Sunday, February 1, 2015

Get Quikr NXT - New Features Reloaded

As an IT Professional, I depend more on online portals for shopping requirement and other classified services. Now a days we have many online classified portals available, but I must say there are very few who provide a bigger platform with maximum features. In my view Quikr has emerged as one of those online classified platform which has more innovative features and a variety of classified services for its users.

Recently, Quikr has added an amazing feature on its online classified portal, including web  and mobile application both called as Quikr NXT. It allows users to chat using the website, mobile site & mobile App. This new feature will now enable users to choose and make a listing private which will hide their phone number and email id on the site. This feature enables us to communicate with each other at our convenience without requiring a single call.

In my previous post I had shared my experience on how Quikr helped me in relocation and other day to day requirements. In this post I will share my experience with  Quikr NXT and its benefits and why I would prefer it over traditional phone calling.

3 Reasons why I would prefer Quikr NXT chat over a phone call: 

a) More Privacy & ConvenienceQuikr NXT chat feature help me to maintain my privacy without sharing contact details (mobile no, email id), now I can do my transaction safely without worrying about spammer and fake buyers or sellers. 
The only point of contact becomes your Quikr ID. The last time when I shared my contact details on Quikr for selling my bike, I used to get more than 10 calls a day. It was very difficult for me to attend those calls during office hours or meetings & almost 50 % of them were not genuine and from some broker or reseller. Now I can easily interact with genuine buyers on chat without worrying about inconvenient calls at work hours.

b) Photo sharing & Enhanced Mobility: Chat feature make your transaction non-invasive and more real time, its photo sharing option will enable you to ask seller to share the picture of  the particular product at a variety of angles or take a video of larger products like bikes and cars, which in turns mitigate your risk of buying. Recently one of my managers has approached one seller on a classified portal where he agreed to purchase the car based on few photos which were shared by seller on mail, but he had never thought about asking for photos of car interior. When he actually saw the car from inside, he got surprised looking at the interior of the car, which was in worse condition. Finally, he had to change his mind and at the end he wasted all the time and efforts.

c) Chat History: Quikr NXT, chat history option will help you to overcome  the tedious task of keeping notes and remembering the quoted amount of all transactions. Sometimes it happens when we are talking to lots of buyers, we forget what price we quoted to previous one and easily get confused over it . Earlier I used to keep a diary for maintaining a tracker of all potential buyers, but now it became so simple, I can save the chat history of genuine buyers and quote correct amount to get the best deal. 

Quikr NXT and its instant messaging feature give us a freedom to buy and sell without worrying about our privacy in short "NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR ". What are your reasons to choose a classified portal and what you like about Quikr NXT, feel free to share your experience in comment section.

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