Saturday, December 13, 2014

#RiseAboveFear -Courage is what it takes !!

 To Rise above fear is to be sure about what you are doing are going to make some difference.Some times in our life we feel stupid about our karma because we might have made various mistakes in the past,but moving on after a certain incorrect act or mistakes can eliminate fear from our lives. Fear come with setbacks,but faith gives us audacity and tenacity to achieve success most of the time,if  I have to say above lines in one quote,I will use words of  Ambrose Redmoon "Courage is not the absence of fear,but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear"

To understand above thoughts in practical life,let me tell you about one crucial risk I took in my life and how it  helped me to overcome my fear and achieve success.

Decision to take one year drop for preparation for engineering entrance exams :

After my schooling it was time to choose my career path,I was on the urge of deciding which stream to choose.Some told me to go for MBBS and become doctor,few told me to prepare for Indian civil services,but in my mind I had to decide whether to go for my dream to join top engineering institute in computer engineering or to do what others are saying.I was so worried and at that time getting to a top college was seems to be a pie in the sky .Looking at the competition level for pre-engineering entrance exams,I was anxious to take any decision on my next step,all my teachers and mentors suggested to join leading coaching institute for exam preparation,for which I need to take one year drop from my regular studies & gave a huge fee of 40-50 K approximately apart from other miscellaneous expanses of accommodation food etc,total  cost was around  1 lakh.I was so afraid ,if I take 1 year gap for preparation and doesn't qualify with top rank my whole year and my fathers hard money will go on vein.Also no need to mention about peer pressure and social trauma in such situation .For me it was time to show some courage And confidence  to take final call for my career,in spite of  fear & anxiety,I went ahead and decided to take drop for engineering exam and went to Indore for preparation.There I joined a leading coaching institute.During my preparation I continuously learned to rise above my fear of not cracking the exam had faith in myself that I will be in toppers list of qualifying students.Finally it was the day of pre-engineering exam.In spite of nervousness I wrote the exam with confidence to crack the exam & finally the day of result came,Guys you will be surprised ,I got 25th state rank,I was sure about getting in top 100 but getting 25 Rank is all because of faith and can-do-attitude to rise above fear of failing the exam.

You must have seen the advertisement of popular PepsiCo's drink Mountain dew which Say's "Darr ke Aage Jeet hai" and follow the philosophy of  "Who Dares,Wins".I must say it's true I always feel the same and salute the spirit of those who rise above fear. Recently Mountain Dew brand has launched #RiseAboveFear campaign for theme based TVC  which show how two actors (Arya & Akhil) overcome their personal mountain of fears, Its clear from video that team had to #RiseAboveFear to shoot it and make the Film reality.


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