Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun Bed time Rituals- Love, Sleep & Play

After a long day at work, we all get stressed & tired. Whereas our kids wait for us to join them, cuddle them, after a long wait of a whole day. For lots of working people, the only time they get to their kids before they go to sleep, is at dinner. Recently, one of my senior managers shared his experience with me regarding the bedtime rituals & how he enjoys being able to unwind with his kids by taking part in basic bedtime routine in a form of these rituals. He also explained me about the importance of having a good sleep, which in turns proofs to be vital for their mental growth & physical development.
Let me share what he told me about bedtime rituals he shares with his toddler. He told me that just like skipping breakfast or lunch, the absence of bedtime rituals make evenings of our kids unpleasant & miserable. He used to follow a simple routine for bedtime rituals, starting from bath time to a pleasant sleep.

Bath: A gentle bath with Luke warm water is important, which will give them a fresh feel before going to bed.

Brush Teeth: Medically, it's important to all of us, but for kids it's a signal that it's time for Sleep.

Glass of water & Potty time: Always give a glass of water before our ward is off to bed, it will reduce the chances of them asking it later at night, in turns provide a continuous sleep to your toddler.

Pick out pajamas /right diapers: Getting a right diaper and a comfortable nightdress for toddlers is always a challenge. You need to put a high-quality diaper which keeps dry not only from outside but also keep dryness on the inside too. Please watch below advert of Pamper Baby Dry pants to understand the same.

Pick out story books: Allow your kids to choose from a set of books & which story they want to listen. Positive and funny stories always indulge your toddler into happy dreams & feel them better before they go to sleep.

Lullaby: In addition to the storytelling or book reading you can quietly sing or hum your child's 
favorite rhyme or a lullaby. The idea is same to produce happier thoughts.

Say good night & Snuggle: Before going to sleep, tuck in your kid into the bed properly, kiss her & say good night.

These are the few bedtime rituals which were shared by my manager, I hope you all follow some of these in no random order, but having such routine brings lots of joy & happiness in our life.

In the end, I will conclude my post on the same node saying that having a regular time table & bedtime rituals greatly improves kid's ability to function at his best & to get sound sleep as well, which is key for a healthy body.

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