Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's Dream, Let's Believe, Let's Do - #LookUp

We all know the power of Optimism, if you have a feeling or belief that good things will happen in future and you dream about them, you believe & take steps toward them, surely they are going to happen any time in the future.

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There are lots of reasons in our life to be miserable and complain about it, but some wise men had said "Life is 10% what happens to us & 90 % how we respond to it". So it's completely up to us how we react to challenges in our life. It totally depends on us how we look at it. Do we want to look at the positive side of it, depends on individual & his level of enthusiasm towards life?

This post is all about optimism  & looking up for living an extraordinary life, which doesn't require extraordinary things or peoples, it simply needs inspiration from small loving moments of our daily life, which can encourage us to Look Up in this world & live a joyful living.
Let me share few magic moments from my life that filled me with optimism & love for my family, my parents & myself.

My Family Love #Lookup: I have been away from family & parents since my engineering, working in a metro city away from your family sometimes makes you feel gloomy. You feel unhappy & wish if you had a choice to live together with all of them, but certainly it's not the case with everyone. When I go back to home after 2-3 months or on any festivals, I see the smile & the joy on their faces, it gives me an inspiration to work hard & do something better for all of them, I forget about my lonely weekend away from home. Glimpse of joy & happiness in my mother's face encourages me to look up for greater opportunities in life. The happiness on faces of all the family members gives me an immense energy & power to cope up all the mundane things in my life.

A Dream Home #LookUp: We all look for a small place in this world, which is defined in term of a home. A house becomes a home when we create it with optimism, love, joy & spirit of togetherness with our loved ones. I Lookup for a day when I will buy my first home & will move in with my parents & family. We all have dreams to fulfill, we simply need a positive mindset to achieve them.

Her Eyes Only #LookUp: We all need a woman in our life who will make you complete men, for me it's my dream girl. I am still unmarried, but I am optimistic about the fact that, there is one loving girl for me with whom I will spend my rest of life. With whom I will spend quality time & will share all the love and affection. Every morning I will look up in her eyes, for love, care & affection.

My formula of Optimism:

OPTIMISM={(Expectations= let's dream) +(Can-do Beliefs= let's believe) +(Action & Strategies=let's Do)} + LookUp

 Let's Dream, Let's Believe, Let's Do - #Lookup



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