Friday, March 6, 2015

What makes your Baby, A Happy Baby !

I love my kids, being a parent we should be aware of the facts related to things which make our baby happier. Being a parent is the most challenging job these days. You will be an expert in your profession, but as a parent you have a big job to make your kids happy & healthier. In this post, I would share few things which can make your baby, a happy baby. Let's find out whats kick starts the happy mood in baby's.

First thing first, let's start with baby care, we need to find out, what makes babies more happy & hygienic. If a baby is equipped with a dry diaper & her tummy is full, no reason what you will find them playing & smiling all the time. Comfortable & dry diapers promise dryness for your baby on the inside. Pampers baby dry pants can be one of your options if you are looking for comfortably dry diapers. It has no side-effects like rashes on baby skin & locks liquid very well. So let me share few features of the product from my experience:

-Its Magic gel absorbs wetness instantly and keeps baby's skin dry for more than 12 hours(absorbs up to 6 "wetting" for overnight protection.
-Breathable cover that helps keeps skin hygienic & fresh.
-Baby lotion helps protect baby's skin.
-Flexible waistband adjusts easily & adapts to baby's body for a comfortable fit.

I have seen lots of kids, who enjoy music & watching cartoons on television, my baby immediately start dancing to the tunes, if she sees any music video on TV.  Baby's also love toys, teddy bears. But we have to always make sure they are dry on the inside while they are enjoying toys & playing.

Few other things which I found very useful for a Happy Baby:
  1. A Regular Nap schedule: We all know sleep is the key component for both adults & kids for sound body functioning. Plan your baby sleep schedule according to her mood.
  2. A Nightly cuddle: A cuddle before sleep, helps you & your baby getting relaxed & instills sound thoughts in her minds.
  3. Play Peekaboo (Look at her eyes); Your baby love looking at you, In turn you will also like seeing her eyes.
  4. Stretching & A little bit Gym for your baby makes her happy then anything, a gentle stretch extending her legs left & right, really going to help for their physical growth.
  5. Hold something colourful & soft on your hand, let her reach for it & then hand it over, ask them to grab them on their hand, you will find that they are enjoying it.
  6. A nice feet massage: A gentle feet massage will surely relax her. you need to give a quickie rub down, with gentle pressure to each of tiny toes of your can also rub your palm in a circular motion on her heels. then finish up with a kiss in each of her toes.

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