Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#BringBackTheTouch In your Life -My Experience

Sometimes in our life we think that there is no fun and we don't have any excitement left in our daily life. So let me tell you one real life phase of mine,I will be giving an extra touch to my narration as the topic itself is on how to #Bringbackthetouch in our life.

Everyone know how hectic is the work schedule of an IT Professional ,that get more when you work in a metro city.When I got promoted 2 years back as a Consultant in my new Job in Mumbai.
I was so happy about my new role & work ,so was my girlfriend.
As the time passed I was completely got tripped by hectic work schedule ,long travel time ,extra work -pressure & I must say it tremendously impacted my work-life balance.

Me & my partner used to meet every day in my previous job,but now it was past ,we hardly get time meet each other on weekends .This became kind of cycle .We had lost touch with each other.
There was no excitement in our life .We rarely get time to see each other.
And frankly speaking because of work-work all the time I was also losing interest on her.

After a month We decided to go water Park for a weekend,Everything was set,I booked the tickets online to avoid the last time delays.We reached there & enjoyed a lot in the amusement park with lots of roller coasters & rides ,they all were great fun and quite thrilling .

The whole day I got the feeling this will be the time to get  touch back in my life .At the end of the day we were so tired & were just sitting outside the pool on a bench. My girlfriend started  staring at me suddenly,she took my hand in his hand ,I felt awesome and that was the time I felt,we are back together with touch in our relationship. 

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PS: I forgot to tell you guys after shower ,she was applying one body lotion I think it was Parachute Advansed Body Lotion & it did the trick of bringing touch back in our life .I would like to thank Parachute for bringing back the romance in our relationship.

To get the touch back in our life we must awaken our sensual self,touch ,feels,cares to discover  #BringBackTheTouch

Now I am completely agree with these  lines "Words can lie.looks can decieve ..But a touch ...It reveals the truth" 

At the end I would like to thank god,For giving us the ability to touch  life around us,& Feel Touch In Return.

Please see the video & you will feel touched.
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