Wednesday, March 9, 2016

World Vision India Partner's Meet 2016

Being a blogger sometimes we get some amazing experience which we can preserve for a lifetime. Recently I got an opportunity to feel a similar experience. I got an invitation from World Vision India a Christian humanitarian social organisation which works through long-term sustainable community development programmes across India spread in 174 districts. With a vision to serve the whole society regardless of religion, caste, ethnicity or gender.

Few bloggers from Mumbai were invited to attend the Partner's meet on Feb27, in which all child sponsors from Mumbai were invited to attend this meeting. The purpose of the meet was that the sponsors  can come to the event  and see & hear firsthand the impact of their sponsorship support in the lives of needy children, their families & communities. Before I share my experience, let's understand the concept of child sponsorship adopted by World Vision India.

What is child Sponsorship: 

"It's a vision of creating a better world for our children on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child is to change the world in which he/she lives! It creates a network of partners, in the form of couples, individual, sponoring a child  & contribute a small amount starting from Rs 800 for  education, training & awareness programs, clean water & health benefits."

Child sponsorship monthly contribution helps provide all such life-changing essentials & hopeful features to the needy child"

If you want to contribute to your part click here to donate

Seeking Answers & Finding the hope:

Based on my experience & interaction with World Vision partners & all parents, I realized that how child sponsorship can bring a major impact on the lives of  poor & needy children, their families, and communities. How much a little monthly contribution can uplift their lifestyle. Being an IT professional I was engaged in various CSR activities at corporate level & child sponsorship is something which should be promoted at the corporate level. I am trying my bit by writing this post to make my readers aware of this amazing cause. So, friends, I request you to start participating, sponsor a kid visit the World Vision website & try every possible way to contribute towards the betterment of children in our country & fight with poverty.

Meeting the Partners:

During the event,  we met Moraes family who is now associated with World Vision child sponsorship program from last 15 years & sponsored 3 children during this period. When we asked them about how they feel about the cause they are supporting, they replied with excitement that it's an amazing feeling. They believe that everyone should contribute towards such & try to help less privileged  children in our society. Your contribution gives a hope & smiles in their life. We will be happy if we can contribute in some way to enhance the quality of life they live.World Vision partners meet gives us  an opportunity to meet the child & see the difference which we together are trying to make in their life.

After a wonderful interaction with Moraes family, we moved on to the Rangsharda auditorium for keynotes address from World Vision officials & live performance from all the sponsored children.
Programme started with a welcome song & lighting the lamp followed by a welcome speech by World Vision officials.

The program had a variety of  cultural performance like dance, gazals from the sponsored children. Also, some of the sponsors shared their journey with World Vision. Few community members /Panchayat leaders also shared their experiences with partners & audience.

 Overall it was an amazing experience for us as a blogger. We understand this is the need of the hour to sensitize the society on needs of less privileged people & help them in an every way possible. I realized that we can make a difference. I pledged in my heart that I will support this campaign & contribute my best to bring change. So let's unite for the world without poverty, inequality & discrimination. Sponsor a child now to bring the change.

 To help a child in need, click here :

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