Friday, November 28, 2014

Stay Success Ready -Never Miss An Opportunity #WillYouShave

"Opportunities can come knocking any time.So always Stay Success Ready "
Are you success ready, Are you ready to grab all the opportunities which are coming your way.
Few days back I got a message on my cell which says "Success always hug's you in private But, failure always  slap you in the public ".A similar instance happened  with me last year when I was planning to switch my job , I have been there in the same company for 3 years with the limited scope of growth & very less hike in perks.I decided to search for some good opportunities , so as usual as every IT professional do , I started with updating my resume with a nice cover letter.Updated my profile on & other job portal's which I had not visited from ages.

Within few days of updating my bio-data, I started getting calls for job interviews.I was looking for some of the top notch Multinationals in IT industry.On my list Google, Microsoft  & Accenture were on Top.I had applied for few of the openings in this organization which was similar to my profile.Luckily I got an interview call from Accenture that to for the post of Operation Manager, the first round was basic telephonic round, followed by a technical & project manager Round ,I easily cracked the first one , due to my current office timing  I was unable to face interview on weekdays ,so I agreed  with HR to schedule F-2-F rounds on weekend (ie. Saturday ).It was Wednesday when we made the final call on schedule .
I had 2 days to prepare for the interview ,on first go I collected my all degrees ,certificates & experience letter .Prepared everything all basic fundamentals & technologies required for the post .

PS : I must confess that I have not given any attention to  my grooming ie.No proper dressing,No Clean shave ,No proper hair styling nothing ...
On the day of interview ,I was there waiting  for my turn .My technical round went well & then there was was Project Manager round .PM was a well-groomed lady, I asked for the permission to enter the room, she told me to sit on the chair in front of her.She had looked me from Top to bottom.
She explained to me that this will be a client facing role & you will be meeting to customers on site etc.
For me everything went well, Once we finished with the interview, they told me to wait outside the panel will announce the results shortly.I waited for like 2 hrs for the results , but I got more surprised when I had heard ed the name of people who were selected, for no reason my name wasn't there.
I was so sure that I cracked all the rounds , then how come I am not selected for this post.
I immediately went up to the HR & asked for the feedback.He said we will share it on mail after two days.I was so depressed , that I missed the chance of working with one of my dream companies.

After two days, I got the feedback mail which was something like this: 

Being turned down for a job is never a pleasant experience , I felt really bad after reading the mail & I realized that, merely having skills to perform the job doesn't  qualify you for any position.It also depends on the nature of job & what are the soft skills required including grooming & your persona.
I was  not well dressed & clean shaved on the day of an interview for the role, which was client facing & required more public & customer interaction.
So guys after reading my story , what will be your decision #WillYouShave  !!

Now I always  keep my Razor ready  before any interview ...LOL !!

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