Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Global launch of NIVEA men deodorizer - #BanBodyOdour

Last week I was Invited for the official launch of  NIVEA men deodorizer at Four Season hotel, Mumbai. All reputed press media & few selected bloggers from Mumbai were invited for the event.
You must have noticed the video with hash tag #BanbodyOdour which trended on twitter last for few days featuring  Suresh Menon & Jose Covaco. This funny video was actually a pre-launch promotion for the product. The video actually fits the current happenings which are related to banning stuff's. The brand came up with a unique idea of promoting their product with banning odour which actually relates it the deodorants product category. Let me share my experience of global launch of Nivea Mens deodorizer.

We all reached the venue a little bit late, but before the event was about to start. Once we reached all bloggers were gathered in a media hall. The host for the event was amazing an amazing lady. She asked us to settle down before she announced the name of "Mr Animesh Gupta" A Positive Conditioning coach cum soft skill trainer  & head of training development at

The event started with a fun activity in which we were divided into 5 groups randomly. Then from each group 2 people were asked to be blindfolded. Then they had  opened a covered table which was having lots of  daily routine substance & products like rose, flowers, onion, mustard etc. Remaining 3 bloggers from each group were asked each to select one product from the table & take it to the 2 members of their group. Basically, the idea was to smell different things & relate their smell to a person you know. Everyone came with some funny guesses. It was total fun. 

At the end of this activity, Mr Animesh started his interactive session on lots of things which are related to our day to day conditioning which require odour management. Few key facts that he covered during the session are as per below:
  • The Scientific reason behind odour within the human body.
  • Key steps to avoid body odour.
  • How to confront someone who has body odour & make sure he addresses it in a positive way.
  • How to follow good food habits to avoid body odour & its effects.
  • How to handle a situation when someone confront you for a bad body odour.
After the interacting session on odour management, the beautiful host asked us to hold our breath as one of the dashing celebrity from Bollywood was about to hit the stage any time. There were rumours about the same in blogging the world during the sniff sniff activity. I realized that later actually it was a truth. Finally, the wait was over with the entry of " Arjun Rampal", the brand ambassador for NIVEA a model, an actor with his snazzy look. Here he was with his  dashing casual look. He started with casual interaction with bloggers on body odour & shared his experience on confronting the same with one of his close friends. Also shared his experiences on he manage bad odour while shooting outside. He also talked about his personal & professional connection with Nivea products. It was an amazing experience to share the stage with Bollywood actor. At the end, he took some Q&A from bloggers. After a short interaction, the host announced the lunch time & we all parted for lunch. 

After an appetizing lunch, we all were set for the official launch of the NIVEA men deodorizer. 
Mr Rakhsit harave - Managing director NIVEA India took the centre stage. He started telling us about the idea behind the origin of this product & how they tied to educate the mass with the help of social media. We were also shown the funny video on #BanBodyOdour featuring the comedian Suresh Menon which I had mentioned in the start of my post.

Post  which the mystery product was revealed by Arjun Rampal. He was kissing the tall cane on turning podium of Nivea deodorizer while media & bloggers were busy capturing the moments. I had managed to get pictures from my Lumia 1320. He talked about  his association with Nivea & also his hand on experience with new Nivea deodorizer which is launched into two flavours: Ice cool & Energy. He also added that how amazingly the deo refresh the body & protect it from bad odour.

The launch came to an end with Q & A from press & media. Few question was asked to both the gentlemen " Arjun & Mr Rakhsit". Overall It was a nice event, to be at a product launch of a well known brand is something new & exciting for me. 

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea. 

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