after all these years; the gap between the clientele and law firms is maintained. Law firms are going online and using these technologies to connect with the clientele. One of the pioneers providing such free online services is MyAdvo. They provide FREE online consultancy with a Lawyer, not a bot. It will be limited to only the first call. If you don’t need a private session and have basic questions, you can also ask them publicly and get those answered by Lawyers and advocates for free.

A leading lawyer discovery platform, MyAdvo utilizes the latest technology for making legal simple for anyone who may need it. MyAdvo's technology framework helps people in need of legal assistance to find the best lawyer based on in-depth lawyer profiling, specializations, and client reviews. MyAdvo helps people to get more clarity on the costs involved, allowing them to take informed decisions. MyAdvo also has a dedicated mechanism for handling any concerns that may arise during the progress of a particular case.

They will not only provide you highly skilled and experienced lawyers but also Case Managers to help you with anything and everything at any time through the case.
They promise you a complete quotation at the beginning so that there is transparency and no extra hidden charges. Most firms which offer online services are targeted to a particular type of legal service. But MyAdvo is providing consultancy, guidance, and Lawyers on all the major niches.

If you check out their website, you will find all these niches with brief details of the functioning of each one of them.

Don’t waste your time and money by the traditional way. Let technology improve your life. The Legal process is simpler and faster as compared to the past. Experience the changes yourself.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

We all know how technology has changed the world. As an IT Professional, I have seen the evolution from my eyes. In past two decades, almost every industry has accepted the high-end technological advancement including Robotics, Internet, IOT, Social Media & other inventions in technology. The Artificial Intelligence wave is the new normal these days in terms of absorbing technology in all the industries. The legal sector is the latest milestone for Artificial Intelligence to knock down. AI is the new normal & has made various seismic moves in every possible aspect of our life, from retail to online media & now AI-based based self-driven vehicles. As we are living in the 4th industrial revolution, and much of it is triggered by the phenomenal force of computing & the biggest drive of innovation & change is AI.

How does AI work in Legal Sector

The Application of AI is growing rapidly in all sectors. Being the least technologically advanced sectors, Legal (much of copious paperwork) is now using AI wholeheartedly. According to a Global Legal recruitment company, AI doesn’t change the nature of legal work. Instead, it assists by automation of various BAU activities such as document drafting, performing due diligence & legal research. The system has proven that it is fast & accurate. In recent time, the Indian Legal sector has started using the benefits of AI. The ability to manage Data & knowledge makes it even more popular in sectors like Legal services.

The Assimilation of AI has certainly enhanced the process of Data management & change the role of Legal professionals in a swiftly evolving business environment.

AI is the future of Law & it works by simply applying the raw data to a cognitive system that then helps in analyzing a large amount of data & delivers a required outcome. The focus is on high-value work thereby reducing the rote work & increase ROI. For the client, it will significantly reduce the number of billable hours.

Value for Lawyers & Legal Firms:

Lawyers and firms are using technological advancement to not only maintain but also analyze the piles and piles of records. Programs created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used as a substitute to paralegals. AI has the ability to process multiple pages at once and develop conclusions; these programs have the ability of decision making using analytical and logical thinking.

Database sorting technology is being used for library management of the entire clientele information hoarded in the firm.

Recently in India, paperless cases were initiated by the Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar when he referred a digital copy of the records instead of paper files.
According to various experts on AI, It will reshape the how the firms’ work law & their organizational structures by automation of most of the tasks which are usually assigned to junior assistants & paralegals. On the other side, it will help firms to increase their efficiency, allowing attorneys to focus on high-value work.

Indian Startups like provides guidance with almost all the types of legal difficulties. With the tagline of “ Making Legal Simple”, they are providing access to a network of highly experienced, qualified lawyers across India. 

The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

According to scientists, AI can be used in as a tool for sorting & highlighting cases that are most likely in violation of the law.  The main question for our country is, Indian legal sector can be reformed with AI. We all know how Indian Judiciary landscape is marked as slow moving cases with back to back hearing dates delays the whole process of reaching to a point of verdict. As the Indian Legal industry has already started adopting AI's true applications. It has already made its mark as a new normal in the sector.
Vision the world in which, AI legal assistant helping firms & lawyers with case predictions. The Robo-Judges assisting real judges in making decisions & complex judgments. I, this way AI may become the game-changer for the Indian Legal industry.

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