Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg's Breakfast Recipe- Gupta Ji Special

We all know the importance of a healthy breakfast in our life. A perfect breakfast in the morning can boost your metabolism & allows you to eat less throughout the day. Going without breakfast will make you eat more throughout the day, which might cause high cholesterol & more calorie consumption. In today's world, working professional like me are victim of  bad cholesterol, diabetes, & issue related to weight gain. All can be prevented by having a regular breakfast in the morning before leaving to work. Get charged up for the day with energizing bowl of cornflakes, a cup milk with some delicious & fresh fruits. You will be energetic whole day & feel happy while working.

Recently I got an invitation from Gupta ji family for nashta and I was excited & explored the recipe's on their facebook link powered by Kellog's India, which is made of  choicest  India's wheat, corn & rice for a breakfast that is as Indian as you are. It can surely be defined as "Anaaj waala nashta". With over a 100 of mouth-watering recipe, it was very difficult for me to make a choice but few of them were impossible to resist & made my decision stronger to visit  Gupta Ji house for nashta. Let me share those recipes with you.

Jagah Banane Wala Nashta (Straw Berry and Banana Cornflakes)

The age old dynamic duo of  strawberry and  banana will make your heart melt. Banana is one of my favourite fruit adding some slices of strawberry with Kellog's cornflake in bowl of cold milk. This deadly combination really does the trick & gives you amazing meal in the morning which will make you feel energetic whole day.

It  hardly takes 3-4 minutes to prepare this recipe. It gives a fruit punch of  banana & strawberry.

Nakhare Wala Nashta (Chapati Cornflakes Chivda)

I am a die hard fan of chapati, whether it's a lunch or dinner, I prefer it over, rice & other food. Guess if I am getting a crunchy snack made wholesome with chappati power  for breakfast as well, it's a win-win situation for me.  It's an awesome combination of coarsely crushed & lightly roasted Kellog's corn flakes & roasted chapatti fried with green chillies, peanuts, daria dal on a slow flame for 3-4 minutes with all masala flavours added. It's simply the "Nakare wala Nashta". 

Passing the Parcel Wala Nashta (Sitaphal Cornflakes):
Again a nutritious meal with flavour of Sitaphal, It's ingredients include chopped walnuts, deseeded custard apple pulp added into a bowl of cold milk. This is a very short recipe & I can use it to pack my parcel for office & eat it while travelling in the bus. This meal seems to be amazing, as truly said Passing the Parcel Waala nashta.

So these are few delicious meals which I am planning to eat on my visit to Gupta ji House.
Kya Aap Aayenge, please share your favourite recipe from Kellog's India facebook page in comment section.

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