Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do You Love your Clear & Pure Skin

I wonder sometimes how we can protect our body and skin from pollution,dust & germs we face while commuting in our environment on a daily basis. As a working professional we always travel day and night to work by using different modes of transportation, few uses public transport like local trains, metro, buses, taxis or auto rickshaws whereas some prefer travelling by personal vehicles like car's, bike or office bus, etc. But irrespective of the commutation mode you choose you will get affected by  pollution and dust in roads. The direct contact with pollution, dirt & germs present in polluted air causes skin problems, Pimple, Acne & oil secretion which you will face on a day to day basis.

I have oily skin which is too prone to pimples or acne and attracts dust a lot. When I was in school, I didn't bother about the pimples so much. When I relocated to Mumbai after my engineering degree. It became a usual problem for me. Because of pollution and my unhealthy diet, which is common for bachelor IT professionals, fighting from pimples became a full time challenge for me. My face was full of black marks left by old pimples and new one were always ready to take place of old pimples. But it was enough for me to wake up and I started searching for remedies and one day I saw a television commercial of Garnier pure active Neem face wash to cure pimples. We all know face is a very important part of our body. I didn't waste a single moment and went almost running to the nearest supermarket to buy Garnier pure active Neem face wash.

We all know Neem is a well known for its antibacterial attributes, helps in reducing pimples and acne, and their re-occurrence. Its herbal ingredients eliminate pimple causing bacteria and purifies our skin and helps to cure and occurring of pimples.

This face wash is priced at Rs 75 for 100 GM and is specially designed for pimple prone skin like mine. Its application required a very small amount, hence value for money and last for almost a month if you use it on a daily basis, but I will recommend to use it twice a day for better result. Its texture is Jelly and doesn't appear to contain soap, though it foam well upon application and removes excess oil and pimple causing bacteria. Upon application you will feel the essence of neem and tea tree oil with nice fragrance. You will feel skin soft and clean.

I also observed it may cause dryness in winter, especially to those who have dry skin types, its but perfect for oily skin and give better results.

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