Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gravity of Truth in our Life

In words  of Thomas Hardy "If an offense come out of the truth, better is it that the offense come than the truth be concealed ".

When we are kids we all have a natural tendency of telling the truth, later when we grow up, we observe that people around us our peers, friends and relatives  they aren't always telling the truth. We get confused why everybody is hiding the truth and manipulating things in their own way. That's the time when we learned how creative people get rid of various offenses by hiding the truth. When we hide the truth within us it creates some stress & internal conflicts in our minds.

Hiding the truth or twisting it for our own interest, is it correct? To understand this, let me share an incident of my life where I had a huge dilemma whether to tell the truth or hide it and what would be the right thing to do?

During the second year of my computer engineering, I needed a laptop for my minor project. I asked my father that it's very important for my studies and I need to buy one at the earliest. He agreed to give money for a laptop, I bought one in the next two days and was so excited about my new laptop. I used to carry it, to my college for presentations. One day in college while the presentation my laptop fell incidentally & got damaged. When I checked the display it was completely broken, I immediately took it to service center where they said the new screen  and repairing will cost around 15 thousand. I was shocked, what I will tell to my father it was only 15 day's since I purchased it. I got so stressed and   worried about  my final presentation in coming month. Fear of telling the truth and not completing the minor project on time was causing so much internal trauma. Finally, I decided to lie about my broken laptop and asked my father to give 15 thousand for campus placement coaching which I was never going to attend. This was the biggest lie, I have ever told to my parents. My father was happy to see my concern towards campus placement and next day he deposited the money. Within one week of time I got my laptop repaired, next month minor project presentation also went well, but still there was some regret and mental stress within me which was making me unhappy about everything. One day my father called me and asked about how my campus coaching and preparations are going on, I got voiceless, I had no answer to his questions, suddenly guilt of dishonesty and lie made me burst and I told him the truth about my damage laptop, I told him about my fear, initially he got angry and hung up the phone, later he called me and said, "It's OK son ,no need to worry". I felt so relaxed and realized, "Kitna chain hota hai na sachhai mein". I thanked my dad and promised  that I will never lie to him.

"Sometimes when telling the truth could get us into trouble, we tend to lie or omit details to avoid it. Although this seems like a great temporary solution, it weighs on our conscience "

This post is inspired from Kinley  TVC & part of  Happy hour contest at  Indiblogger

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