Saturday, January 31, 2015

Do You Love your Clear & Pure Skin

I wonder sometimes how we can protect our body and skin from pollution,dust & germs we face while commuting in our environment on a daily basis. As a working professional we always travel day and night to work by using different modes of transportation, few uses public transport like local trains, metro, buses, taxis or auto rickshaws whereas some prefer travelling by personal vehicles like car's, bike or office bus, etc. But irrespective of the commutation mode you choose you will get affected by  pollution and dust in roads. The direct contact with pollution, dirt & germs present in polluted air causes skin problems, Pimple, Acne & oil secretion which you will face on a day to day basis.

I have oily skin which is too prone to pimples or acne and attracts dust a lot. When I was in school, I didn't bother about the pimples so much. When I relocated to Mumbai after my engineering degree. It became a usual problem for me. Because of pollution and my unhealthy diet, which is common for bachelor IT professionals, fighting from pimples became a full time challenge for me. My face was full of black marks left by old pimples and new one were always ready to take place of old pimples. But it was enough for me to wake up and I started searching for remedies and one day I saw a television commercial of Garnier pure active Neem face wash to cure pimples. We all know face is a very important part of our body. I didn't waste a single moment and went almost running to the nearest supermarket to buy Garnier pure active Neem face wash.

We all know Neem is a well known for its antibacterial attributes, helps in reducing pimples and acne, and their re-occurrence. Its herbal ingredients eliminate pimple causing bacteria and purifies our skin and helps to cure and occurring of pimples.

This face wash is priced at Rs 75 for 100 GM and is specially designed for pimple prone skin like mine. Its application required a very small amount, hence value for money and last for almost a month if you use it on a daily basis, but I will recommend to use it twice a day for better result. Its texture is Jelly and doesn't appear to contain soap, though it foam well upon application and removes excess oil and pimple causing bacteria. Upon application you will feel the essence of neem and tea tree oil with nice fragrance. You will feel skin soft and clean.

I also observed it may cause dryness in winter, especially to those who have dry skin types, its but perfect for oily skin and give better results.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

India's first Multi-Drive Car -Get Set bolt

Recently Tata Motors has launched an awesome hatchback car "Tata Bolt ". I got an opportunity to cover this event where I got to know about it's unique features which makes it one of the most innovative launches in recent times. I covered the event with some glance of it's best in class features and prepared a video as well. Lets have a look of this car first, later I will explain you about some of the features which impressed me on first instance.

First Look -Captured by Snazzyawi at Bolt Arena Maxus Mall Bhayandar :

Hope you have enjoyed the looks of new Tata bolt, now let me tell you about some the features which I liked in this car. At event we had on engineer from Tata motors who was explaining everything .Let me tell you what I understood from his demonstration .

Plethora of Features :

1) Multi-Drive Modes (Sports ,Eco,City): 
This car run in three modes,choose your mode to match the road you are on & the mood you as per your requirement .the first and auto mode is city when you are in middle of city .If you are on highways or roads with no traffic you can switch to Sports mode which will give you high speed and acceleration .The last but not the least is Eco mode when you plan to safe fuel ,it will give you mixture of balanced and economic ride .

2) REVOTRON 1.2 turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine:
I was so impressed with features of engine of this car ,As per engineer this 1.2 L engine comes with maximum power of 90 PS @5000 RPM .Leave technical details apart ,when I look into the engine it was looking like one of those from movie "Transformer".This is completely the next gen engine from tata motors .

3) CONNECTNEXT Touchscreen infotainment by HARMAN :
For better connectivity this car comes with unique and specially designed high resolution touch screen with top notch technology to keep you entertained and revolutionize in your every drive & you will feel the connectivity as never before .Top features included :
a)Smart Phone Enabled GPS
b)Video Playback & Image viewing option with SD card & USB .
c)Voice Command ,to make,change tracks etc.

4) ABS by Bosch (9 gen with corner stability control & Dual Airbags :
The Anti-lock braking system comes with EBD (Electronic Breakforce distribution and CSC (Corner Stability control ). Trust these are not features of some aircraft ,they comes with this car more safety and stability .

5) Space & Comfort :
Its spacious and comfortable interiors make it unique in this car segment. Its class leading cabin space make it more comfortable for passengers. I personally felt the difference with my fellow blogger .I must say it has huge space inside & a tallest person can fit in easily .

Me at Bolt Arena

Overall the experience was good and loved the car ,we won few contests as well during the event . I was able to answer all of them,which made us win some goodies as well .Have you visited your nearest bolt arena .

Won the bolt experience contest 

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

ASUS Eeebook Vs All In One PC -In search of Incredible

As an IT Consultant and blogger my love for gadgets and computer is obvious. Since my college days I used to be a guy with lots of affection towards tablets, laptops/notebooks and personal computers. I used to explore lots of tech forums, blogs and digital magazines in search of an innovating gadget and machines.
We live in a world of an innovative digital era where we get lots of products launched on a daily basis with various productive and advance features. Recently I have been planning to add a net-book and a compact PC in lieu of replacing my current desktop which covers almost 80 percent of my computer table. With respect to net-book actually I was looking  for a sleek device apart from regular oversized professional laptops in my gadget list, which can serve better for my blogging activities while travelling and then I came across ASUS combo of sleek net book ASUS EeeBook X205TA and  ASUS all In One PC  ET2040.  This combo made my search complete and now I am expecting them soon to be part of my gadget list.

My Verdict
To understand how these gadgets perfectly fit in my lifestyle, lets explore the features of both these machines one-by-one :

ASUS EeBook X205TA (Sleek On Design, Sleek in price)
A Netbook that is sleek in two dimensions, one in its design and another dimension is important in terms of money which you put on such add-on devices, its Price only Rs 14999 /-. Its affordable price makes your decision even stronger. It is  available online on flipkart and other leading online stores. Moving on to the configuration part, this sleek beauty run on Windows 8.1 operating system with an Intel trademark Atom processor of 1.85 GHz Quad core with 2 GB internal memory. Apart from its sleek design it's really light (weighs one kg). I can keep this in a small carry bag while travelling and store, capture, write any time without bothering about the load of carrying a heavy regular laptop's. It will add wings to my blogging fortune. The available colors (Dark Blue, Red, gold, White) will serve you better, if you're really looking to match it to existing wardrobe of your devices. I liked the blue one, as its my favourite. Overall a must have frequent traveller since it will provide you a high-level mobility with design and features.

ASUS All-in-One PC ET040 (Simple Versatile & Powerful)
Sometime I really get frustrated while seeing no place on my computer table. If I need to put few extra device like Hard disk, DVD's or external SATA to connect with my PC, I really struggle to arrange some. This ASUS All-in- one PC is capable of providing most immersive  user experience with its innovating space saving design and gesture control, it's perfect for working professional like me.
Generally I use my desktop for Programming and sometime to play or watch movies. This machine comes with capability of serving all your needs starting from running heavy application programme, high quality games with intense graphics or watching HD movies for entertainment. Its space saving design makes it perfect for me. It comes with lots of Built-In apps like Photo editor, Music maker jam, Asus Webstorage etc., Its specification includes Intel Pentium processor with 2 GB internal memory and 500 GB SATA hard disk which can full fill my storage needs without thinking about remaining space on my hard disk.

Overall these two devices are perfect for me, and I can recommend them to any working professional who loves to hang around gadgets and computers.


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Love Declaration of an IT Professional

I know you all will be looking forward to 14 Feb this year as a day to celebrate your romantic love; I am also in the same boat, eagerly waiting for this V day. I understand you people are keen to know my love declaration, but before that I would like to share a brief conversation which I had with my colleague at office last Friday.

Me: Happy Valentine's Day!! 
Colleague: Are you serious, we haven't even celebrated republic day, what are you saying!!
Me: I am planning an open love declaration for soniya!!
Colleague: Are you crazy?? What if her family gets to know and what about your ex-gf .
Me: Forget Ex, I don't care about her anymore.
Colleague: What about soniya's family.
Me: Hope they will understand ...
Colleague: What's your plan this time, don't do anything stupid.
Me: Don't worry you will know about it on 14 Feb!!
A sneak peak of  my love declaration 
To give a little background on my crush and my plans for this Valentine's Day, let me tell you about my personality and current status in relationship. I am an IT geek with little experience in field of love and very reluctant to girls, I think hundred times before approaching to any girl. So you can, say I am a person with no characteristic of a normal lover boy or a boyfriend. I have a so-called girlfriend of mine which I have never proposed in 2 years of relationship. She is kind of fling in our relationship, but I am serious from last one year and in complete love with her. Sometimes I feel she loves me too, but she didn't give any open indication in this direction. 
I have been planning to propose her since a very long time, but when I plan to do this my heart comes to my mouth. My colleagues and friends suggested that, take a bold move and propose to her. So I thought, this Valentine's Day I stand a chance to do this and with little bit of courage I have decided to give my love declaration to not only to her, but to the whole world. For some people face-to -face love disclosure is very simple, but for me it's not an easy job. I want her to feel little special and extraordinary when I propose to her so I am announcing it on all my social media accounts in which we both are on. With all my cover pages, profile pictures displaying my declaration of love with some lovely tweets for her about my feelings. I am going to use hash tag #SnazzyawiProposes, don't blame me if it's in list of trending topics on 14 Feb this time. 

Whoa I am getting excited while writing it here. Does it seem like I am crossing my limits. Yes I am, but this is what I want, I want her to know that how much I love her & I don't have any fear in accepting this in front of anyone. I know her family might get freak and react unusual, but I am ready for it. I am gonna ask her openly that "Will you be my Valentine for this life"
I am waiting for this Valentine's Day!! Will Cupid's arrow is going to hit me this time, stay tuned for my upcoming Video blog on this theme. Till then you can also plan a #cupid game for your crush.
Happy Valentine's Day in advance and best of luck ....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocate To Bangalore -Quikr Style

I am working for one of the leading IT Company in India, we have offices across all metro location's including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. Currently, I am working at Mumbai location, but have always been attracted to Bangalore city and most important all my college friends & my old roommates they are working in Bangalore. I always get excited whenever I heard from manager that you might get opportunity to relocate to Bangalore. As it can happen any time this year, I have my Relocation plan ready with me. The day I will get approval from Project head, next day I will be in Bangalore. You must be wondering how I am so cool about such a hectic and time- consuming relocation from Mumbai to Bangalore.

The Secret behind it is  "", In my words "Jub hai Quikr too Why Fikar".
Actually I am an old user of Quikr & when I moved to Mumbai after my graduation, Quikr really helped me a lot to get settled along with my relocation, accommodation & home furnishing since then Quikr has kept on adding features to its services. Quikr is always on my favourite list. So below is my action plan (don't tell this to my manager) Let's go to BANGALORE!!

Houses- Apartment For Rent :

I searched through Most popular categories section & clicked on Houses- Apartment For Rent
One can also Go to -Real Estate Section & refine the results according to requirement. I searched for one room kitchen  apartment, I got a full listing of flats at my desired location in Bangalore, also one can create a free alert  for the same if not available in listing, simultaneously spoke to few owner's in advance, they confirmed that you can give advance intimation 30 days before relocating to Bangalore they will arrange a rented apartment at my desired location.

Movers & Packers : 

I just explored few local Movers & Packer having offices in Mumbai & Bangalore both. Just Clicked on Services-Select-Movers & Packers. I had a chat with one of the local company, they confirmed that they have branch in Mumbai & one of the associate will assist me for any help regarding the relocation of luggage. I got the number, so I called him, he explained about the process & everything is set now. I just need to give a go-ahead & within few days I will be attending company's  Bangalore office.

Quikr is such a help for working professional like me, those who always roam around country while relocating, it provides a complete ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your needs.

AboutQuikr!! Banglore!! is a free local classified website where you can post free advertisement regarding any requirement . You can post ads to buy, sell, rent or for any services such as used cars, Transport & shipping, domestic help etc, I will recommend this portal for working IT Professionals to use unique classified services from Quikr.

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