Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Airbnb :A New way to Explore the World -MY WISHLIST

Airbnb is a unique portal providing one stop shop for all your  requirement for finding a best place to Rent ,Host or share your apartment or extra space to earn some money & save some money .It helps you to discover amazing places ,connect with hosts ,confirm travel dates & pay all through airbnb trusted services .

After Exploring Airbnb Website  ,I have created my wish list of dream homes & Vacation places around the world .Its a very good portal for those who want to explore  & rent unique places in budget & optimum prices .After exploring the portal you will surely find range of places from Villa's ,apartment ,bungalows ,suites ,condo's to unique accommodation like castles & igloos .Feel at home anywhere you go in the world .

Link to My Wishlist at Airbnb : 

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1-A home Besides an Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya                                                                                 

Reason To Choose : 

The house name is "Pumzikatu" which means a place to Just Relax .It gives you a view of life above clouds ,a place to rest  & feel calm  .This magical destination can provide you the best adventure & is very  near to Kenya's hidden treasure.I would love to enjoy my stay above the cloud .

       2- A Beautiful Beachfort Villa in Indonesia 

Reason To Choose : 

Its an awesome Villa near a public beach ,with black volcanic sand ,surrounded by rocks,leading to a coral reef. On addition to it has a private pool & Jacuzzi ,its awesome. A best place to to get way from the city hustle in Bali .These are sufficient for me to add this in my wish list .

      3-A Beach Home in Kenya - Nyumba Ya Madau

Reason To Choose : 

A crystalline water beach  & a Swahili style Villa on a  white sandy beach is sufficient for any one to visit this place. Villa has 5 bedroom with en-suite bathroom ,perfect for a long family tour .Its away from city but mostly visited by tourist .I would love to visit this place .

      4- B&B suite in the Cancun Hotel Zone 

Reason To Choose : 

Its a perfect Suite for family stay & has monthly booking scheme on a very reasonable cost as compared other luxury hotels .It has all features of a 5 star suite including King size bed ,a leather Sofa,including dark wood furnishing with A.C. 50"inch HD flat screen TV ,DVD player & an X box ,also its has wine fridge apart from a small fridge ,a microwave oven & a coffemaker .I would prefer this place rather than staying in hotel .

     5-Wonderful 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bali -Kerobokan

Reason To Choose : 

It's a 3 bedroom home with a private pool ,the villa is situated near a fairly silent area just off the main road .For me the main attraction the pool in side the villa .I look perfectly awesome for me .

Again bali being my favorite ,I would love to visit this place anytime .

Do you like these places ,if yes please register on below link & create your wishlist & enjoy the unique places across the world through a single portal .I am recommending this website to all frequent travelers & those who have some extra spaces or own some unique places .

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