Saturday, February 28, 2015

Axis Mobile APP -Carry the Bank in your Pocket

Recently I have been invited by Axis bank for an exclusive launch of their new banking mobile application at Mumbai corporate office. Bloggers & digital media  from across Mumbai  were invited to this launch & I was delighted to interact with corporate officials of  one of the top banks in India.

 " Make the Axis Acquaintance " was the theme of an event. the event started at early morning on 21st Feb. We all gathered at most high tech room in Axis bank corporate office. It was a houseful with people from blogging & digital world. All Axis bank official was ready with application demo and live presentation of various features of Axis Mobile App.

Who Can Use Axis Mobile App
All existing customers of Axis Bank (Resident /NRI) with:
1)Saving accounts 
2)Current account (Individual/Sole /Proprietorship/Resident/HUF)
3)Only credit Card holder 

You just need to download the Application & all banking services will be in your pocket giving you the benefits of the banking On the go !!

PreRequiste for Usage:

A Mobile  preferably a smartphone with compatible OS 
(ie, Android, Windows, iOS, Mobile web- via browsers)

What are the features available in Axis Mobile App #DigitalAxis:

Axis mobile app consists of more than 50 features which are as follows:

  • Account Details: Customers can view account summary, deposits, card & loan summary.
  • Pay Bills: Customer can pay utility bills, credit card bills by using this app on the go.
  • Transfer: customer can transfer money by using 3 modes NEFT, RTGS & IMPS.
  • Requests: Convert your transactions to EMI, block and replace your cards, you can also check your eligibility for credit limit increase.
  • Rewards: It offers axis bank unique loyalty cum reward-point redemptions on your finger steps.
  • Settings: Its features setting which allows you to set transaction limits to preferred value from 50,000 INR to 10 lakhs INR.
  • Safe & Secure Mobile Banking: Axis bank mobile app comes with unique SIM locking features which allow's onboarding of new customers only with Bank Registered Mobile Number (RMN). It also allows you to switch your cards ON/OFF instantly.You will have option to get your app account terminated on your in case it's lost/stolen.
  • Personalization: You can personalize the application by using social media integration, also you can add photos for your accounts and beneficiaries. It also allows to set your most frequent  transactions as favorites for one click payments.
There are lots of new features like investment planning, share market /trading (DMAT account) & mutual funds which will be added by the bank in next release of this application.Overall it's an unique, powerful mobile banking application with lots of ease over traditional banking.
What's your Digital Axis, upgrade your banking experience with Axis bank mobile applications & carry  bank in your pocket.

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with

Upgrade to a Better Car with Quikr NXT

In my previous post, I mentioned about the newly launched chat feature of Quikr across its desktop site, mobile site & mobile application. In this post, I will share my experience, how chat features in Quikr can enable us with hassle free transaction on its classified portal. Recently my manager had asked me how he can upgrade his old car with a better one. I told him " Why fikar, Chat Quikr". He asked me about how  he can sell his old car without getting tortured by fake buyers. He told me about his experience, how he become victim of  some fake buyers when he was trying to sell his old smartphone on one of the classified portal, he used to get 20 calls daily and almost 80% of them were fake buyers. They used to call him randomly asking about its features, quality and price and he really got frustrated because of it. He was really annoyed with experience with that classified portal.

Now coming to the agenda of this post how Quikr NXT features helped him to sell his old car.

He was using an old model of Maruti 800 & which was outdated and of no use, except consuming space in his garage. I had already told him the features of Quikr CHAT and how he can easily create an free alert for identifying potential buyer.

Steps to Create a free Ad:

Choose:               Car & Bikes  ----      Cars        ----    I want to Buy & Sell

Select                   Price             ---- Brand Name ----    Model 

I told him to choose "Buy & Sell " option so that he can first sell his old model car and get a better by adding some extra money from pocket. within 2 days  of  placing the ad, he got almost  more than 20 request on Quikr chat on his mobile app. We decided to connect with few of them, so we asked one buyer from n nearby location about his budget, he said they are genuine reseller of cars & can give an exchange offer on his existing Maruti car against a latest model of Alto car .

We asked him to share some latest photos of the car, he immediately send us some photos and he said if we need he can share the video of car interiors as well. We were so happy to hear this & he shared the complete video of the car,  and you will not believe guys,the car was in awesome condition, without any scratches and new set of seats as part of interior. We were worried about how much he will offer as an exchange value for the old car. After chatting for one-day in negotiation, he agreed to pay 70 K in lieu of old car. The new car he was offering on 1.4 lakh, So after deducting the exchange value of the old car we had closed the deal on 70 K. Next day he met us at agreed location, where we took the test drive of the car & it was perfect. So within 3-4 days of time with the help of Quikr NXT, we sold an old car at an unbelievable price and purchased a new model with better condition and features in just extra 70 thousand rupees.

It's really a revolution in India's online classified market as it's enable the user's to communicate with each other at their convenience and get more details about product features or services  without making a single phone call.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun Bed time Rituals- Love, Sleep & Play

After a long day at work, we all get stressed & tired. Whereas our kids wait for us to join them, cuddle them, after a long wait of a whole day. For lots of working people, the only time they get to their kids before they go to sleep, is at dinner. Recently, one of my senior managers shared his experience with me regarding the bedtime rituals & how he enjoys being able to unwind with his kids by taking part in basic bedtime routine in a form of these rituals. He also explained me about the importance of having a good sleep, which in turns proofs to be vital for their mental growth & physical development.
Let me share what he told me about bedtime rituals he shares with his toddler. He told me that just like skipping breakfast or lunch, the absence of bedtime rituals make evenings of our kids unpleasant & miserable. He used to follow a simple routine for bedtime rituals, starting from bath time to a pleasant sleep.

Bath: A gentle bath with Luke warm water is important, which will give them a fresh feel before going to bed.

Brush Teeth: Medically, it's important to all of us, but for kids it's a signal that it's time for Sleep.

Glass of water & Potty time: Always give a glass of water before our ward is off to bed, it will reduce the chances of them asking it later at night, in turns provide a continuous sleep to your toddler.

Pick out pajamas /right diapers: Getting a right diaper and a comfortable nightdress for toddlers is always a challenge. You need to put a high-quality diaper which keeps dry not only from outside but also keep dryness on the inside too. Please watch below advert of Pamper Baby Dry pants to understand the same.

Pick out story books: Allow your kids to choose from a set of books & which story they want to listen. Positive and funny stories always indulge your toddler into happy dreams & feel them better before they go to sleep.

Lullaby: In addition to the storytelling or book reading you can quietly sing or hum your child's 
favorite rhyme or a lullaby. The idea is same to produce happier thoughts.

Say good night & Snuggle: Before going to sleep, tuck in your kid into the bed properly, kiss her & say good night.

These are the few bedtime rituals which were shared by my manager, I hope you all follow some of these in no random order, but having such routine brings lots of joy & happiness in our life.

In the end, I will conclude my post on the same node saying that having a regular time table & bedtime rituals greatly improves kid's ability to function at his best & to get sound sleep as well, which is key for a healthy body.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lifesurance Whole Life #BefikarUmarBhar - My Bucket List

I always wonder what we can do to live a life we always dreamed of! How we can make sure that our family members and loved ones are covered in case of any tragedy. How we can live a life #BefikarUmarBhar. How we can have a piece of mind for years to come. Consider there is an instrument, which can allow you to live disruptive-free life  & you don't have to worry about the consequences of  the worst case scenario in your life. In a way, it will allow you to do the things which you actually want to do in your life without worrying about family protection and savings for future. Based on experiences as a working professional getting a Life Insurance can be that instrument, which will certainly help you to live #BefikarUmarBhar. To get a better insight first view the below advert of IDBI federal Life Insurance.

Hope you can correlate the importance of life Insurance to be #BefikarUmarBhar with this video commercial. What you would like to do if you get the opportunity to live a life without any constraint. In this post, I will share my 5 major dreams I want to fulfill & life experiences I desire to experience before I die. So let's start with my bucket list:

1)Driving my own Jaguar:  Having a car is everyone's dream, but my dream car is the Jaguar XJ(A flagship sedan  from Jaguar), I know you will laugh to hear that how come a normal IT Professional can buy a premium car which costs around 1 Cr. But Yes, it's on my bucket list and if at all I got the freedom to live "Befikar" and nothing to hold me back, my first move will be to drive my own Jaguar.

2)Own a Condo /Apartment  in NewYork City: Everyone has a dream of having their own house, a place where we can cherish the precious moments our life with our family & proudly call it as our home. Similarly, I want to own a condo or a small apartment in my favourite city NewYork so that I can enjoy my stay  whenever I am travelling to the United States. NY is the global city which has a significant impact on finance, media, fashion, research & technology across the globe.  I would love to spend  few years of my life in financial capital of the world.

3)Travel all around the world especially Europe: I love travelling, but due to busy the schedule of  my routine job and extra burden of responsibilities I hardly got a chance to explore the world. If I get the opportunity, financial freedom and a life without any constraint I would love to explore the European part of our globe.
PS: I am working for a  European client in a french organization & still waiting for my first on-site chance!!

4)Open an engineering college: During my engineering I dreamed of having my own engineering college which consist of world class facility's for poor students with no donations. Admission process will not  involve any race of cracking a competition or entrance exam.  As an engineering graduate, I have seen the students who don't get admission to premium colleges due to lack of money instead of having lots of talent & knowledge. I wish one day I can contribute to my society in this way. 

5)Pursue my passion for Blogging: I am a full-time working professional in a private MNC, but my inner passion is for Blogging. I want to be a Professional blogger & don't want to depend on my job. I want to be my boss, not any manager or someone else driving my thoughts & knowledge. So, given a chance & financial freedom, I would love to continue with Blogging as a full-time profession.

So it's time to take your first decisions this year to look at Life Insurance as a first step to becoming #BefikarUmarBhar & explore the correct one which can provide you a better coverage. You can check for IDBI Life Insurance. For more details visit at


Monday, February 9, 2015

Home Transformation Journey powered by Godrej Interio

Recently I got an opportunity to attend a blogger interaction event with famous RJ Malishska at Godrej Interio office  in fort Mumbai at Godrej Bhavan, one of the key stores in Mumbai. Basically, it was an event organized by blogadda in which we got the opportunity to ask lots of questions regarding home transformation journey of Malishka's home  and how Godrej interio helped her whole transition.

We got little late because of traffic. But when reached the venue the event just started all blogger were shown a  video presentation of malishka's  new furnished flat with lots of stuff from Godrej. We were enlightened to see how the color and design has changed the overall look  of her home.

All bloggers were attended by one of the designer consultant cum interior expert from Godrej interio, she explained us how they transformed the whole interior and look of her flat without doing any structural changes. How they decided the furniture and products to give a final look. Also while exploring the showroom I found a sofa cum bed with in-built woofer sound system called plugin. The red color lounge mattress looking piece was simply superb.

In my view, I really liked the approach of giving a transformation without any structural or major change and by giving a perfect combination of color and furnishing products. Simultaneously Maliska also shared her experience of this transformation and how godrej team has helped her in getting a sober look and luxurious furnishing in a shorter span of 3 days. We asked several question as well regarding her choices of furniture and interiors, she answered convincingly all of them. Overall it was a good experience with lots of fun and full of decor tips.

You can explore the variety of interior ideas and decor furnishing at:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Get Quikr NXT - New Features Reloaded

As an IT Professional, I depend more on online portals for shopping requirement and other classified services. Now a days we have many online classified portals available, but I must say there are very few who provide a bigger platform with maximum features. In my view Quikr has emerged as one of those online classified platform which has more innovative features and a variety of classified services for its users.

Recently, Quikr has added an amazing feature on its online classified portal, including web  and mobile application both called as Quikr NXT. It allows users to chat using the website, mobile site & mobile App. This new feature will now enable users to choose and make a listing private which will hide their phone number and email id on the site. This feature enables us to communicate with each other at our convenience without requiring a single call.

In my previous post I had shared my experience on how Quikr helped me in relocation and other day to day requirements. In this post I will share my experience with  Quikr NXT and its benefits and why I would prefer it over traditional phone calling.

3 Reasons why I would prefer Quikr NXT chat over a phone call: 

a) More Privacy & ConvenienceQuikr NXT chat feature help me to maintain my privacy without sharing contact details (mobile no, email id), now I can do my transaction safely without worrying about spammer and fake buyers or sellers. 
The only point of contact becomes your Quikr ID. The last time when I shared my contact details on Quikr for selling my bike, I used to get more than 10 calls a day. It was very difficult for me to attend those calls during office hours or meetings & almost 50 % of them were not genuine and from some broker or reseller. Now I can easily interact with genuine buyers on chat without worrying about inconvenient calls at work hours.

b) Photo sharing & Enhanced Mobility: Chat feature make your transaction non-invasive and more real time, its photo sharing option will enable you to ask seller to share the picture of  the particular product at a variety of angles or take a video of larger products like bikes and cars, which in turns mitigate your risk of buying. Recently one of my managers has approached one seller on a classified portal where he agreed to purchase the car based on few photos which were shared by seller on mail, but he had never thought about asking for photos of car interior. When he actually saw the car from inside, he got surprised looking at the interior of the car, which was in worse condition. Finally, he had to change his mind and at the end he wasted all the time and efforts.

c) Chat History: Quikr NXT, chat history option will help you to overcome  the tedious task of keeping notes and remembering the quoted amount of all transactions. Sometimes it happens when we are talking to lots of buyers, we forget what price we quoted to previous one and easily get confused over it . Earlier I used to keep a diary for maintaining a tracker of all potential buyers, but now it became so simple, I can save the chat history of genuine buyers and quote correct amount to get the best deal. 

Quikr NXT and its instant messaging feature give us a freedom to buy and sell without worrying about our privacy in short "NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR ". What are your reasons to choose a classified portal and what you like about Quikr NXT, feel free to share your experience in comment section.

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