Saturday, January 24, 2015

ASUS Eeebook Vs All In One PC -In search of Incredible

As an IT Consultant and blogger my love for gadgets and computer is obvious. Since my college days I used to be a guy with lots of affection towards tablets, laptops/notebooks and personal computers. I used to explore lots of tech forums, blogs and digital magazines in search of an innovating gadget and machines.
We live in a world of an innovative digital era where we get lots of products launched on a daily basis with various productive and advance features. Recently I have been planning to add a net-book and a compact PC in lieu of replacing my current desktop which covers almost 80 percent of my computer table. With respect to net-book actually I was looking  for a sleek device apart from regular oversized professional laptops in my gadget list, which can serve better for my blogging activities while travelling and then I came across ASUS combo of sleek net book ASUS EeeBook X205TA and  ASUS all In One PC  ET2040.  This combo made my search complete and now I am expecting them soon to be part of my gadget list.

My Verdict
To understand how these gadgets perfectly fit in my lifestyle, lets explore the features of both these machines one-by-one :

ASUS EeBook X205TA (Sleek On Design, Sleek in price)
A Netbook that is sleek in two dimensions, one in its design and another dimension is important in terms of money which you put on such add-on devices, its Price only Rs 14999 /-. Its affordable price makes your decision even stronger. It is  available online on flipkart and other leading online stores. Moving on to the configuration part, this sleek beauty run on Windows 8.1 operating system with an Intel trademark Atom processor of 1.85 GHz Quad core with 2 GB internal memory. Apart from its sleek design it's really light (weighs one kg). I can keep this in a small carry bag while travelling and store, capture, write any time without bothering about the load of carrying a heavy regular laptop's. It will add wings to my blogging fortune. The available colors (Dark Blue, Red, gold, White) will serve you better, if you're really looking to match it to existing wardrobe of your devices. I liked the blue one, as its my favourite. Overall a must have frequent traveller since it will provide you a high-level mobility with design and features.

ASUS All-in-One PC ET040 (Simple Versatile & Powerful)
Sometime I really get frustrated while seeing no place on my computer table. If I need to put few extra device like Hard disk, DVD's or external SATA to connect with my PC, I really struggle to arrange some. This ASUS All-in- one PC is capable of providing most immersive  user experience with its innovating space saving design and gesture control, it's perfect for working professional like me.
Generally I use my desktop for Programming and sometime to play or watch movies. This machine comes with capability of serving all your needs starting from running heavy application programme, high quality games with intense graphics or watching HD movies for entertainment. Its space saving design makes it perfect for me. It comes with lots of Built-In apps like Photo editor, Music maker jam, Asus Webstorage etc., Its specification includes Intel Pentium processor with 2 GB internal memory and 500 GB SATA hard disk which can full fill my storage needs without thinking about remaining space on my hard disk.

Overall these two devices are perfect for me, and I can recommend them to any working professional who loves to hang around gadgets and computers.


This post is part of  Happy hour activity at Indiblogger in association with Asus India

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