Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Family My Pride - Sar Utha ke Jiyo !

I belong to a middle-class family & son of an Ex-Army personnel. Being military personnel, you need to do many social sacrifices, I have seen my father doing the same. He taught me how to handle the situations & create balance between social life and profession. Sometimes my father was in such places like Assam or somewhere near  border were army person don't prefer to bring their family. We used to live away from him. During this time, my mother managed everything on her own. It always gave pride to us that our father is at border saving our country from terror and we all are safe in our society because our army is guarding us against all kinds of danger. It has always encouraged me to do something for our society & our country. My father is an inspiration to me, whenever he used to return from border on holidays, I always asked him, why don't you stay with us, he always replied with the same answer "Son, you need to learn, how to live independently and also need to take care of your mother as well, look I am working for the pride of our country, so you need to grow up and take care of your family at least!! His answer always instilled a habit of independence and self-pride within me.

We all know, that the right direction makes things easy. As the time passed, I completed my schooling, later got admission in engineering college away from home, during this period my father got retired from Army & he did everything to get me into a good engineering institute. I would always thank him for his all sacrifices, he did for my studies, my tuition fees, exam fees & monthly expenses.
As someone said, "A hand that leads you through the path of life, will always lead you to your ultimate destination". Same happened with me after the engineering degree, I got selected for a multi-national company, despite recession period in the IT sector in 2009 (The year I completed my graduation). Now I am working as an IT Consultant for a French firm in Mumbai, having more than 5 year of experience. Now I am living independently, supporting my family in all manners.

I can correlate my story with one of the latest campaign of HDFC Life, which is active in social media & television recently which says, "Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao" & popular on twitter with hashtag #MyFamilyMyPride. It's really heart touching & truly inspiring.

We all have someone in our family who we are proud of & find him as a mentor for whole life. This ad film portrays the father-daughter relationship beautifully. The encouraging father instills a habit of independence in her for her live performance in spite of having one prosthetic leg, she can survive whole live independently. A true message for all of us to learn.

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