Friday, June 2, 2017

House of Cards Season 5, Episode 1- Spoiler Free Review

Just like me, most of you have started watching the House of Cards from Season 1 & then forward. I must say, the whole series is an addiction up to the level where a person like me having no interest in politics got involved at a level that I never missed an episode from previous seasons.

Those who have been following previous seasons of House of Cards have good news now. The new season is back with double action revolving around the American politics with a complete package of mind blowing performances full of resentment & ambition. The show was premiered this week on May 30th on Netflix. Just a heads up for my readers that this is a non-spoilery review of Season 5- Episode 1 with few hints here & there. So don't worry, I will keep the secret just like Underwood family. 

So let's get started. This season is started from where it ended in Season 4. Episode 1 has the double dosage of political drama, wicked plotting, favor games, blackmailing, terror & dirty politics. The episode started with a message to American citizens from first lady Claire recording at a Studio. The Message consists of a request to "Watch each other".

The death of Jim Miller & trauma of his family caused a severe turbulence & terror in the neighborhood. In addition to this, the Democrats & Media are ready to set up a plot for Underwood's with corruption & other charges (Current situation of Trump with American Media is relevant with few scenes). 

Whereas, In the house, Frank requested all congressman to take a stand & vote to declare a war against ICO (Series version of ISIS) in the States & abroad. Is this Homecoming of Terror? Who launches the Terroristic Campaign: ICO or Whitehouse? Kevin Spacey as President " Frank Underwood" is back with his award winning performance & I must say this time he looks crueler than ever. His ruthless actions in this episodes will surprise you a lot, mostly at the end of this episode. (Spoiler Alert)

The Underwood family attends the funeral of Jim Millers. Claire cried at Miller funeral when her wife was giving a funeral speech, I am still not sure if she was real. You better watch & tell me in the comment section what do you think?
This scene looks dramatic & consist of various emotions including a very touchy dialogue from Jim's daughter " Melissa" whispering the same in Frank's ear when he was trying to console her. She say's " I wish you die & her (First Lady) becomes the president".(Spoiler alert for this Season). 

As the episode moves forward, One of the Jim's Killer, Joshua Matterson becomes a hot topic on social media. Why? (You will find it out when you will watch the episode). 
Claire tried to take care of the situation. She got Success? (Watch the Episode 1). 

On the Otherside, A political circus has begun. At Washington Herald, Tom Hammerschmidt's has hired a new journalist for investigating the charges on President. His revelations from previous season causing troubles at Whitehouse. Underwood insiders are worried about their reputations & career. Is this a payback time for Underwood's & his partner for old sins? Will they Fall along with UnderWood's? We will watch that in coming episodes. 

The Verdict:

Overall I love the whole episode. As this episode is Spoiler free, you need to watch it on #HOConZCafe to experience the thrill. This season of House of Cards will be the beast of this year. It will definitely capitalize on the popularity of previous seasons, but I wouldn't wonder if Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright or any other performance bags  Emmy Awards for Season 5.

You better watch it, As Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Cafe!

Your weekends just got better with #HOConZCafe . I bet! 

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