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FutureCrux - GoogleMap For Careers

In series of  my posts for business & startups , here I am presenting my new post on one of the unique web based product I found in SURGE 2016 . Recently SURGE, a Web Summit had seen the participation from various new startups & E-commerce companies in the month of February 2016 in Bangalore. FutureCrux was one of the most innovative and popular product designed and developed by Innoneur IT Ventures, to bring an end to the age-old question – ‘Have I chose a career path that is right for me and gives me work satisfaction?’ If your answer is in negative or even if you are in a dilemma, then FutureCrux, a product developed by Innoneur can help you turn what you love doing into your dream career. It is simply a ‘Google map for Careers’. Confused?  

FutureCrux helps you in pursuing a career you dreamt of! 

It uses an algorithm to come up with a graph based on individual’s experience, knowledge, strength, career prospects and other criteria as applicable. This graph, in turn, helps to match the candidates with the best fit career for them. Unlike other products, this is meant to be your companion for life.

According to Gallup’s analysis, 91% of employed Indians are not psychologically committed to their work. Deloitte has also backed up this shocking revelation in its Global Human Capital Trends report which says, 79% of people have a severe retention and engagement problems. The major reasons analyzed have been poor performance management system, ineffective people’s manager and lack of open door policy. 

FutureCrux takes most of these factors into consideration before drawing a graph for an individual. In order to make an analysis based on these parameters, FutureCrux has been designed in a 3 tier structure to provide job seekers with the most apt career choice based on what they are good at. In the first tier, they provide data-driven insights to give a clear picture of where a person stands in his career currently. The second tier becomes actionable where next course of actions are suggested based on the data generated and with an easy access to the domain experts and service providers. The final tier gets the person connected to the employers of the industry where the person can excel.

FutureCrux helps you to minimize the gap between choosing a career and work satisfaction. The founder of Innoneur, Sijo J Louis says that the idea behind developing FutureCrux is based on his own personal experience. He had experienced both a highly satisfied job and an unsatisfying one. He very well knew that peace at work can only be attained when passion and work come together. He identified the gap and nurtured the idea of FutureCrux to bridge the same. He remarks, “I experienced the big difference between doing something one is passionate about and otherwise - something that comes naturally to you vs otherwise. Though I had a fair idea about my abilities, knowing how my strength could be translated into something bigger was different. With time, I did figure out what I’m passionate about. I had really wished for this solution after having tried the existing ones (then). I realized there were gaps and not all parts of the ecosystem were talking to each other. Of-course, the original idea was slightly different and it took shape with time-based on my research-and-informal feedbacks after speaking to a lot of people at different stages of their career.”

The soon to be launched product is currently in private beta. It will soon be available as web app and mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows. So, wait eagerly for this useful app that can mold your career the way you have always wanted it to be.

About company:

"Innoneur IT Ventures Pvt Ltd, founded by an Oracle alumnus, started its operations in the year 2014 with a clear vision “To Improve the quality of life through technology”. The company is based out of Trivandrum with a partner office in the USA. It specialises in web products and device-specific online applications. Innoneur works with a client through different stages - from an idea to the live product. After doing projects for clients based out of USA, it is now focused on building FutureCrux, a product for the Indian market with global ambitions. Few of the accolades it has received during this short period of time are: selected as Microsoft Bizspark Startup, selected for the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme, showcased on Ten Innovate, one of the winners of Notable Solution prize in Azure Rider contest organised by Microsoft, selected for SURGE 2016 as Alpha startup (Web Summit’s first conference in India - It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”), mentioned in Owler Reports."

For more info on Futurecrux connect with Sijo J Louis 
Cell 8129 466 999
Company Website
Product Website

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