Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lifesurance Whole Life #BefikarUmarBhar - My Bucket List

I always wonder what we can do to live a life we always dreamed of! How we can make sure that our family members and loved ones are covered in case of any tragedy. How we can live a life #BefikarUmarBhar. How we can have a piece of mind for years to come. Consider there is an instrument, which can allow you to live disruptive-free life  & you don't have to worry about the consequences of  the worst case scenario in your life. In a way, it will allow you to do the things which you actually want to do in your life without worrying about family protection and savings for future. Based on experiences as a working professional getting a Life Insurance can be that instrument, which will certainly help you to live #BefikarUmarBhar. To get a better insight first view the below advert of IDBI federal Life Insurance.

Hope you can correlate the importance of life Insurance to be #BefikarUmarBhar with this video commercial. What you would like to do if you get the opportunity to live a life without any constraint. In this post, I will share my 5 major dreams I want to fulfill & life experiences I desire to experience before I die. So let's start with my bucket list:

1)Driving my own Jaguar:  Having a car is everyone's dream, but my dream car is the Jaguar XJ(A flagship sedan  from Jaguar), I know you will laugh to hear that how come a normal IT Professional can buy a premium car which costs around 1 Cr. But Yes, it's on my bucket list and if at all I got the freedom to live "Befikar" and nothing to hold me back, my first move will be to drive my own Jaguar.

2)Own a Condo /Apartment  in NewYork City: Everyone has a dream of having their own house, a place where we can cherish the precious moments our life with our family & proudly call it as our home. Similarly, I want to own a condo or a small apartment in my favourite city NewYork so that I can enjoy my stay  whenever I am travelling to the United States. NY is the global city which has a significant impact on finance, media, fashion, research & technology across the globe.  I would love to spend  few years of my life in financial capital of the world.

3)Travel all around the world especially Europe: I love travelling, but due to busy the schedule of  my routine job and extra burden of responsibilities I hardly got a chance to explore the world. If I get the opportunity, financial freedom and a life without any constraint I would love to explore the European part of our globe.
PS: I am working for a  European client in a french organization & still waiting for my first on-site chance!!

4)Open an engineering college: During my engineering I dreamed of having my own engineering college which consist of world class facility's for poor students with no donations. Admission process will not  involve any race of cracking a competition or entrance exam.  As an engineering graduate, I have seen the students who don't get admission to premium colleges due to lack of money instead of having lots of talent & knowledge. I wish one day I can contribute to my society in this way. 

5)Pursue my passion for Blogging: I am a full-time working professional in a private MNC, but my inner passion is for Blogging. I want to be a Professional blogger & don't want to depend on my job. I want to be my boss, not any manager or someone else driving my thoughts & knowledge. So, given a chance & financial freedom, I would love to continue with Blogging as a full-time profession.

So it's time to take your first decisions this year to look at Life Insurance as a first step to becoming #BefikarUmarBhar & explore the correct one which can provide you a better coverage. You can check for IDBI Life Insurance. For more details visit at


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