Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life - My Story

It's amazing how life changes quickly by the time. In past few years, I have undergone various changes in my life. Certainly all changes have some sort of impact good or bad on our life. But we all know some changes create key milestones in our life journey. As we grow, we realize  how life changes and we learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us.

Let me share the story of a key change in my  life which gave me an opportunity to start a new life.

I moved to the capital of my state to study after my schooling with eyes full of dreams to become a software engineer. This sudden change of  leaving home & family brought lots of changes in my life. I was  not happy about the fact that I have to live away from my family. But destiny had decided something else for me. After four years of engineering in computer science, I was so unlucky that my graduation year was the peak of a recession in the IT sector. The complete market was down there were no jobs in IT, MNC's stopped campus recruitment at various engineering institute due to lack of new projects in the market. Even if they were conducting campus placements, it was open & competition was so high that they were selecting only 50-100 students out of 2000-3000 engineering graduates. I finished my engineering with 7.5 CGPA out of 10, still without any job offers in hand. I was feeling so low, during that phase of my life. I was not certain where life will take me, what twists & turn will happen. some well wishers suggested, to go for public sector & bank jobs. 
Lack of opportunities in IT pushed me to give a try for bank & PSU jobs. I started applying for entrances & banking jobs. One day I got an interview letter from BEL( A public sector unit under Indian government). It was scheduled in Mumbai head office. Next day I planned everything for my visit to Mumbai & decided to stay at one of the relatives in Mumbai. I left my city in the hope of a bright future. The judgment day arrived, I had given the technical round & cleared it. They had asked me to wait for another personal interview round. after 3 hours of  wait, I had given the next round. After that HR told me to leave for the day, saying that they will announce the result after 2 days & will give a confirmation call if selected. I was confident about my selection as interview went well. Two days went no call, no mail I was shocked & started to loose the hope again. While I was sad & gloomy, I got an interview call from HR of one of the top MNC in world for the post of an Associate software engineer. I agreed to attend the walk-In & somewhere in my heart I was happy about the fact that, the job is in the IT industry. I never thought this unplanned job interview will change the course of my life. Next day I had given the interview and guess what was immediately given the offer letter with CTC of 2.5 lakh, with salary account  details & debit card. I was feeling top of the world, Ohh god life changes faster than you think. A day before I was unemployed, struggling for a job & next day I became an associate software engineer in world's leading IT company.

It was a new start of my life & changed my world completely. Now after five years, I am a successful IT Consultant. Going on my past journey, I would say we need to flow with life as it changes its direction no matter what we need to adapt  to #StartANewLife

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