Friday, December 22, 2017

Reasons for installing Air purifiers at home

Pollution is no longer a problem that only exists in school textbooks and environmental summits. Its effects are visible to everyone, whether you lead a lavish lifestyle or struggling with your daily bread. Hence, the need for air purifiers for home has increased, in order to lead a healthy and pollution-free life.

We all know the importance of air we breathe.  Those who suffer from Allergy or Asthma understand how precious fresh air is for our body.

Today in this post, we are going to look at few reasons to convince you to buy a new air purifier for home. Many products in the market promise to purify your indoor air. But the challenge to find out the best air purifier is still seen in the majority of the consumers’ mind.
So let’s explore few facts & reasons to buy an Air purifier:

1-      Reduces the number of allergens in your home environment:  An Air purifier manages the amount of dust, pollen and dirt particles in your home. Air purifier traps them essentially and prevents them from spreading throughout the house.
2-      Get Relieved from annoying food odors:  A highly-rated Live pure air cleaner will help to purifier your home’s air, leaving your home feeling cleaner, fresher and more comfortable.
3-      To help to reduce the amount of pet dander in the air

Apart from these, there are other benefits of using an Air purifier. Now if you are planning to buy an Air purifier and confused which one to buy let me help you now. In order to make the right choice, the features need to be studied and assessed, keeping in mind the dimensions of your home.  Air purifier price varies as per its capacity to clean up air, which is measured in sq.ft. Ranging from 200 to 750 sq. ft.,

Livpure gives you ideal air purifier in India to breathe easy indoors and live a healthy life. Air Purifiers can help you decrease the annoyances of household odors and perhaps, more importantly, they can help to make your home more comfortable.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) - Driving Revolution in Digital Payments

In recent time the digital payment industry in India has grown significantly.  As a cash-dependent economy amount of cash circulation in India is still very high (~18% of country's GDP; Source: PwC) is cash -dependent, making India as one of the most cash-dependent countries in the world.

However, recent de-monetization by the government along with the boom in the digital world with help of strong smartphone penetration has increased the awareness about digital payments. The preference for hassle-free transactions and secured payment solutions are are key drivers for the growth of digital payments in India.

Last week I was invited by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at their headquarters in Mumbai for a Bloggers meet. I grabbed this opportunity to witness the revolution in Digital Payments with the front runners of digital payments & bring the same to my readers.

The Agenda of the meet was to bring awareness & share knowledge on NPCI role in India's digital payment system as a front-runner in this segment.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI):

NPCI represents the umbrella organization for all retail payments system in India. It was set up with the guidance and support of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Banks’ Association. NPCI received the Certificate of Commencement of Business in April 2009.  It is creating an infrastructure which rests on the principle of large-scale and high volumes, resulting in payment services at a fraction of the present cost structure.

The industry is at an inflexion point led by fast-changing consumer behavior, government/regulatory initiatives, ever-increasing entrepreneurial activity and strong investor appetite. This synergy is unleashing tremendous innovation and would transform the financial services/ payment sector in India. 

RuPay Evolution & its Benefits:

RuPay is NPCI’s card payment network which is accepted at ATMs, PoS machines, and e-commerce sites. RuPay offers lower charges than its global competitors like Visa and MasterCard. Key benefits of RuPay include lower cost and affordability, and penetration in the untapped/unexplored consumer segment. RuPay card is uniquely positioned to offer complete inter-operability between various payments channels and products. NPCI currently offers varied solutions across platforms including ATMs, mobile technology, cheques et al and is extremely well placed in nurturing RuPay cards across these platforms. 

The RuPay card is available in 3 variants: Debit Card, Credit Card & Pre-paid cards. The NPCI is aiming to ramp up the presence of RuPay across all user categories & they have initiated various tie-ups to expand their global footprints.

Unified Payments Interface UPI: 

UPI is a simple & instant payment system created by NPCI that is based on IMPS system. 
UPI can operate on a smartphone and can be thought of like an email ID for money. It lets you transfer money immediately between any two parties' bank accounts and works 24x7. UPI was started by NPCI in August 2016 with 21 Banks. Users can map multiple bank accounts into one single UPI App. One can download over 37 UPI Apps and BHIM available in Google Play or App stores.

Bharat Interface For Money (BHIM):

BHIM is a smart mobile-based app based on Unified Payment Interface -UPI that allows simple, easy and quick payment transactions using UPI. The user can send money using a Virtual Payment Address(VPA), Account Number & IFSC, Aadhaar Number or QR Code.

How to Use BHIM App:

We also met Mr. Dilip Asbe, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), and delved deeper into NPCI’s role in emerging digital payment industry in India. Bloggers asked questions related to the vision & future plans of NPCI. NPCI vision is to be the Best payments network globally with a mission of touching every Indian with one or other payment services of NPCI by 2020.

Mr. Dilip Asbe- COO NPCI

There was a fun Quiz for Bloggers in which everyone participated with a lot of enthusiasm. 
The overall experience of the NPCI blogger meet was fantastic. We had a great time with officials from NPCI providing us a plethora of knowledge around the revolution in digital payments.

To all my readers, I would recommend you to explore all the possibility of having more digital transactions & move in the direction of taking India toward a cashless society. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

The “Paper Problem” in Legal Sector

Welcome to 1960, don't check your calendars. Since we are talking about the legal sector, it seemed apt to turn the wheels of the time machine to at least half a century ago. Technology has changed our lives. Dare I say, improved? But there is one major sector which is clinging on to the early times with its complete jaw strength. Yes, legal sector, no points for guessing.
Imagine the times when people wrote letters to each other. Most of us haven't even experienced that period. But the legal sector is still in that era. Using methods and tools like a typewriter, MS Word, studying the heap files in physical paper form.

There is no denying the fact that Legal solutions are too expensive. And some of us can't even afford it. One of the biggest reason influencing the hefty fees of Lawyers are the ‘man labor’. Almost all the job is done manually in law firms which require hiring more people and also slows down the process considerably. The senior lawyers have multiple paralegals working under them. Their job is to search the paper files for information and document the case papers in a presentable and accurate format.
You don't need to be a tech savvy to figure out how to create digital documents and link files. But this step is supposed to be done by the client as a part of their records maintenance.

Ways to Handle the Paper Problem:  

During Legal Cases

The solution is pretty simple and has existed for decades. Use websites with dynamically linked HTML pages to maintain the records and documents of a case in a format that will provide maximum flexibility to the judge, lawyers as well as the client. Imagine having your entire files arranged like Wikipedia or any website you fancy.

For Clients

The solution for businesses is to maintain all your business information in the digital format. This will ease the job of a paralegal to a prominent extent and also give you the leverage as it will avoid all human errors.

Applications For Law Firms

Use applications like e-Discovery software like kCura which will manage the documents, litigation, and assist you with tracing the best path for your case. You can also appoint an application; Ross as your paralegal. Design applications to handle the unnecessary formatting of the documents. Make custom application of your firm and give the privileges to your client for maintaining their relationship with you through it.

Law Colleges

One of the major reason legal sector is lacking is that the professionals aren’t trained with technology. Incorporate the study of such applications and tools in the curriculum.

The only way to avoid all the redundant efforts is to stop taking those efforts. A lawyer’s degree should be more valuable than spending on old papers and files. Technology is ready to serve the legal sector. Let's ditch the pen and paper and make the legal process better. Startups Like are making the job easier for everyone. The idea is to leverage the technology as much as we can & get rid of the traditional way of paper work. We know it will take time, but this is the right time to choose the Legaltech.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Startup Catering to the Challenges in the Legal Sector

Legal sector in India has vastly been ill-famed by the media and television. One of the major problems faced by the legal sector is the amount of time taken to resolve a case. This stems multiple other problems like paying high and irregular fees to the lawyers and spending time because of multiple hearings.

The legal sector is definitely changing if not evolving with the time. It isn’t considered a ‘noble’ profession anymore. ‘Legal services’ have become merely ‘services’. These services are now included under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The number of Corporate cases is overshadowing the domestic cases. This was never the scenario in India. The type of cases which are definitely on the rise these days is Civil cases which are basically a legal dispute between two parties where the plaintiff (person or organization who filed the complaint) claims that the other party failed to perform the legal duty which it was obligated to.

Most of us lack the understanding of the most basic and customary practices. This prevents us from fully enjoying the scheme and welfare plan by the Government which is designed to benefit us. We miss on a large number of opportunities as we fail to complete the tedious process with efficiency.

The major reason why all these problems still pertain is that even after all these years; the gap between the clientele and law firms is maintained. Law firms are going online and using these technologies to connect with the clientele. One of the pioneers providing such free online services is MyAdvo. They provide FREE online consultancy with a Lawyer, not a bot. It will be limited to only the first call. If you don’t need a private session and have basic questions, you can also ask them publicly and get those answered by Lawyers and advocates for free.

A leading lawyer discovery platform, MyAdvo utilizes the latest technology for making legal simple for anyone who may need it. MyAdvo's technology framework helps people in need of legal assistance to find the best lawyer based on in-depth lawyer profiling, specializations, and client reviews. MyAdvo helps people to get more clarity on the costs involved, allowing them to take informed decisions. MyAdvo also has a dedicated mechanism for handling any concerns that may arise during the progress of a particular case.

They will not only provide you highly skilled and experienced lawyers but also Case Managers to help you with anything and everything at any time through the case.
They promise you a complete quotation at the beginning so that there is transparency and no extra hidden charges. Most firms which offer online services are targeted to a particular type of legal service. But MyAdvo is providing consultancy, guidance, and Lawyers on all the major niches.

If you check out their website, you will find all these niches with brief details of the functioning of each one of them.

Don’t waste your time and money by the traditional way. Let technology improve your life. The Legal process is simpler and faster as compared to the past. Experience the changes yourself.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

We all know how technology has changed the world. As an IT Professional, I have seen the evolution from my eyes. In past two decades, almost every industry has accepted the high-end technological advancement including Robotics, Internet, IOT, Social Media & other inventions in technology. The Artificial Intelligence wave is the new normal these days in terms of absorbing technology in all the industries. The legal sector is the latest milestone for Artificial Intelligence to knock down. AI is the new normal & has made various seismic moves in every possible aspect of our life, from retail to online media & now AI-based based self-driven vehicles. As we are living in the 4th industrial revolution, and much of it is triggered by the phenomenal force of computing & the biggest drive of innovation & change is AI.

How does AI work in Legal Sector

The Application of AI is growing rapidly in all sectors. Being the least technologically advanced sectors, Legal (much of copious paperwork) is now using AI wholeheartedly. According to a Global Legal recruitment company, AI doesn’t change the nature of legal work. Instead, it assists by automation of various BAU activities such as document drafting, performing due diligence & legal research. The system has proven that it is fast & accurate. In recent time, the Indian Legal sector has started using the benefits of AI. The ability to manage Data & knowledge makes it even more popular in sectors like Legal services.

The Assimilation of AI has certainly enhanced the process of Data management & change the role of Legal professionals in a swiftly evolving business environment.

AI is the future of Law & it works by simply applying the raw data to a cognitive system that then helps in analyzing a large amount of data & delivers a required outcome. The focus is on high-value work thereby reducing the rote work & increase ROI. For the client, it will significantly reduce the number of billable hours.

Value for Lawyers & Legal Firms:

Lawyers and firms are using technological advancement to not only maintain but also analyze the piles and piles of records. Programs created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used as a substitute to paralegals. AI has the ability to process multiple pages at once and develop conclusions; these programs have the ability of decision making using analytical and logical thinking.

Database sorting technology is being used for library management of the entire clientele information hoarded in the firm.

Recently in India, paperless cases were initiated by the Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar when he referred a digital copy of the records instead of paper files.
According to various experts on AI, It will reshape the how the firms’ work law & their organizational structures by automation of most of the tasks which are usually assigned to junior assistants & paralegals. On the other side, it will help firms to increase their efficiency, allowing attorneys to focus on high-value work.

Indian Startups like provides guidance with almost all the types of legal difficulties. With the tagline of “ Making Legal Simple”, they are providing access to a network of highly experienced, qualified lawyers across India. 

The 'New Normal' in the Indian Legal Sector

According to scientists, AI can be used in as a tool for sorting & highlighting cases that are most likely in violation of the law.  The main question for our country is, Indian legal sector can be reformed with AI. We all know how Indian Judiciary landscape is marked as slow moving cases with back to back hearing dates delays the whole process of reaching to a point of verdict. As the Indian Legal industry has already started adopting AI's true applications. It has already made its mark as a new normal in the sector.
Vision the world in which, AI legal assistant helping firms & lawyers with case predictions. The Robo-Judges assisting real judges in making decisions & complex judgments. I, this way AI may become the game-changer for the Indian Legal industry.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Why to Invest in Mutual Fund & Its Benefits

Making money creates happiness and that is an excellent incentive. From last decade, people have started thinking about they can save money for their future with proper financial planning & investment. These days with the help of Internet it has become easier to promote & get services for financial planning & do trading on stocks with the help of Investment companies.

At the start of every month, we are reminded about our expenses such as electricity bill, telephone bill, EMI's, home loan, Insurance premiums & many more. We all set reminders & track our budget to ensure that we meet the deadlines before they are due to avoid any late fees or interest charges. 
Do we ever think the same way when it comes to investing? This is an important point which I will cover in this post along with some insights on Mutual fund investments & its benefits. The agenda of this post is to bring awareness for Mutual funds & its benefit. In this post, I will explain about the Mutual Fund Day (MFD) &  Fund For A Friend (FFAF) initiative by Reliance 

What is Mutual Fund: 

In simple words "Mutual fund is an investment program usually run by an asset management company that coordinates with a group of people & invest their money in equity, stock markets, bonds & securities in order to provide maximum returns on investment."

Image result for Mutual fund day

How Mutual Fund is different & it Benefits:

Anyone who earns money through business, daily jobs & other modes can start in this instrument. Most of us expect maximum returns on our investment, which not a bad thing. Traditionally most people deposit their money in banks in form Fixed & Recurring deposits,  But are we really getting optimal ROI through such instruments? The answer is "No". Why?

This is because the current rate of interest on bank deposit which is currently at 6-7 % approximately is not enough to provide high returns on your idle money. Protection of principal for a short term is the only benefit from traditional bank deposits. When it comes to saving for your future do we really bother about withdrawing it in a short duration of time? The answer is again "No".

Now coming to the people who want to invest in the stock market but don't know anything about the way it works. They don't know which equity or stock is giving high returns and they don’t have the knowledge about the trends of the market.  Some people lose their money by speculating in the market & investing without any knowledge & end up losing their money. This is where mutual funds come in handy to rescue you from all this. A fund manager will do the job for you with the help of research team that will continuously analyse the market trends and will select suitable investments to achieve your goals.

What is Mutual Fund Day (MFD): 

Har Mahine ki tarikh saat, Kijiye Mutual Fund ke aadat se ki shuruat !

TThe MFD is an initiative by Reliance Mutual Fund to aims to reach out to the all the investors in India, to build awareness & consideration towards Mutual Fund, so as to help investors to fulfil their dreams by investing in an asset class through various Investor Awareness, Camps & Media led events Reliance Mutual Fund is connecting the dots to educate the mass of our country to inculcate the habit investing regularly.

Just like we celebrate World Environment Day, Mother’s Day & important days in our life, we should celebrate 7th of every month as an investment day #MFDaysOn7th.

What is  Fund For A Friend (FFAF):

FFAF is a quiz in form of a mobile application where you can help your friends to achieve financial goals by answering few questions regarding their nature. Based on your answers the app will find out what profile works best for him. 

Recognizing the need for financial independence we should engage more with such initiative & share the information with our family, friends & colleagues. Let me know in case you have any queries related to Mutual Funds & I will try to help as much as I can. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

House of Cards Season 5, Episode 1- Spoiler Free Review

Just like me, most of you have started watching the House of Cards from Season 1 & then forward. I must say, the whole series is an addiction up to the level where a person like me having no interest in politics got involved at a level that I never missed an episode from previous seasons.

Those who have been following previous seasons of House of Cards have good news now. The new season is back with double action revolving around the American politics with a complete package of mind blowing performances full of resentment & ambition. The show was premiered this week on May 30th on Netflix. Just a heads up for my readers that this is a non-spoilery review of Season 5- Episode 1 with few hints here & there. So don't worry, I will keep the secret just like Underwood family. 

So let's get started. This season is started from where it ended in Season 4. Episode 1 has the double dosage of political drama, wicked plotting, favor games, blackmailing, terror & dirty politics. The episode started with a message to American citizens from first lady Claire recording at a Studio. The Message consists of a request to "Watch each other".

The death of Jim Miller & trauma of his family caused a severe turbulence & terror in the neighborhood. In addition to this, the Democrats & Media are ready to set up a plot for Underwood's with corruption & other charges (Current situation of Trump with American Media is relevant with few scenes). 

Whereas, In the house, Frank requested all congressman to take a stand & vote to declare a war against ICO (Series version of ISIS) in the States & abroad. Is this Homecoming of Terror? Who launches the Terroristic Campaign: ICO or Whitehouse? Kevin Spacey as President " Frank Underwood" is back with his award winning performance & I must say this time he looks crueler than ever. His ruthless actions in this episodes will surprise you a lot, mostly at the end of this episode. (Spoiler Alert)

The Underwood family attends the funeral of Jim Millers. Claire cried at Miller funeral when her wife was giving a funeral speech, I am still not sure if she was real. You better watch & tell me in the comment section what do you think?
This scene looks dramatic & consist of various emotions including a very touchy dialogue from Jim's daughter " Melissa" whispering the same in Frank's ear when he was trying to console her. She say's " I wish you die & her (First Lady) becomes the president".(Spoiler alert for this Season). 

As the episode moves forward, One of the Jim's Killer, Joshua Matterson becomes a hot topic on social media. Why? (You will find it out when you will watch the episode). 
Claire tried to take care of the situation. She got Success? (Watch the Episode 1). 

On the Otherside, A political circus has begun. At Washington Herald, Tom Hammerschmidt's has hired a new journalist for investigating the charges on President. His revelations from previous season causing troubles at Whitehouse. Underwood insiders are worried about their reputations & career. Is this a payback time for Underwood's & his partner for old sins? Will they Fall along with UnderWood's? We will watch that in coming episodes. 

The Verdict:

Overall I love the whole episode. As this episode is Spoiler free, you need to watch it on #HOConZCafe to experience the thrill. This season of House of Cards will be the beast of this year. It will definitely capitalize on the popularity of previous seasons, but I wouldn't wonder if Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright or any other performance bags  Emmy Awards for Season 5.

You better watch it, As Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Cafe!

Your weekends just got better with #HOConZCafe . I bet! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Quiz app - The Isle of Fortune

In this post, we will talk about a Skill based quizzing game app that allows players to win cash prizes.
Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based mobile game and application developer,  announced the launch of their first game app – Isle of Fortune. A general knowledge based quiz app, Isle of Fortune’s key differentiator is the opportunity to win cash prizes as one plays.

Available for free downloads on the Google Play Store and with an easy to use interface, the Isle of Fortune promises to keep players hooked.

The Game
Once downloaded, users will have the option of playing 2 games within the app:

GAME 1: The Isle of Fortune Game-
A daily quiz with unlimited free attempts, with the fastest time per day emerging as the winner. This game runs daily for 24 hours starting at 00:01 hours GMT every day and ending at 23:59 hours GMT on that same day. Players can win a daily cash prize of USD 100 or its local equivalent in their location

GAME 2: The Grand Game
A weekly quiz, with the fastest time of the week emerging as the winner. This game runs weekly starting from 00:01 hours GMT every Monday and ending at 23:59 hours GMT the following Sunday, and has a cash prize of USD 1000 every week or its local equivalent. Players have to purchase coins in order to play and win. There are multiple purchase options for the users ranging from unlimited games in the week to just a single game, depending on the Player’s interest.

Game Format and Rules: 
To start playing, on opening the app a simple registration process has to be completed – this can be either through an existing Facebook account or by creating an Isle of Fortune account. Post registration the user can choose which game she/he wants to play.

While Isle of Fortune is free to play, the Grand Game players need to purchase coins if they do not have sufficient amount of them already. Players can also choose to purchase a daily or weekly pass to play The Grand Game for an unlimited number of times in the selected time period.

Both games follow the same format as outlined below:
  • The format is a 10 question game, across topics ranging from general knowledge, movies, sport and current affairs.
  • A right answer takes the player to the next question; a wrong answer causes a penalty of 5 seconds to be added to the player’s time.
  • Players are entitled to use 3 lifelines which can strategically help them set their best possible time. The lifelines are:

  1. 50-50 – eliminate 2 wrong answers
  2. Q Swap – The existing question is replaced with a new one
  3. Two Tries – The user gets two chances to answer a question before the delay timer starts. 

Each lifeline costs the user 2 gold coins and each of them can be used only once in each game. 
Besides answering the questions correctly, the key to winning either game is speed, as the player with the best time will be declared winner each day or each week, as per the game played. In the event of 2 players with the same fast time, a tie-breaker decides the winner. 

Winners of either game (Isle of Fortune or Grand Game), will be notified by the Isle of Fortune team, via email, the day after they have won. The team will further guide winners on how to receive their prize.

Speaking on the launch, Arjun Rao, Managing Director of Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd, said, “I am very happy to launch our first game, which will be the first of many unique formats and themes. The game targets everyone with a passion for learning, people who like competing on a global level against people from all walks of life from around the world and for those who love a good rewards program. We will work hard to keep things interesting as we grow, with the constant inclusion of special games, interesting rewards and bespoke content.”

Isle of Fortune can be played across India, except in the states of Tamil Nadu and Nagaland, due to state legislation that prevents users from winning prizes from online games.

An international launch is next on the agenda as Isle of Fortune opens for downloads in Australia (excluding Queensland), parts of the USA where the game is permissible, the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore, followed by various countries in South & Central America, Africa and select Asian countries by the end of May 2017. A Mandarin language version and a Spanish language version are in the pipeline as the company prepares to have a truly global presence for its current and future knowledge based offerings. 

For more information on the game, how to play it and how to win, please visit

Game download link:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Acer’s New Ultra-slim All-in-One Aspire Desktops Shape the Contemporary Home

Acer Aspire U27 debuts as the first all-on-one desktop with Acer LiquidLoop™ fanless cooling system for quiet operation.

Recently Acer has announced two new sleek all-in-one desktops, namely the 27-inch Aspire U27 and 23.8-inch Aspire Z24. With 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and optional Intel® Optane Memory, both devices provide a powerful and responsive Windows 10 experience, while adding a touch of style to the home environment.  
The iF Design Award-winning Aspire U27 boasts an impressive ultrathin 12 mm (0.5 inch )chassis with an elegant diamond-cut v-shaped metal stand, bringing a new dimension to home computing and entertainment. With a 27-inch Full HD wide viewing angle display (1920 x 1080), and a specially designed subwoofer bringing powerfully deep bass, this all-in-one provides entertainment with a punch.
“We extremely excited to be bringing our innovative LiquidLoop fanless cooling system to our all-in-one PCs,” said Jeff Lee, General Manager, Stationary Computing, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “The cooling system has enabled us to create the Aspire U27’s award-winning ultraslim design, allowing it to shine as a modern piece of home d├ęcor, yet quiet enough to not distract.”
The Aspire U27 features Acer’s proprietary LiquidLoop™ fanless cooling system which allows for quiet operation. It uses liquid evaporation and condensation to transport and dissipate heat, making it energy efficient and extending the product’s lifetime by doing away with detrimental dust buildup.
Thanks to Windows Hello, members of the family can each log in to their accounts faster and more securely than before via facial recognition. Skype for Business certification ensures a crisp and lag-free communication experience during video conferences.
Advance features of Aspire U27
  • The iF Design Award-winning Aspire U27 features Acer’s proprietary LiquidLoop™ fanless cooling system, which allows for quiet operation
  • Two new ultra-slim all-in-ones, Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24, boast elegant v-shaped metal stands which are not only solid & space-saving  but also sleek and timeless in style
  • With 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and up to 32 GB of DDR4 2400 MHz memory, both devices provide a powerful and responsive Windows 10 experience

The Aspire Z24 is extremely thin at 11 mm (0.4 inch) with a beautifully shaped rear cover, making it a handsome addition to any room in the house. It is available with discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX graphics, providing extra power for a wide range of activities, while an optical drive is also available.

The Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 feature Acer ExaColor™ technology which corrects colors and tunes contrast for vibrant and accurate picture quality, a great benefit for those who enjoy digital photography, casual gaming, social media and content via HDMI input. In addition, the Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 include Acer’s BlueLightShield™ technology, which reduces the emission of blue light and may help minimize eye strain, while Acer Flickerless™ technology cuts down on eye fatigue. Dolby® Audio Premium provides superior sound while enjoying movies or light gaming.
A smart leather cable management holder keeps the workspace neat and clutter-free, while a screen that tilts from -5 to 25 degrees allows for easy adjusting of viewing angles for maximum comfort when browsing, watching movies, and taking video calls.
Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To learn more about availability, product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via
The Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 were unveiled today at the next@acer press event held in New York, where the company announced a range of new devices and solutions for gamers, creators, families, students and professionals. For more information, visit

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Significance Of CBAP Certification In Business Analysis

The Business Analysis marketplace is a dynamic field which witnesses continuous changes with the fast pace of the IT Industry. In such an environment having a Certification that can vouch for skill set and competency can be beneficial on several levels. The International Institute of Business grants multi-level Business Analysis Certifications to professionals globally. The four Certifications offered are called Early Certificate in Business Analysis, Certificate if Capability in Business Analysis, Certified Business Analysis Professional and Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader. The CBAP Certification training is one such Certification that helps understanding Business Analysis and its core aspects. The ways it hs benefit of CBAP certification, its awardees in Business Analysis space is explained below.

Recognised Certification – It is a professional certificate course granted by the International Institute of Business Analysis. Since it is globally accepted and relevant, it can open doors for similar roles everywhere. Hartford Financial Service Group, Royal Bank of Canada, Douglas County Government are among the several organisations that accept this CBAP certification. They rather give more weight to individuals with this certification over others, hence giving greater visibility to such individuals.

Career Progression – Since this certification is multi-level and CBAP is a level 3 Certification, it comes with certain weight based on experience. There are a certain number of hours and at least 5 years of BA Experience that make an individual eligible for the Certification. Next career progression move can use the valid case of having the CBAP Certification that requires competencies relevant for future growth. Also since this is a multi-level Certification accepted within the organisations the promotion discussion can be supported well by the Certification.

Performance Improvement – Since the Certification covers various aspects of work in the Business Analysis space, it can be a good refresher of core concepts and future roadmaps. Often professionals are so involved in their specific way of working that other relevant approaches for delivering work are neglected. This certification can highlight all that is relevant and important to know to be able to deliver better and also reflects that the individual is focused on continuous improvement in their skills and knowledge.

Opportunities – Since the Certification is globally accepted it also opens doors to other Organisations that accept this certification as a benchmark for their BA role. It can help garner opportunity and to also convert the opportunity into an offer that rewards better and opens scope for rather more interesting work. It is also critical for some Organisations to hire individuals with the Certification so that they position themselves in the market as being relevant and resourceful.

Community – Individuals who gain the Certification also can connect better with other certified professionals in this space to become known members of the community. This is a kind of benchmark in the career path as well to be able to gain the visibility among colleagues and peers working in the same space and help them all exchange ideas and share their experiences. The Certification also holds value for individuals working in other Business areas such as Product Owners/Manager, or others working as system analysts to gain an overview of what this space is about.

CBAP Certification comes with all the advantages that any typical Certification assures and only better. Better because it is primarily a multi-level Certification accepted globally and widely encouraged. So, it reflects that the individual who has been certified comes with a certain level of knowledge and skills. Benefits in terms of intrinsic growth of knowledge and extrinsic benefits like more rewards, greater visibility within and outside the organisation are major motivators for investment in the Certification by BA professionals.

If you are an aspiring BA professional, do share your experiences & benefits you received from CBAP certification program. Thanks for reading & best of luck for a successful career.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Serein - The Luxury of Malabar Hill Now In Thane

It’s been more than 8 years for me in Mumbai. I am staying in central suburbs of Mumbai which comes in Thane. We all search for a perfect home at a preferred residential destination in our city. I always wonder if I can ever buy a home at Malabar Hill or Colaba. Malabar Hill is one of the world's most expensive residential localities. But you know you need to always check your pocket before thinking about such prime locations, especially if you are not a celeb or a business tycoon you can not afford a space at the place like Malabar Hill. But what If, I  tell you that you can get the same feel in the neighborhood of Mumbai in the verdant surroundings of Yeoor hills with ample of housing options along with substantial lifestyle. Folks I am talking about an emerging prime location which is also called as Malabar Hill of Thane. In this post, I will cover how Thane has become one of the residential hotspots in recent times.

To start with, Let me put a question first.What do you look for when it comes to choosing a location for an ideal house? Most of you will agree with me that we usually evaluate few key criteria’s like infrastructure, connectivity (from Road & Local stations), amenities like Hospitals, Supermarket, Malls & most important the environment. In these measures, Thane especially Pokhran Road( 1 & 2) far surpasses expectations. This locality is also famous as the Malabar Hill of Thane. The Greenery, Hill  & perfect Serene view of this location makes it a perfect choice to buy a house. In recent times Phokran road has become one of the most happening places to live in thane. I have my office in Vikhroli, So I used to travel a lot from Mira road to Vikhroli via Ghodbunder. When you pass by this location especially the Upvan lake (aka Phokran Lake)  you will get a feel of town just like Bandstand & Marine drive.

The locality has seen various newly built mini-townships in last few years & Serein by Tata Housing is one of them. It's one of its kind with Wellness as a theme. It has outdoor living spaces designed exclusively for users to immerse themselves in nature’s elements. Serein is located at the center of luxury in most beautiful & posh location of Thane. The landscape has been designed as if it’s a celebration of shapes and colors. It can define as one of the projects from Tata Housings that defines & set a perfect example of homes that make a Legacy to follow. Consist of various unique features & activity spaces like swimming pool, pet park, Skating area & outdoor convenience store to improve the overall living standards of the inhabitants.

The apartments have been constructed in such a way that they have abundant air ventilation & sunlight. Special attention has been given to various Safety & Security aspects. Each apartment is equipped with unique features to improve the overall living standards of the inhabitants. A perfect place to live with the richness of a Wellness Home & also comes with a pride in the address at Malabar of Thane. Its can't be just a coincidence that the Pin code for both Malabar Hill- 400006 & Phokran road, Thane - 400610 is quite similar.

The area around Pokhran road is getting fast paced commercial development with new shopping complexes & malls being developed. Other facilities such as quality medical and education, multiplexes etc are within easy reach. Located ten minutes from the railway station and easily reached via Ghodbunder Road and the Eastern Express Highway, this area has become an attractive destination.

So if you are planning to buy a home in Thane, Tarry No Longer !! Serein can be one of your best options at Malabar of Thane where you can live & enjoy the environs in the palm of Yeoor Hills & Upwan Lake. So come & Luxuriate in the richness of wellness.
Click here to visit & explore Malabar of Thane 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Get More from Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance eTouch Online Term Plan- PART 2

In continuation of my teaser post on Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance online term plan, here I am with a new post on complete coverage of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance online term plan and the Wellness app launch event. I will try to share the features and benefits of the products in details so that you can understand the product properly. Before we proceed to the details of this product let's understand the value of a perfect Protection plan and Term insurance. 

Term insurance plans offer us a very large cover at affordable premiums. It's the best form of cover for your family and loved ones. In today's uncertain world we are exposed to various vulnerabilities in our life including death, accidents, various life-threatening diseases, etc. The person who is the only bread earner for his family without any protection or term plan can make his family suffer in case of any unforeseen event. Do not put off this decision for later considering that nothing will ever happen to you. So the question is who will take care of your family when you are not around. What if you get critically ill for a longer period of time, who will take care your financial liabilities? If you are looking for answers to "IF's Of Life", Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan can be a perfect solution for you and your loved ones to be able to realize your dreams without any compromises, in the case of an unforeseen event. You can choose Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term as a long term solution for your family protection. Let’s explore the product and its benefits in detail.

What is Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan?

Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term is a regular premium payment, pure term and health cover plan. The plan provides life cover combined with the benefit on accidental death, accidental total permanent disability and critical illness and benefit of waiver of premium, depending on variant opted by you. 

Key Benefits of eTouch Online term Plan:

The key advantages of this plan are: 
• Comprehensive protection for you 
• Flexibility to choose from four variant options to enhance your protection 
• Option for the nominee to receive the policy benefits in a lump sum amount or in monthly installments 
• Lower premium for leading healthy lifestyle for non-tobacco users

The Convenience of Buying Online:
Buying a term plan offline can be relatively expensive as compared to online mode when the benefits are exactly the same. Today people are more internet savvy and everything is getting online. 

How it's different from other term insurance plans: (USP of product):
The main USP of eTouch is its ability to allow the insurer to choose different variants of the term plan in a customized way to meet individual's requirement based on his priorities. The plan comes in four variants as per below:

1) Shield - Life Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
2) Shield Plus - Life Benefit plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
3) Shield Super - Life Benefit plus ADB plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD) 
4) Shield Supreme- Life Benefit plus ACI Benefit plus ATPD Benefit plus WOP Benefit (on occurrence of ATPD or CI) 

The acronyms used stand for: (i) ADB – Accidental Death Benefit (ii) ATPD – Accidental Total Permanent ^^^ Disability (iii) ACI – Accelerated Critical Illness (iv) CI –Critical Illness (v) WOP – Waiver of Premium

On 23rd December, we witnessed the launch of Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch Online Term Plan and a wellness mobile application called B-Fit at St. Regis Mumbai amongst few top finance and lifestyle bloggers of Mumbai.

The event covered all aspects of the product following a Q&A session with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance SME's and officials.

B-Fit Wellness App:

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance also introduced the B-Fit app- a mobile app focused on keeping you healthy and fit while rewarding it's user with most popular Vantage points for being healthy. It allows users to set goals as per their fitness plan with a daily challenge. It automatically tracks all the activities and rewards the user for achieving the target. Remember Health is our primary "WEALTH".
Download the app here: Currently, the application is accessible to the company’s policyholders. So wait no longer….gift your families the perfect shield against the “IF’s of LIFE” in just a few clicks with the Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch term plan and “JiyoBefikar”!!

Click here to know more about the policy.

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