Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stay Fit, Feel Young - FITNESS TIPS

Sound Mind in a sound body is what we all are hearing since our childhood, But what is the formula for being fit and healthy. Especially for working professionals, they rarely get any time for exercise or gym to maintain the natural fitness. Some of the office going professionals are either overweight or moderate obese. The next phase will be obesity which is main cause of various diseases like diabetes, heart-related diseases etc. We need to identify the correct method to maintain our body fitness by following a healthy eating & diet. This combo can do wonders in terms of fitness. Some people think that crash diet can do miracles over the night, eventually which is  not the truth. An individual should have a healthy diet for a perfectly toned body and fitness.

What we can do to Stay Fit:

People usually ask what is the best approach to stay fit. Some people get tired of putting efforts in gym and not getting results. Instead of constant hard work & determination they are unable to reach goals. Some people prefer professional advice in the form of a personal trainer or joining a health club. but if you chooses to do it alone, I am here with some INSIGHTFUL TIPS & STRATEGIES

  • Healthy Eating & Diet: Key to a perfect body is healthy diet & food. By following a balanced diet one can easily achieve it's goal. but remember the difference between it & a crash diet which can result into a nutritional compromise for an individual.

  • 5 Mins Health & fitness Workout: 5 minutes fitness regime can create miracles for your fitness.If you take 5 mins out of your busy schedule for these exercises at any time, it will help you to stay fit. Stationary Jogging, Skipping, Climbing stairs, dancing, Sit ups are few of the easiest workout for instant energy within few minutes.

  • Cardio- Vascular Exercise: This is a compulsory format for better body toning & increased cardio- vascular strength. Crunches & Sit-ups are the best way for cardio at home & give the similar effect of half an hour of running.

  • Muscle Building: Those who are overweight can initially skip this part, but those who want to increase their weight can do muscle building by increasing their calorie intake & taking extra proteins.

Dabur Honey
  • Honey Diet : Following a honey diet can be jackpot for your health & fitness. As peoples are switching to healthier lifestyle it's evident that honey is helpful in staying fit & look great. It helps in weight management, cough & cold, digestion & act as vitalizer for beautiful skin. I have been using Dabur honey from quite a long time now.

At the end, I will suggest my readers to keep yourself away from Carb factor and learn to control your Carbohydrate intake as it's the main cause for body fat. Try to burn fat more & more, if you are overweight or obese. It will help you to gain the regular fitness. It's a big challenge we all know, but worth taking for our fitness & life.

So keep reading and Stay Fit & Feel Young

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