Friday, December 12, 2014

Har Sapna Sach Karega India,Banega Swach India #SwachhIndia

"Har Sapna Sach Karega India,Banega Swach India "

This is the slogan of   "Dettol- Banega swach India " (#SwachhIndia) Campaign of  NDTV group & RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) to encourage everyone to keep our nation clean & healthy and also to address the need of Sanitation & hygiene.This year was full  of  initiatives & campaigns,which were either on Social awareness on Cleanliness,Sanity or on making of "Swach India" .It all started with one of the initiatives of our own prime minister "Modi jii' named "Swach Bharat Abhiyan" .Later all politician's ,social organisations ,NGO's & private companies joined this campaign in some manner to make Clean India .

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We see all these programmes on clean India .but do we raise concerns when someone Litter  or Pee on road ,do we follow these things in o daily life,have we taken any initiative on cleaning our surroundings,have we complaint to Municipal leaders regarding sanity and other issues in our areas .
It's very tragic that more than 60 % our population is defecating  in open in lack of  Toilets & proper sanitation .We need to have sustainable sanitation system in our society .Sustainable Sanitation is a new sanitation concept which includes social ,economical & environmental point of view ,covering all primary functions of sanitation  

We need to educate our children on importance of  personal hygiene & cleanliness. In schools & home children's should be told about how  to clean hands properly ,especially in rural & non-urban areas,as these student's after learning from school ,they can spread awareness within their family .

I have started this with my home ,society & my workplaces .I give equal importance to sanity and hygiene to all the places.Daily cleaning of household my office attire's,trousers everything,which keeps me healthy and motivated all the time .At my workplace I ensure that my desk ,workstation,coup-board everything is clean .As they say "Sound Mind in a sound body",sanity & hygiene help us to maintain good health .

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