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Driving safely In India -Know-How

Urban areas in India especially metros are highly crowded & driving on roads sometimes seems to a job similar to a licensed pilot where he is accountable  for life of all passenger on plane including his own life. Sometimes we think that we need to drive safely on roads just to ensure we are safe,but is it correct,don't we have any responsibility towards fellow motorists & pedestrians who need safety as well .If everyone understand the need of caution & safety while on road ,its surely going to reduce the number of casualties & damage caused by traffic accidents.

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Nissan India introduced Nissan Safety
Driving Forum (NSDF)which is one of the major initiatives towards changing the mindset  towards driving behavior of Indian people .Its main objective is to reduce the car accidents & thus reduce fatality & serious injuries through cars as a part of  Blue citizenship ,Nissan's CSR platform . 

NSDF  encourages drivers & motorist to wear seat belt ,and follow basic safety guidelines while driving on road under their motto of "SAFETY FIRST". It's primary focus on India youth who 
drive  without any responsibility & generally ignore safety guidelines .This initiative began in 2012 as an annual activity ,initially it covered 3 major cities of India - New Delhi,Mumbai & Chennai and gradually tend to cover other cities of India.

This year, NSDF would reach 8 new cities – Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi as marked in below image.

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In my view below are some Safety guidelines,which we should follow while driving:

-Always wear Seat belt while driving 
-Do not use Mobile phones while driving 
-Keep safe distance with other vehicles on road .
-Follow traffic rules, ie.Red light , No parking etc 
-Do not overtake ,Do not tailgate on higher speed .
-Stay Alerts while driving on Wide roads ,Highways etc .
-Do not Drink & Drive ,it's against the law: If you don't know this shame on you
-Carry an attitude to co-operate with other drivers & pedestrian's on road .
-If possible use car with Air-Bag, it help in reducing injuries in case of collision .
-For new Car owners always go through the "Vehicle Owners Manual " ,you must know how your car works,also make sure it's in prime condition.
-Don't drive if you are sick or injured, or suffering from some kind of mental dis-order .
-Avoid driving if you are tired .
-Before planning long trips, always have a proper sleep & food, take regular breaks on long drives,if you feel sleepy.
-Always Drive on the left -Hand side of the road:If you don't know this shame on you
-Always turn on Headlights at  night & inappropriate light conditions such as Fog, Rain etc.

Some Safety Guidelines from NSDF 
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