Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg's Breakfast Recipe- Gupta Ji Special

We all know the importance of a healthy breakfast in our life. A perfect breakfast in the morning can boost your metabolism & allows you to eat less throughout the day. Going without breakfast will make you eat more throughout the day, which might cause high cholesterol & more calorie consumption. In today's world, working professional like me are victim of  bad cholesterol, diabetes, & issue related to weight gain. All can be prevented by having a regular breakfast in the morning before leaving to work. Get charged up for the day with energizing bowl of cornflakes, a cup milk with some delicious & fresh fruits. You will be energetic whole day & feel happy while working.

Recently I got an invitation from Gupta ji family for nashta and I was excited & explored the recipe's on their facebook link powered by Kellog's India, which is made of  choicest  India's wheat, corn & rice for a breakfast that is as Indian as you are. It can surely be defined as "Anaaj waala nashta". With over a 100 of mouth-watering recipe, it was very difficult for me to make a choice but few of them were impossible to resist & made my decision stronger to visit  Gupta Ji house for nashta. Let me share those recipes with you.

Jagah Banane Wala Nashta (Straw Berry and Banana Cornflakes)

The age old dynamic duo of  strawberry and  banana will make your heart melt. Banana is one of my favourite fruit adding some slices of strawberry with Kellog's cornflake in bowl of cold milk. This deadly combination really does the trick & gives you amazing meal in the morning which will make you feel energetic whole day.

It  hardly takes 3-4 minutes to prepare this recipe. It gives a fruit punch of  banana & strawberry.

Nakhare Wala Nashta (Chapati Cornflakes Chivda)

I am a die hard fan of chapati, whether it's a lunch or dinner, I prefer it over, rice & other food. Guess if I am getting a crunchy snack made wholesome with chappati power  for breakfast as well, it's a win-win situation for me.  It's an awesome combination of coarsely crushed & lightly roasted Kellog's corn flakes & roasted chapatti fried with green chillies, peanuts, daria dal on a slow flame for 3-4 minutes with all masala flavours added. It's simply the "Nakare wala Nashta". 

Passing the Parcel Wala Nashta (Sitaphal Cornflakes):
Again a nutritious meal with flavour of Sitaphal, It's ingredients include chopped walnuts, deseeded custard apple pulp added into a bowl of cold milk. This is a very short recipe & I can use it to pack my parcel for office & eat it while travelling in the bus. This meal seems to be amazing, as truly said Passing the Parcel Waala nashta.

So these are few delicious meals which I am planning to eat on my visit to Gupta ji House.
Kya Aap Aayenge, please share your favourite recipe from Kellog's India facebook page in comment section.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simple Things That Make You Happy

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better. Happiness is a key to success for all of us. In my opinion, no one is in charge of your happiness except you. In today's hectic life, we all run after money. We start our day with our daily activities, then we go to work, after the whole day of physical and mental stress we return to the home to perform housing chores of daily life. We live a routine life sometimes which could  prove to be a boring one. Whereas we have some other set of peoples who always seems to be happy, full of life & energetic. It might be possible that they are following some kind of formula for happiness right now. I wonder do we really have some formulas in place for a happy life. In my view there are no formulas as such, happiness is anything that brings a smile to our face. We can find them in simple things. Let me share few simple things in my life which makes me happy. Meanwhile, you can watch Coca Cola International day of happiness TV commercial.

Starting a day with Gratitude: I start my day with recollecting my achievements & recalling all the things for which I feel grateful, like Do I have a home, Do I have something to eat. I end up with thanking god for providing me desired shelter & food.

Seek out new people to share your life: I love making new friends because everything is more fun with friends.Love others you will find love in return. Treat people with respect & you will be respected.

 Do what you love in your life: Doing things which I love makes me happy, such as blogging, writing, singing which are few hobbies without them I can't think about happiness.

Some Exercise & workout: I have been a fitness conscious from my college days, later I started the workout in Gym & I found that I am much happy when I do regular exercise. As you exercise your release some feel good hormones from your body and feel more energetic & strong. For me, fitness is a key to happiness.

Eat healthy food & Enjoy drinks: I am a foodie and I love to have healthy bites of food. "You are what you eat" it's true in all senses. By eating good & healthy food you are not only taking care of yourself, but at the same  you will feel more energetic & full of happiness.

These are few simple things in my life which makes me happy. We can find it in lot's of ways, it's all about adding a dose of  refreshment, brightness & cheer to the lives of people who love it.What does happiness means to you? What are your simple things for happiness? Please do mention in comment section. We all know sharing is caring.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Power of Being #together with Family

I think the togetherness is very important ingredient of our life. In one of my recent post, I mentioned about the power of optimism and its importance in our life. It's always difficult to be optimistic all day, everyday and sometimes we need a little motivation, strength and a spirit of togetherness to get back on track. Togetherness brings happiness in our life, whether it comes from the family, best friends or our love. It brings positive thoughts within us to cheer a joyful life with lots of fun, emotion, caring & sharing.

Since my childhood, I always preferred to be with my family, my mother, father, brothers & sisters. We all love to live with our parents, but it's not always possible. We need to move out, to explore the world & learn new lessons in life. Similarly, I left my family & home for further studies after my schooling. It was the first time I was leaving my home, my family, after getting admission in engineering college, I decided to stay in the college hostel for accommodation as it was safe and was within the university campus. I still remember the first night in my hostel room away from family, I was very depressed & feeling alone. That one night made me realized the importance of being with your family & togetherness. Later first semester started, I got busy with studies, exams, daily tests, but somewhere inside I was waiting for the semester end, so that I can get back to my native town, spent lots of time with family and parents. I had already booked the tickets in advance. I was counting each day, after finishing my semester exams. I packed my bag & rushed to the railway station. While travelling I was thinking about the happy faces of my parents, when they will see me after such a long period. As it was difficult for me to live away from them, I understood, It was also not so simple for them. The next day I reached home, & I hugged my mom, she started crying & my eyes were also full of tears. I saw the happiness on fathers face, her eyes were full of joy & excitement. My brother embraced me too & told me that how much he was missing me. We spent the whole day talking about my college life, my studies & my life away from home. I was relaxed, I was calm, I was feeling the power of togetherness. It proved the fact that, family makes us strong & is one of the best gifts of god. That day I decided, no matter what, I will always stay together with my family & cherish the gift of togetherness with my loved ones.
I would mention a quote, which I have read recently somewhere in social media " Love, family, togetherness, making happy memories are the most important things to make a top priority in life".
The power in togetherness,  gives us the strength and motivation we needed to go on with optimism & lookup.

This post is inspired from, for peoples who believe in the power of optimism & togetherness.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life - My Story

It's amazing how life changes quickly by the time. In past few years, I have undergone various changes in my life. Certainly all changes have some sort of impact good or bad on our life. But we all know some changes create key milestones in our life journey. As we grow, we realize  how life changes and we learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us.

Let me share the story of a key change in my  life which gave me an opportunity to start a new life.

I moved to the capital of my state to study after my schooling with eyes full of dreams to become a software engineer. This sudden change of  leaving home & family brought lots of changes in my life. I was  not happy about the fact that I have to live away from my family. But destiny had decided something else for me. After four years of engineering in computer science, I was so unlucky that my graduation year was the peak of a recession in the IT sector. The complete market was down there were no jobs in IT, MNC's stopped campus recruitment at various engineering institute due to lack of new projects in the market. Even if they were conducting campus placements, it was open & competition was so high that they were selecting only 50-100 students out of 2000-3000 engineering graduates. I finished my engineering with 7.5 CGPA out of 10, still without any job offers in hand. I was feeling so low, during that phase of my life. I was not certain where life will take me, what twists & turn will happen. some well wishers suggested, to go for public sector & bank jobs. 
Lack of opportunities in IT pushed me to give a try for bank & PSU jobs. I started applying for entrances & banking jobs. One day I got an interview letter from BEL( A public sector unit under Indian government). It was scheduled in Mumbai head office. Next day I planned everything for my visit to Mumbai & decided to stay at one of the relatives in Mumbai. I left my city in the hope of a bright future. The judgment day arrived, I had given the technical round & cleared it. They had asked me to wait for another personal interview round. after 3 hours of  wait, I had given the next round. After that HR told me to leave for the day, saying that they will announce the result after 2 days & will give a confirmation call if selected. I was confident about my selection as interview went well. Two days went no call, no mail I was shocked & started to loose the hope again. While I was sad & gloomy, I got an interview call from HR of one of the top MNC in world for the post of an Associate software engineer. I agreed to attend the walk-In & somewhere in my heart I was happy about the fact that, the job is in the IT industry. I never thought this unplanned job interview will change the course of my life. Next day I had given the interview and guess what was immediately given the offer letter with CTC of 2.5 lakh, with salary account  details & debit card. I was feeling top of the world, Ohh god life changes faster than you think. A day before I was unemployed, struggling for a job & next day I became an associate software engineer in world's leading IT company.

It was a new start of my life & changed my world completely. Now after five years, I am a successful IT Consultant. Going on my past journey, I would say we need to flow with life as it changes its direction no matter what we need to adapt  to #StartANewLife

Friday, March 6, 2015

What makes your Baby, A Happy Baby !

I love my kids, being a parent we should be aware of the facts related to things which make our baby happier. Being a parent is the most challenging job these days. You will be an expert in your profession, but as a parent you have a big job to make your kids happy & healthier. In this post, I would share few things which can make your baby, a happy baby. Let's find out whats kick starts the happy mood in baby's.

First thing first, let's start with baby care, we need to find out, what makes babies more happy & hygienic. If a baby is equipped with a dry diaper & her tummy is full, no reason what you will find them playing & smiling all the time. Comfortable & dry diapers promise dryness for your baby on the inside. Pampers baby dry pants can be one of your options if you are looking for comfortably dry diapers. It has no side-effects like rashes on baby skin & locks liquid very well. So let me share few features of the product from my experience:

-Its Magic gel absorbs wetness instantly and keeps baby's skin dry for more than 12 hours(absorbs up to 6 "wetting" for overnight protection.
-Breathable cover that helps keeps skin hygienic & fresh.
-Baby lotion helps protect baby's skin.
-Flexible waistband adjusts easily & adapts to baby's body for a comfortable fit.

I have seen lots of kids, who enjoy music & watching cartoons on television, my baby immediately start dancing to the tunes, if she sees any music video on TV.  Baby's also love toys, teddy bears. But we have to always make sure they are dry on the inside while they are enjoying toys & playing.

Few other things which I found very useful for a Happy Baby:
  1. A Regular Nap schedule: We all know sleep is the key component for both adults & kids for sound body functioning. Plan your baby sleep schedule according to her mood.
  2. A Nightly cuddle: A cuddle before sleep, helps you & your baby getting relaxed & instills sound thoughts in her minds.
  3. Play Peekaboo (Look at her eyes); Your baby love looking at you, In turn you will also like seeing her eyes.
  4. Stretching & A little bit Gym for your baby makes her happy then anything, a gentle stretch extending her legs left & right, really going to help for their physical growth.
  5. Hold something colourful & soft on your hand, let her reach for it & then hand it over, ask them to grab them on their hand, you will find that they are enjoying it.
  6. A nice feet massage: A gentle feet massage will surely relax her. you need to give a quickie rub down, with gentle pressure to each of tiny toes of your can also rub your palm in a circular motion on her heels. then finish up with a kiss in each of her toes.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's Dream, Let's Believe, Let's Do - #LookUp

We all know the power of Optimism, if you have a feeling or belief that good things will happen in future and you dream about them, you believe & take steps toward them, surely they are going to happen any time in the future.

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There are lots of reasons in our life to be miserable and complain about it, but some wise men had said "Life is 10% what happens to us & 90 % how we respond to it". So it's completely up to us how we react to challenges in our life. It totally depends on us how we look at it. Do we want to look at the positive side of it, depends on individual & his level of enthusiasm towards life?

This post is all about optimism  & looking up for living an extraordinary life, which doesn't require extraordinary things or peoples, it simply needs inspiration from small loving moments of our daily life, which can encourage us to Look Up in this world & live a joyful living.
Let me share few magic moments from my life that filled me with optimism & love for my family, my parents & myself.

My Family Love #Lookup: I have been away from family & parents since my engineering, working in a metro city away from your family sometimes makes you feel gloomy. You feel unhappy & wish if you had a choice to live together with all of them, but certainly it's not the case with everyone. When I go back to home after 2-3 months or on any festivals, I see the smile & the joy on their faces, it gives me an inspiration to work hard & do something better for all of them, I forget about my lonely weekend away from home. Glimpse of joy & happiness in my mother's face encourages me to look up for greater opportunities in life. The happiness on faces of all the family members gives me an immense energy & power to cope up all the mundane things in my life.

A Dream Home #LookUp: We all look for a small place in this world, which is defined in term of a home. A house becomes a home when we create it with optimism, love, joy & spirit of togetherness with our loved ones. I Lookup for a day when I will buy my first home & will move in with my parents & family. We all have dreams to fulfill, we simply need a positive mindset to achieve them.

Her Eyes Only #LookUp: We all need a woman in our life who will make you complete men, for me it's my dream girl. I am still unmarried, but I am optimistic about the fact that, there is one loving girl for me with whom I will spend my rest of life. With whom I will spend quality time & will share all the love and affection. Every morning I will look up in her eyes, for love, care & affection.

My formula of Optimism:

OPTIMISM={(Expectations= let's dream) +(Can-do Beliefs= let's believe) +(Action & Strategies=let's Do)} + LookUp

 Let's Dream, Let's Believe, Let's Do - #Lookup



Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Family My Pride - Sar Utha ke Jiyo !

I belong to a middle-class family & son of an Ex-Army personnel. Being military personnel, you need to do many social sacrifices, I have seen my father doing the same. He taught me how to handle the situations & create balance between social life and profession. Sometimes my father was in such places like Assam or somewhere near  border were army person don't prefer to bring their family. We used to live away from him. During this time, my mother managed everything on her own. It always gave pride to us that our father is at border saving our country from terror and we all are safe in our society because our army is guarding us against all kinds of danger. It has always encouraged me to do something for our society & our country. My father is an inspiration to me, whenever he used to return from border on holidays, I always asked him, why don't you stay with us, he always replied with the same answer "Son, you need to learn, how to live independently and also need to take care of your mother as well, look I am working for the pride of our country, so you need to grow up and take care of your family at least!! His answer always instilled a habit of independence and self-pride within me.

We all know, that the right direction makes things easy. As the time passed, I completed my schooling, later got admission in engineering college away from home, during this period my father got retired from Army & he did everything to get me into a good engineering institute. I would always thank him for his all sacrifices, he did for my studies, my tuition fees, exam fees & monthly expenses.
As someone said, "A hand that leads you through the path of life, will always lead you to your ultimate destination". Same happened with me after the engineering degree, I got selected for a multi-national company, despite recession period in the IT sector in 2009 (The year I completed my graduation). Now I am working as an IT Consultant for a French firm in Mumbai, having more than 5 year of experience. Now I am living independently, supporting my family in all manners.

I can correlate my story with one of the latest campaign of HDFC Life, which is active in social media & television recently which says, "Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao" & popular on twitter with hashtag #MyFamilyMyPride. It's really heart touching & truly inspiring.

We all have someone in our family who we are proud of & find him as a mentor for whole life. This ad film portrays the father-daughter relationship beautifully. The encouraging father instills a habit of independence in her for her live performance in spite of having one prosthetic leg, she can survive whole live independently. A true message for all of us to learn.

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