Monday, April 4, 2016

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2016- A Global Milange for #Startups

Recently I got an opportunity to attend the most popular E Summit at IIT Bombay organised by their E-Cell. In last few years, we have seen an emergence of various successful startups in India. No wonder most of them are the brainchild of IIT'ians. Do we ever think why our IIT'ians are getting so much success in such avenues? This is not something they do it in few days. It is all part of their education during the engineering. The events like E summit are conducted by IIT Entrepreneurship cells and have seen various successful seasons in last few years. It was also the one of the events which had received appreciation & kind patronage from the officials of "Make In India"  initiative , as well as UNESCO. Also, it is one of the largest event organised by a student body in recent time with the theme of " The Global Milange".

The E Summit saw the presence of various popular Entrepreneur's & industry experts from various economies across the world. The UK, US & Singapore to name few. The summit was consists of various Workshops, expert sessions , competitions & networking sessions.

This year our financial minister has given various exemptions in Income tax to the startups. It's a good move in favour startup ecology in India. The Indian economy has seen a significant growth in terms of contribution from startups & SMB's across the sectors. In order to sustain the same momentum, we need to ensure that the all startup have a single window clearance & other benefits to leverage the current boom in the industry. Recently we have seen the success of few of the startups in various sectors. OLACabs, Box8, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, are few examples in recent time. The E Summit had various Start-Up superstars in the panel.

The Summit was a perfect amalgamation of things which we need to know to start our business ie, entrepreneurship. Such events inculcate the passion for the entrepreneurial spirit. All enthusiastic people joined this event to not only to get encouraged but also so to learn from the success of  various entrepreneur in India in recent times. I enjoyed my visit to the E Summit at IIT Bombay. Learned a lot about startups , their challenges, current trends, some mind-boggling advice & other aspects. 

So hope you guys enjoyed my post on Entrepreneurship Summit & startups. I will be now regularly writing on business , startups & current market trends. So keep watching my blog & thanks for the support.

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