Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get More from Your Life Insurance with Bajaj Allianz - PART 1

We all dream about having a secure future, we look for a worry-free life in terms of health & finance. Everyone is recommended to plan about their lifestyle, finance, health insurance, retirement & fitness goals. Don't you think, in today's fast running world this is too much to manage or think about? I would say "Yes" it is. But don't you think it's worth it.  

In today's extremely dynamic space, uncertainty and volatile economic conditions have made it people to look for a worry-free protection solution which not only can give them a solid financial foundation but also provide multiple protection against disability or critical diseases rather than giving a plain vanilla life insurance. Also, the Fitness & Health Quotient has been drastically reduced in recent times because of increase in pollution, stress & new lifestyle.
If we can have a plan which allows us to manage both Finance & Fitness on our fingertips, it can turn out to be an awesome deal. 

If you need more from your Life insurance & worried about your Health, you need a term plan that can give you a solution in terms of financial planning & protection. A product which is designed to protect and meet an individual's present and future financial needs that can help him as a buyer to chart his financial planning in a worry-free manner. 

If you are looking for everything mentioned above, you can consider the Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Online term plans that can be a life-changing solution for an individual. The Insurance company is all set to release a perfect shield to gift your family against the “IF’s of LIFE” on your fingertips– helping you go in the “Jiyo Befikar”.  The product is getting launched this weekend with a mobile-based application which can help you to track your fitness goals along with incentives to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The company has also launched an interesting Twitter app game and product quiz on social media called #IfsOfLife. You can also join the contest & win some exciting prizes.

The new online term plan & mobile-based application is about to launch this Friday on 23rd December. Stay tuned for my next post (Get More from Your Life Insurance with - PART 2)  covering the insights from launch event & detailed information on both the products. You can follow @BajajAllianzLIC  on Twitter & Facebook for live feed with hashtag #IfsOfLife. 
About the Company:

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is one of the leading private life insurance companies in India. The Company has developed insurance solutions that cater to every segment and age-income profiles. Currently, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has a strong product portfolio with adequate flexible products to cater to all kinds of customer needs from ULIPs to Child plans, from group insurance to health insurance. The Company began its operations in 2001 and today has a pan-India presence with more than 700 branches in India.

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