Friday, August 7, 2015

4G SIM is a Tweet Away: #GetAirtel4G

We all have heard this new whole exhilaration about next generation 4G network.  Some people still wonder what difference could a 4G connection will make to their daily life. Actually this 4G technology allows Internet browsing on LTE-enabled devices at faster speeds than 3G or 2G networks. Some people still wonder how to get this technology.   Do you really know it has already entered the Indian market with Airtel launching its 4G services commercially across India in more than 294 cities.

I have been using 3G network from last few years, but still I am struggling in terms of speed when it comes to Video conferencing or  using a heavyweight application. Sometimes I have to work from home & attend Skype/Lync meetings from home itself.  I didn’t have an occasion where I hadn’t lost the connectivity. It gets very humiliating sometimes in front of the client when  I get disconnected from the meeting while presenting something.
I can say that 4G is a solution to all of my problems, But there is a challenge to existing customers how to get the 4G connection. Do we need to take a new connection? How to get the 3G sim replaced? What will be the new charges? But hold on guys I have got the solution to your problems. If I say that your 4G sim is just a tweet away.
You will think that I am joking. But trust folks this is now possible in India with Airtel sim-swap services available on twitter. In which Airtel offers a  unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using  #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free. Post your tweet you get a reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing you  to a link where a user needs to enter his details for SIM delivery. Exciting Isn't  it, Just open your twitter account & get your 3G sim swapped with a 4G Sim.

Also, The best thing is that you will get faster speeds at the rate of 3G packs.  So no need to worry about high tariffs  & data charges.So you might have used Airtel Broadband, 3G or a data card. But this 4G connection has no comparison in terms of  speed & connectivity. So get ready guys, your one tweet can get you the most powerfull internet speed available in India.

PS :This is a sponsored post , but views are mine. I have been using airtel postpaid from past 5 years.

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