Monday, April 13, 2015

Best Television Ads Ever

It's summer time again, the season of weddings, sports, celebration for all of us. some are planning their vacation & few are enjoying the new IPL season at home watching on Television. Once upon a time when we say "Watching TV", it was actually real time broadcast from Doordarshan broadcasting center. where we were bound to watch all kind of advertisement in between serials, movies and news. some ads were good ,some were awful. Of course not all TV ads are awful. but still some are really nonsense , whereas few are  really able to convince the mindset of viewers and are doing good job of reaching a target audience. Lets list down few best TV commercials of  Indian Television in no particular order.

Best TV-Ads Ever:

Jalebeee (Dhara Vegetable Oil)

Do you remember the cutest ad lines of our childhood on Indian television which says "Sab Gussa karte hai, mai ghar chod kar jaa raha hoo". This ad brings some unforgettable memories from our childhood. Such commercials bring some positivity & happy element in our day to day life. Just have a look at it and I am sure you will get a instant smile on your face while watching it.

Sachin & Sahrukh in old Pepsi Commercial

This was the first ad which brought india's biggest celebrities together on TV, with one of the popular soft drinks of all time in India-PEPSI. It brought the charm of bollywood & fun of cricket on single platform.

Bournvita (Tayari Jeet Ki/Preparation To win)

The most inspiring & awesome ad ever for a health drink. Bournvita celebrates the modern mom & habit of "winning". This Ad tells the truth of mother being the creator of good habits in their children's. Mom is teaching a practical lesson on life. This commercial is tribute to all mothers who upholds the importance of cultivating good habits in her child.

Bo Funny Memorable -Moonch Waali Fevicol Ad:
This Ad shows a life of a young girl, who incidentally got a mustache stuck for rest of her life, as her parents used a little dab of fevicol for her appearance in skit in their courtyard. In all stages of her life she is sporting the mustache. Towards the end as she breathes her last, the camera show a nearby cubicle where a baby is just born, albeit with a mustache, as the gesture towards the concept of Reincarnation. As the ad ends a line of " 50 saal se champion" comes up.

Ad shows a Love them or hate them you can't ignore ad's, you will surely find some of them close to your life and can easily correlate with past memories or future aspirations.

Don't forget to share which one was your best, till then keep watching them.

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