Thursday, January 12, 2017

Serein - The Luxury of Malabar Hill Now In Thane

It’s been more than 8 years for me in Mumbai. I am staying in central suburbs of Mumbai which comes in Thane. We all search for a perfect home at a preferred residential destination in our city. I always wonder if I can ever buy a home at Malabar Hill or Colaba. Malabar Hill is one of the world's most expensive residential localities. But you know you need to always check your pocket before thinking about such prime locations, especially if you are not a celeb or a business tycoon you can not afford a space at the place like Malabar Hill. But what If, I  tell you that you can get the same feel in the neighborhood of Mumbai in the verdant surroundings of Yeoor hills with ample of housing options along with substantial lifestyle. Folks I am talking about an emerging prime location which is also called as Malabar Hill of Thane. In this post, I will cover how Thane has become one of the residential hotspots in recent times.

To start with, Let me put a question first.What do you look for when it comes to choosing a location for an ideal house? Most of you will agree with me that we usually evaluate few key criteria’s like infrastructure, connectivity (from Road & Local stations), amenities like Hospitals, Supermarket, Malls & most important the environment. In these measures, Thane especially Pokhran Road( 1 & 2) far surpasses expectations. This locality is also famous as the Malabar Hill of Thane. The Greenery, Hill  & perfect Serene view of this location makes it a perfect choice to buy a house. In recent times Phokran road has become one of the most happening places to live in thane. I have my office in Vikhroli, So I used to travel a lot from Mira road to Vikhroli via Ghodbunder. When you pass by this location especially the Upvan lake (aka Phokran Lake)  you will get a feel of town just like Bandstand & Marine drive.

The locality has seen various newly built mini-townships in last few years & Serein by Tata Housing is one of them. It's one of its kind with Wellness as a theme. It has outdoor living spaces designed exclusively for users to immerse themselves in nature’s elements. Serein is located at the center of luxury in most beautiful & posh location of Thane. The landscape has been designed as if it’s a celebration of shapes and colors. It can define as one of the projects from Tata Housings that defines & set a perfect example of homes that make a Legacy to follow. Consist of various unique features & activity spaces like swimming pool, pet park, Skating area & outdoor convenience store to improve the overall living standards of the inhabitants.

The apartments have been constructed in such a way that they have abundant air ventilation & sunlight. Special attention has been given to various Safety & Security aspects. Each apartment is equipped with unique features to improve the overall living standards of the inhabitants. A perfect place to live with the richness of a Wellness Home & also comes with a pride in the address at Malabar of Thane. Its can't be just a coincidence that the Pin code for both Malabar Hill- 400006 & Phokran road, Thane - 400610 is quite similar.

The area around Pokhran road is getting fast paced commercial development with new shopping complexes & malls being developed. Other facilities such as quality medical and education, multiplexes etc are within easy reach. Located ten minutes from the railway station and easily reached via Ghodbunder Road and the Eastern Express Highway, this area has become an attractive destination.

So if you are planning to buy a home in Thane, Tarry No Longer !! Serein can be one of your best options at Malabar of Thane where you can live & enjoy the environs in the palm of Yeoor Hills & Upwan Lake. So come & Luxuriate in the richness of wellness.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Get More from Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance eTouch Online Term Plan- PART 2

In continuation of my teaser post on Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance online term plan, here I am with a new post on complete coverage of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance online term plan and the Wellness app launch event. I will try to share the features and benefits of the products in details so that you can understand the product properly. Before we proceed to the details of this product let's understand the value of a perfect Protection plan and Term insurance. 

Term insurance plans offer us a very large cover at affordable premiums. It's the best form of cover for your family and loved ones. In today's uncertain world we are exposed to various vulnerabilities in our life including death, accidents, various life-threatening diseases, etc. The person who is the only bread earner for his family without any protection or term plan can make his family suffer in case of any unforeseen event. Do not put off this decision for later considering that nothing will ever happen to you. So the question is who will take care of your family when you are not around. What if you get critically ill for a longer period of time, who will take care your financial liabilities? If you are looking for answers to "IF's Of Life", Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan can be a perfect solution for you and your loved ones to be able to realize your dreams without any compromises, in the case of an unforeseen event. You can choose Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term as a long term solution for your family protection. Let’s explore the product and its benefits in detail.

What is Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan?

Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term is a regular premium payment, pure term and health cover plan. The plan provides life cover combined with the benefit on accidental death, accidental total permanent disability and critical illness and benefit of waiver of premium, depending on variant opted by you. 

Key Benefits of eTouch Online term Plan:

The key advantages of this plan are: 
• Comprehensive protection for you 
• Flexibility to choose from four variant options to enhance your protection 
• Option for the nominee to receive the policy benefits in a lump sum amount or in monthly installments 
• Lower premium for leading healthy lifestyle for non-tobacco users

The Convenience of Buying Online:
Buying a term plan offline can be relatively expensive as compared to online mode when the benefits are exactly the same. Today people are more internet savvy and everything is getting online. 

How it's different from other term insurance plans: (USP of product):
The main USP of eTouch is its ability to allow the insurer to choose different variants of the term plan in a customized way to meet individual's requirement based on his priorities. The plan comes in four variants as per below:

1) Shield - Life Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
2) Shield Plus - Life Benefit plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
3) Shield Super - Life Benefit plus ADB plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
4) Shield Supreme- Life Benefit plus ACI Benefit plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD or CI) 

The acronyms used stand for: (i) ADB – Accidental Death Benefit (ii) ATPD – Accidental Total Permanent ^^^ Disability (iii) ACI – Accelerated Critical Illness (iv) CI –Critical Illness (v) WOP – Waiver of Premium

On 23rd December, we witnessed the launch of Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan and a wellness mobile application called B-Fit at St. Regis Mumbai amongst few top finance and lifestyle bloggers of Mumbai.

The event covered all aspects of the product following a Q&A session with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance SME's and officials.

B-Fit Wellness App:

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance also introduced the B-Fit app- a mobile app focused on keeping you healthy and fit while rewarding it's user with most popular Vantage points for being healthy. It allows users to set goals as per their fitness plan with a daily challenge. It automatically tracks all the activities and rewards the user for achieving the target. Remember Health is our primary "WEALTH".
Download the app here: Currently, the application is accessible to the company’s policyholders. So wait no longer….gift your families the perfect shield against the “IF’s of LIFE” in just a few clicks with the Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch term plan and “JiyoBefikar”!!

Click here to know more about the policy.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Discover Adventure with Everest Base Camp trekking

Are you looking for adventure in your life? Are you getting bored with your day-to-day life? Are you working 24/7 for money with no fun in life? If answers to these questions are yes then you definitely need some adventure in your life.

In this post, I will introduce & brief about the dream adventure of all times" Everest Base Camp trekking".
If you love traveling, trekking then it should be on top of your bucket list. Traveling itself is fascinating & if its in the vicinity of great Himalayan, then the feel is simply awesome. The Everest base camp trekking is one of those adventures which can give you the same feel. This  5360 m trekking venture is referred as trend set by the first mountaineers who first reached the heights of Everest in 1953. The Sherpa ethnicity of this region tells us a story of some unsung heroes of all the time. As your steps ascend closer to Everest Base camp the hidden natural & cultural beauty of this place unfolds gradually with the learning of the traditions & cultures of the Sherpa. The panoramic views of landscape with world's most spectacular mountain scenery will take you to a glimpse of the world's highest point which also known as Sagarmatha(or, Everest).

What is the Fitness Level Required:

I would make one thing clear that such type of trekking is not for weekend wanderers. It demands a standard level of fitness & stamina to trek at such heights. So if you think you want to go on this adventure make sure you have a good level of fitness without any heart or lung de & some experience in trekking for multiple days.

What is the Best time to Plan for Base Camp Trekking:

The best time to plan for trekking is from March to May and from Sept to Dec though people used to track here throughout the year. Pre-monsoon & post-monsoon is the best time to do the Everest base camp trek.

Get Start on your adventure:

If you are looking for more information on Everest Base Camp trekking, I would recommend which is one of the largest marketplaces for adventurous activities. You can also search other online marketplaces for flight booking & other stuff, but Mojhi offers 15+ Everest Base camp trekking packages in Nepal offered by professional Trekking operators.'s dynamic pricing, which is similar to what other online portals for flight & hotels do, allows users to get the best price & improved experience.

Do share your experiences if you were ever on Everest Base Camp trekking in the comment section. I would love to hear the itinerary.

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