Monday, November 10, 2014

Being an Healthy Child #ImmuneIndia

Being a son of an Army Officer ,I have been travelling to almost all states of India with my family .We were two children's in my family including my elder brother . As we know Army people always like discipline ,cleanliness & time table we were bound to follow that at home .
So this was where it all started to be a healthy child .

As said by John Locke "A sound mind in a sound body , is a short but full description  of a happy state in this world "  

As you can see from heading  of my article what it takes to be a healthy child & how it creates a Joy full home with lots of happiness & healthiness ,let me give you an example how my father & his discipline from army help me to become a healthy child & today an fit adult .

I used to be very thin & slim during my childhood ,so my Mom started worrying about my health .
Those days my Dad used to bring  Dabur Chyanwanprash & some protein powders from army canteen ,which my mom started giving me with Milk .I used to hate glass of Milk ,but my Mom induced  me on one term that if I will finish the whole glass of milk ,every time I will get an extra spoon of Chyawanprash . That's how it started ,I used to finish  every single glass of milk ,just to get some extra Chyawanprash .In addition to this my dad used to take me early morning to the army training ground with him .I always wondered why my dad & other military person used to do such hardcore exercises & running ,but later I realized the importance of it . 

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We need Energy & Immunity for our body to fight against any kind of disease or illness .Have you ever wondered what are the sources from where we get immunity to overcome infections by such bacterias & virus . Immunity can be of two types Naturally acquired & Artificially acquired .

A child can get both of these  ,As everyone has their own natural immune system , to get artificial immunity we need to intake some external herbs & natural anti-oxidants to increase our immunity  .That is where products like Chyawanprash ,Natural Almonds ,Dry fruits come into play ,they will provide us & our children almost all required natural ingredients to create a healthy immune system within our body .As Dabour Chyawanprash consists of 40 natural ingredients which  seems to be sufficient for a growing kid to get extra immunity & become fit .So with some proper exercise  discipline & extra healthcare we can become immune from all harmfull things .

A healthy Child is always a source of happy family & a happy family will make healthy society ,which in turn make our country more healthier & Immune .So we should make sure that our children & family members posses sound mind in a sound body which will make our country an #ImmuneIndia 

This article is part of an Indiblogger Activity  for  Dabur Chyanwanprash

So lets Cheers for Happy & Healthy India !!

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