Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Discover the Joy of Real Togetherness

We all know if someone suffers in our family, we all suffers. The only way to overcome this is Togetherness. It gives us strength & courage to handle all kind of worse situations or problems in our life.But do you think, In today's digital Era we are cultivating the habit of Real togetherness. Do we really spend time with our family and loved one's? It's hard to believe, but various surveys confirm that people are spending more time on internet & social media either on their smartphone or PC. The youth is more indulge on chatting platform rather than interacting with family & friends. Kids prefer playing videos games on Xbox rather than playing any outdoor game or other sports activity.

Those days are gone when we used to  spend our whole day with our quirky friend or siblings. Nowadays people prefer to chat on their smartphone with some lame stranger or a girl rather than interacting with the person sitting next to him. Our society is moving in the direction of a virtual world where there will be no space for real feelings & togetherness. People will prefer social media over the real society. It may be possible we will be together in the digital world & will know everything about the person in some other country, but might be missing what is happening in our neighbourhood.

In my view, it's high time to break the shackles of this virtual digital world & get down to roots of our culture of being human & start connecting to the real world, connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world.
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I believe in nature's power of creativity & we all are part of this natural ecosystem. Human beings are cutting  this ecosystem by falling into the trap of Digital world. The only thing which can now break the shackles of Digital world & save us is our own nature. We need to open our arms & embrace the nature. To discover the nature we can start with plantation, cultivating green farms full of vegetables and fruits. Bird watching, a trip to forest & activities related to Green plantation will surely bring us together in the valley of nature, where we will feel the real togetherness. We can start this journey of real togetherness with our Freinds, family & neighbours and discover the beauty of real world & wriggle out of the clutches of our smartphones & other gadgets and revive the joy of real togetherness.

Recently I saw an Initiative by Kissan "Welcome to Kissanpur". This campaign provides us an opportunity to embrace the nature by planting veggies and little tomatoes. How tiny tomato seeds grow to become juicy tomatoes, provide tips & tricks to grow tomatoes. So please register your society & invite your friends to discover the joy of real togetherness.

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