Saturday, May 28, 2016

A New Start-up Venture - ZoFind - Website Review

Everyone has that one technophobe friend – the one who knows the city through their own eyes, and goes places asking directions – but when the time comes for you to figure out a new place to hang out in, has a perfect option for you just around the corner. You didn’t know about this coffee shop, or restaurant, or theatre, because Google Maps or Apple maps did not have it in their database. What if we told you that there is now a way you can stay ahead of your rustic friend?

Introducing ZoFind:

An website developed by an Indian startup Venture, Zofind isn’t exactly a novel ground-breaking technology or a billion-dollar idea. Rather, it is a venture that takes an already existing idea and projects it toward an audience that said idea had hitherto overlooked. While PVR Saket or Regal would be mentioned in Google Maps, would every local theatre hall be also there? We imagine not! With Zofind, you’ll find not only the big guns, but also the small businesses that are in Delhi.

Covering the Capital:

So far, being a recent Start-up venture, ZoFind has only covered the capital of India, Delhi. Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and has no end to attractions in it. With all the recent hype about Make in India, it is kind of sad that when it comes to entertainment, we inevitably turn to large corporations with tremendous western influence while neglecting the small businesses that serve the country from a very grass-root level. Our hope is that with a small but effective website such as ZoFind, you’ll be able to get into your attention span numerous small businesses that’ll change the way you look at the city and give the rustic life a chance.

The Developers:

Website developer Mohit Bardia aided by his team have come up with an extensive and elaborate framework of hotels, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres and what not around the city of Delhi. You can access them from their website which will soon be available in and around the android marketplace. The website will be targeted, as stated earlier, solely at one city for now, but the developers hope that following their success, they’ll increase the outreach of the website to span other cities as well.

Naturally, since they’re competing with giants such as Google and Apple, it’s obvious that the developers of the website need support from the common Delhi man in the street if they are to be successful. It’s up to the massive android customer base to ensure if India’s battle for net-neutrality will remain put, and a sure fire way of making sure that giant corporations do not get control over the Internet is so support small applications such as these which not only have the plus side of being completely Indian, but also have benefits that famous apps do not provide. Quite naturally, ZoFind has already developed a reasonable customer base and is looking to increase in demand as time goes by. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

YePaisa - App Review : Earn Cash Rewards

In series of finding some interesting apps , recently I came across YePaisa mobile app.  If you are looking to make extra money in your spare time,  if your shopping bills diminishing your savings?  If you are  looking for someone who pays off your dinning bills every weekend?  If you are chatty enough to drain you mobile recharge too often. Then "YePaisa" can be one of the app you are looking for two make some extra money & get rewarded for your free time.

Yepaisa’, India’s leading developer and provider of entertainment solutions brings  you a relishing and rewarding mobile app in a nutshell. Whether you plug-in to any of the videos posted on this app, or fill a survey or much easier download an app, be joyous because you get rewarded for each of this.  Yepaisa’s newly launched update will let you earn cash rewards and free coupons of worth upto Rs 500 daily. 

App Screenshots

Having entered the digital era, installing an app or watching a video online or filling a survey either has emerged as our day-to-day act. But how about these small acts let you make some easy money? YePaisa rewards all its users for the acts stated above. Signing up with YePaisa alone lets you avail 300 Yeps(our digital currency) just at one go. Players will play from a wide gamut of enchanting games free of cost and can earn as much as 199 to 999 yeps daily. Combining the tactics of free to play beguiling games with the prolific redeem options in dinning, shopping and mobile recharge, all have together set the scale high for Yepaisa.

In 2015, YePaisa has shot past the next thousands of registration with its playing and sharing option. “The joy of sharing has doubled with YePaisa, the first of its kind, that lets you donate your Yeps for a cause” said Mr. Salik Khan, Digital Head of YePaisa. Having partnered with associations like Akshaya Patra and CRY, YePaisa has been a helping hand in letting its users donate the Yeps earned for a noble cause. Akshay Patra is dedicated since years in providing mid-day meals to the students of government schools. CRY as its name suggests ‘Child Rights and You’ together with YePaisa is heading towards creating a lasting change in lives of many children. “In a world where everyone is a ‘digital native’ and many of us fall for click bait, having clicked for a noble cause with Yepaisa would surely make this world a better place to live” said by Mr. Ankush Sharma, CEO of YePaisa.

“We have been trying hard for a long time to make Yepaisa, the provider of greatest gaming and rewarding experience, and we are happy to show this to the world. Our new feature ‘Refer a friend and earn upto Rs 50’ in return would get the ball rolling for Yepaisa in the coming future”, according to Rahul Mangal, Founder of YePaisa.

Whether you merely keep Clicking or you choose to do Smart Clicking for Earnings. Choice is all yours.
Check out the app to know more!!
You can download this App by visit the following link-

Thursday, May 5, 2016

7 Steps for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Those who are the regular reader of my blog they must have read my last post on Impact of social Media & it's evolution. If you have missed it you can read it here : Impact of Social Media & The Internet on Our Lives. We all know social media has become one of the most important & popular tools for all kind of businesses today. This tool is inexpensive in nature and it helps one to connect with customers and networks. Businesses and Individuals struggle to incorporate the right Social Media tact because of which it fails professionally and efficiently.

With Social Media, the key to success is planning the strategy carefully and thereafter documenting it. Let me share 7 basic steps for effective Social media marketing.

The other essential steps for effective Social Media Marketing Strategy are-

      1) Executive Summary

When any prospective investor reviews any company, they mainly read through the summary of the company plans. Initially, one may begin with the general overview of any intentions for SMO marketing strategy. In this summary, businesses can create sections where they can address the problem, the solution, the opportunity, competitive advantages, handful of bullet points which describes as to how one can monetize social media, mention about the core members of any team, economics of social media marketing, funding which are required for any organization to achieve the milestones etc.
In addition, one may also include elements such as customer outreach, integration with their own existing websites & blogs, distribution of digital content and any development of customer loyalty with engagement.

2)  Specify goals and objectives

It is highly important to specify about the primary goals and objectives of any strategy. It however depends on the area of business. Three important goals of marketing strategy are-
a) Raising brand awareness,
b) Engaging customers and
c) Building community.
Another equally important point is transforming unknown traffic into customers. Take all these points when strategizing goals and objectives.

3) Identifying target audience

The target audience of any business is the current customers and potential customers. All these details about potential customers and others are described in detail in this section. The main goal is to gain new customers and it can be researched after determining the demographics of the potential customer base.

4) Locations and Sites

The other important factor is determining social networking channels that intend to develop presence. Based on the niche and target market, one should carry on the research and considers their social site. For businesses, when social media grows it’s a bonus for them as they find more networks to their circle.
Businesses reach the target audience with their message and posts through social media. It is primarily for such reasons that social media posts and messages are engaging in nature.

     5) Balance & Control

      The moment one understands the behavior of followers and fans; they are able to interact better with their brands on social networks. For convenience, it is always better to monitor the networks one chooses and detail the areas of each of these networks. Even the reactions to any content of the business post must be closely monitored.

6)  Tactics-

Details of the target audience mainly determine what kind of content any business will include at each site. How a site behaves and how a site is used includes how often there is any update, what interactions will be held with followers such as question and answer sessions, promotional specials and contests. Lead generation is directly related to how contents are created for the site.

7)  Monitor Reports, measurement, and analytics (ROI)

It is important to determine the effectiveness of social media marketing campaign. The analysis of the data is done in 3 distinct stages that are- Launch, Management, and Optimization. One has to collect a number of visitors and followers, success rates of different types of promotions and likes.

Much of the data of companies are looked after by Profile’s statistics and keeping a close watch over the metrics such as evaluating regularly the trends and shifts. It is effectively required for businesses that want to stay competitive. It is important to compile a wise plan and strategy from the outset as it gives one the highest chance to run a successful Social Media Marketing campaign.
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