Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Ideal Yatra with MP Tourism

We all want to travel & explore the world. Being a wayfarer soul I always look for opportunities to explore the different parts of  our country. Last summer I got an opportunity to explore the heart of India- A state in central part of our country. Due to my work commitments, I had not taken any vacation from last 1 year, when I received the mail from MP tourism for a campaign "MP Mein Dil Hua Bacche Sa", I was so excited. I confirmed my availability, within 2 days I received the trip plan, Spicejet Airlines ticket & Flight Schedule . I was so excited to see the enthralling & historic heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

Finally, the day had arrived when I started my journey from Mumbai to Bhopal (The capital of M.P.). I took a cab to reach the Mumbai airport. To avoid any rush, I used the Spicejet Web-Check-In option. It was so convenient & smooth. I boarded the plane. After 2 hours of flight, I reached the Raja Bhoj International airport of Bhopal & a cab was waiting for me to take me to the Hotel. One of the officials was waiting for us at the Hotel "Jehan Numa Palace", one of the best heritage hotel of Bhopal. I was amazed to see the greenery & the locality of the hotel. The white structure of Hotel with the combination of British colonial & classical Geek architecture was the centre of attraction for everyone.  There were around 10 other travellers who were also invited from the different part of the country. The itinerary of the campaign was handed over to us with some maps & booklets of MP Tourism. Later, we all checked into our rooms to get some rest & get ready for Bhopal Darshan. 

Hotel Jahan Numa Palace
DAY 1-

We all gathered after 1 hour of rest at the hotel lounge. We had a wonderful lunch together. The Bhopali food was awesome. We all went in a mini bus to explore the various exciting places in Bhopal which included some of the popular points in & around the city like Moti Masjid, Gohar Mehal, Taj-Ul- Masjid, BojTal & lots of lakes around the city.

After finishing all heritage places the bus took us to the Van-Vihar which was nearby to our hotel & on the banks of Bojtal (Also known as Badi lake). I enjoyed this place a lot , an open zoological park with lots greenery & animals. After an eventful & a day full of excitement, we came back to Hotel. I was a little bit tired, but the lavish environment of hotel & Bhopal made me to forgot everything. The day was called off. We were asked to do some social media promotion & also to share the experience so far. After the dinner, I went to my room to sleep.

To know more about bhopal read my post: My Lake City Bhopal #Madeofgreat 

DAY 2-

The day two started with breakfast & a session with MP tourism official on the campaign. We were briefed about the whole new concept of tourism & how MP tourism is promoting the heritage , abundant natural beauty & holy places of M.P., after the session we have been asked to leave for our next destination -Sanchi. The one of the Unesco world heritage in India was waiting for us. After a ride of 42 km by car, we all reached to the venue. The place was just awesome. 

Sanchi Stupa

Snazzyawi exploring Sanchi

We all explored the place with the help of an official tourist guide. We saw the famous  Buddhist Stupas, Gupta temple & Udyagiri caves. I felt so enlightened after knowing the history of Sanchi & Stupas. It was really a journey of enlightenment. The visit to Sanchi really brought the awe moment which we felt as a child when we listened to the tales of Ashoka. The whole day we enjoyed the silence of the temples, monasteries & sacred architectural monuments. At the end of the day, we returned to our hotel with lots of memories & pictures for the lifetime. 

The next day  I took my return flight to Mumbai with a relaxed mind full of joy & peace. This was really an amazing Yatra with MP Tourism. All travel lovers must visit the state of Madhya Pradesh to experience the wonderful tourist spots in order to discover something new.
Please do share your experiences, If any of you visited the heart of India. I would love to hear your Ideal Yatra.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

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Hotel Jahanuma Palace & Sanchi Stupa :

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