Sunday, November 30, 2014

Game of Luck & Confidence

"The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone” -Orison Swett Marden

Luck or Confidence? If you have to choose only one of these ,what will be your choice.What is more important for you in your life.Well we all know that confidence comes from what we think about ourselves,not what other think about us .Trusting & loving ourselves can do miracles in our life .
 In my  post  StaySuccess Ready -Never Miss An Opportunity #WillYouShave ,I mentioned about the crucial role of  grooming in career of a working professional . A well groomed face & personality contributes to individual self -esteem including confidence in his body language & mind set .
An individual should always rely on  his confidence & efforts ,positive result & luck will follow his path. Lets understand this by an example ,If you are applying for a job what will be the first think you need to clear the interview ,assume that your colleague is saying you are lucky brother go for it,but inside yo don't have the confidence surely you will not go for it.
In words of D.Seuss  “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” So be yourself do not leave your fate on luck,bring your charm ,feel your self-esteem and boost your confidence & say yes to well-groomed face to be at your best everyday.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Stay Success Ready -Never Miss An Opportunity #WillYouShave

"Opportunities can come knocking any time.So always Stay Success Ready "
Are you success ready, Are you ready to grab all the opportunities which are coming your way.
Few days back I got a message on my cell which says "Success always hug's you in private But, failure always  slap you in the public ".A similar instance happened  with me last year when I was planning to switch my job , I have been there in the same company for 3 years with the limited scope of growth & very less hike in perks.I decided to search for some good opportunities , so as usual as every IT professional do , I started with updating my resume with a nice cover letter.Updated my profile on & other job portal's which I had not visited from ages.

Within few days of updating my bio-data, I started getting calls for job interviews.I was looking for some of the top notch Multinationals in IT industry.On my list Google, Microsoft  & Accenture were on Top.I had applied for few of the openings in this organization which was similar to my profile.Luckily I got an interview call from Accenture that to for the post of Operation Manager, the first round was basic telephonic round, followed by a technical & project manager Round ,I easily cracked the first one , due to my current office timing  I was unable to face interview on weekdays ,so I agreed  with HR to schedule F-2-F rounds on weekend (ie. Saturday ).It was Wednesday when we made the final call on schedule .
I had 2 days to prepare for the interview ,on first go I collected my all degrees ,certificates & experience letter .Prepared everything all basic fundamentals & technologies required for the post .

PS : I must confess that I have not given any attention to  my grooming ie.No proper dressing,No Clean shave ,No proper hair styling nothing ...
On the day of interview ,I was there waiting  for my turn .My technical round went well & then there was was Project Manager round .PM was a well-groomed lady, I asked for the permission to enter the room, she told me to sit on the chair in front of her.She had looked me from Top to bottom.
She explained to me that this will be a client facing role & you will be meeting to customers on site etc.
For me everything went well, Once we finished with the interview, they told me to wait outside the panel will announce the results shortly.I waited for like 2 hrs for the results , but I got more surprised when I had heard ed the name of people who were selected, for no reason my name wasn't there.
I was so sure that I cracked all the rounds , then how come I am not selected for this post.
I immediately went up to the HR & asked for the feedback.He said we will share it on mail after two days.I was so depressed , that I missed the chance of working with one of my dream companies.

After two days, I got the feedback mail which was something like this: 

Being turned down for a job is never a pleasant experience , I felt really bad after reading the mail & I realized that, merely having skills to perform the job doesn't  qualify you for any position.It also depends on the nature of job & what are the soft skills required including grooming & your persona.
I was  not well dressed & clean shaved on the day of an interview for the role, which was client facing & required more public & customer interaction.
So guys after reading my story , what will be your decision #WillYouShave  !!

Now I always  keep my Razor ready  before any interview ...LOL !!

Monday, November 24, 2014

#Lucky6 GAMING APP - Fraud & Cheaters BEAWARE of them

We have been trying our luck every day, weather it's a lottery, jackpot or any kind of gambling. Starting from playing a quiz show to a game competition everywhere we always try our luck in a hope of something big. It always requires us to invest something before we get anything in return or try our luck. But first time in India, FatCat is launching a unique lottery style application game called Lucky 6  initially on popular AndroidIOS platform with another interesting game QuickApp. We all know that  playing game on  Mobile is fun,but what if we play games & in return we won jackpot, cash prizes, rewards  & sponsored luxury holiday trips etc.We can say it's a revolution in mobile gaming industry.

FatCat is a crowd Funded Campaign 

Let's Review some of the features of this App & How to play the GAME 

1-Once downloaded the application ,t his will be your first screen .
You need to SIGN UP & Verify your account by clicking on activation mail sent to your registered email id (Verification is compulsory to play the game).

2- Once logged in click on Lucky 6 App & select 6 brands & Start playing .
It's very simple you  simply need to select 6 brands which are having higher rankings & which you predict will perform better in next few days in the market .


3- You can also play QuizAPP to win some luxury holidays & trips .You need to answer simple questions & if you right you win . Its so simple as it looks .This APP is in beta phase & will be launched soon .

4- Share To win : This is one of the best feature ,you share this game with your friends on social media & you increase your chance of winning .

They win ,you win .The more you invite the greater your chances of winning .

Share to win 

Below are my screenshot while I played Lucky 6 :

Select 6 brands of your choice & confirm 
Welcome Screen

Personal Dashboard 

My Verdict : These is cheater company who cheated in India & now headed to north america to fool more people. Do not use any of their games or app.

Note: This company has cheated more than 100 bloggers in India & frauded on payment. kindly ignore & report to police.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Carry your Childhood with you

"If you carry your Childhood with you ,you  never become old " .
As the quote suggest ,what we learn from our childhood memories always remain throughout  our life.The truth is we only get one childhood in whole life,but moral values learned & memories earned can stay in our mind forever and can be used at any stage of life.

We all know many nursery rhymes ,phonics & songs are innocent stories, some contain morals values and others have  political underlying meanings.
Two poems of my preschool had  always enlightened my mind . 

Twinkle Twinkle little Star a Nursery rhyme :

Twinkle Twinkle little Star ,How I wonder what you are .........
This was my favourite one ,we used to do this song in group and also performed this one on stage with some dancing steps .Rhymes consist of words about many kind of activities a children can learn and take up in daily life like dancing , colouring , drawing ,running and many more fun stuff which help a kid in learning new things .


Johny Johny yes Papa a Nursery rhyme :

This one is also close to my heart .This rhyme is basically remind me of my naughty kid inside me.
I used to be very stubborn & trouble my parents by my funny mistakes .

Telling lie No papa .....this line reminds me of all the lies which had told to my parents !!

Nursery rhymes, pre-school songs and children's poems will always remain the same as there are. There's always going to be new children in our world who will start learning through the means of these songs.

Parents, teachers and children have kept passing on these lovely traditions and heritage over centuries, allowing us to build a strong foundation for the future generations to able to benefit from our rich history.

Its better to carry your childhood inside  you .....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#BringBackTheTouch In your Life -My Experience

Sometimes in our life we think that there is no fun and we don't have any excitement left in our daily life. So let me tell you one real life phase of mine,I will be giving an extra touch to my narration as the topic itself is on how to #Bringbackthetouch in our life.

Everyone know how hectic is the work schedule of an IT Professional ,that get more when you work in a metro city.When I got promoted 2 years back as a Consultant in my new Job in Mumbai.
I was so happy about my new role & work ,so was my girlfriend.
As the time passed I was completely got tripped by hectic work schedule ,long travel time ,extra work -pressure & I must say it tremendously impacted my work-life balance.

Me & my partner used to meet every day in my previous job,but now it was past ,we hardly get time meet each other on weekends .This became kind of cycle .We had lost touch with each other.
There was no excitement in our life .We rarely get time to see each other.
And frankly speaking because of work-work all the time I was also losing interest on her.

After a month We decided to go water Park for a weekend,Everything was set,I booked the tickets online to avoid the last time delays.We reached there & enjoyed a lot in the amusement park with lots of roller coasters & rides ,they all were great fun and quite thrilling .

The whole day I got the feeling this will be the time to get  touch back in my life .At the end of the day we were so tired & were just sitting outside the pool on a bench. My girlfriend started  staring at me suddenly,she took my hand in his hand ,I felt awesome and that was the time I felt,we are back together with touch in our relationship. 

Image Credit :
PS: I forgot to tell you guys after shower ,she was applying one body lotion I think it was Parachute Advansed Body Lotion & it did the trick of bringing touch back in our life .I would like to thank Parachute for bringing back the romance in our relationship.

To get the touch back in our life we must awaken our sensual self,touch ,feels,cares to discover  #BringBackTheTouch

Now I am completely agree with these  lines "Words can lie.looks can decieve ..But a touch ...It reveals the truth" 

At the end I would like to thank god,For giving us the ability to touch  life around us,& Feel Touch In Return.

Please see the video & you will feel touched.
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Sapno Ka Ghar - Porcelanosa Style #24KLiving

I have been away now from my birth place for almost 10 years now. Starting from my IIT Preparation, then Engineering & last, but not the least my IT Career in Mumbai ,During this period ,I  lived  in cities like bhopal, Indore, Banglore & Mumbai.

But the feeling of  being away from home always bites me ,I have been renting the places ,flats  & apartments all these years .but as now things for me are quite stable I am planning to go for a new apartment in Mumbai.

Last night I was simply sitting & thinking about my dream home & suddenly in Mid-night I got an 
e-mail from Indiblogger for writing a post on my Dream Home by using products  from the website   of  the  world -celebrated venture   "Porcelanosa".

While browsing & searching ,I found that Porcelanosa ventures into India with one of the renowned real-estate player Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd with a series of projects named as 24K Province consisting residential ,commerical & limited edition residences.

To know more about Kolte-Patil Developers  projects & ventures please click here for #24KLiving

Next morning I was so excited & immediately logged into the Porcelanosa portal & begin my search of dream home at Porcelanosa site.
I must say I was amazed to see the product categories & world class sanitary products including wall & floor tiles.I went one by one to all products & categories on Porcelanosa portal & selected below items for dream home.I would be out of this world the day when this will become reality .

After whole day of search,I have chosen below products for my dream home .

Mera Sapno Ka Ghar

XLIGHT Wall Tiles : 

Everybody must have heard this saying in Hindi "Deewaren Bolti hai". I must say the Wall tiles available on Porcelanosa website were simply awesome in terms design & look. I will choose XLIGHT series of wall tiles because these  are made up Porcleain tile by Urbatek & is characterised by its extra-large format & minimum thickness. It's an natural evolution of ceramic & I loved the colours & patterns available in catalogue.They are much lighter than traditional wall tiles.

Laminate Floor Tile :

Laminate flooring is characterised by its resistance,I loved the wide range of colours & formats available in Porcelanosa Laminate collection by L'Antic Colonial is truly unique.

Wardrobes & Dressing rooms :

I love  my wardrobe ,so you can say it as  my best place where I can find my all favourite outfits & accessories .We all know space is one of the major concerns in metro cities ,so I would love to have something which cover less space & provide optimum results in terms storage capacity & layout of our stuffs .

KRION Design Kitchen :

For everyone kitchen is the best place for high activities including cooking ,eating & is centre of all activities in one's life.So I will go for glass or KRION based components provided by Porcelanosa website such as counter tops,fronts or shelves & various designs as per storage needs with tall cupboards & integrated domestic appliances .Really love to have such kitchen in my "Sapno Ka ghar "

This is something I dream about & I would like to thank #24Kliving activity by +IndiBlogger  for allowing me to drill down my imagination of dream home & making it into reality with the help of Porcelanosa .
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Monday, November 17, 2014

#ToiletForBabli - In search of Health ,Hygiene & Santation

As an individual sometime I think what is my responsibility towards my society & my country .

Going through one article in one of the leading newspaper I found that Indian government has started various initiatives towards social  & woman welfare in our society  & I realized that we are really having lots of plans & programmes towards empowerment of women & our society  . But has anyone realize lately what is the first requirement for a healthy society  & improved lifestyle of an Indian  & specifically women in it .

Let's start with some reality check on this problem & some facts related to it .

Health  is the most important aspect of our life & our health status depends on our surroundings , our food & lifestyle .No need to mention the status of our society in terms of Cleanliness ,hygiene & other aspects related to sanitation . We all know it very well , but what needs to be done to solve these pain areas .
Recently our government has started "Swach Bharat Abhiyan" or "Clean India Mission"  followed by a nationwide campaigning  started by all modes of media including social Media,print & television .

I really appreciate this initiative by our  government, but don't you think the major challenge with this mission will be our  Indian style of  people defecating in the open places. Are we gonna do this & then clean it . Really I feel  bad for people who live in rural areas of our country & still going on open grounds for defecation .

In Search of Toilet-Image source:Tumblr
I read somewhere in a survey that 60% of our population is defecating in open in lack of  Toilets & proper sanitation . We really need to work on making toilets & sanitation for our women's, we need to  show some respects towards women & girls in our villages & society . The #ToiletForBabli  is a social media initiative for awareness of this major problem in our country .

There are lots of organizations/NGO's which have been doing  hard work for hygiene ,sanity & cleanliness of our society & their work should be brought into picture .
Click To Contribute 5 Rs 

I would like to mention one of the programmes run by Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) under the flagship of international brand "Hindustan Unilever's Limited -HUL". DTA was launched on Toilet Day 19th Nov 2013. It aims to become a sustainable & long term solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community & helps stimulate the local economy .The toilet Academy makes Toilets accessible & affordable,while promoting benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene .There efforts has resulted in bringing the change in the villages of Maharashtra & Orissa.

DTA is aiming to build 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas which are struggling with problem of open defecation .

Image Credit :

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids ,thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative .All you need to is "Click" on the "Contribute Tab" on and Domex will contribute Rs .5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation ,thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life .

Spread the word #ToiletForBabli

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Being an Healthy Child #ImmuneIndia

Being a son of an Army Officer ,I have been travelling to almost all states of India with my family .We were two children's in my family including my elder brother . As we know Army people always like discipline ,cleanliness & time table we were bound to follow that at home .
So this was where it all started to be a healthy child .

As said by John Locke "A sound mind in a sound body , is a short but full description  of a happy state in this world "  

As you can see from heading  of my article what it takes to be a healthy child & how it creates a Joy full home with lots of happiness & healthiness ,let me give you an example how my father & his discipline from army help me to become a healthy child & today an fit adult .

I used to be very thin & slim during my childhood ,so my Mom started worrying about my health .
Those days my Dad used to bring  Dabur Chyanwanprash & some protein powders from army canteen ,which my mom started giving me with Milk .I used to hate glass of Milk ,but my Mom induced  me on one term that if I will finish the whole glass of milk ,every time I will get an extra spoon of Chyawanprash . That's how it started ,I used to finish  every single glass of milk ,just to get some extra Chyawanprash .In addition to this my dad used to take me early morning to the army training ground with him .I always wondered why my dad & other military person used to do such hardcore exercises & running ,but later I realized the importance of it . 

Image Credit:

We need Energy & Immunity for our body to fight against any kind of disease or illness .Have you ever wondered what are the sources from where we get immunity to overcome infections by such bacterias & virus . Immunity can be of two types Naturally acquired & Artificially acquired .

A child can get both of these  ,As everyone has their own natural immune system , to get artificial immunity we need to intake some external herbs & natural anti-oxidants to increase our immunity  .That is where products like Chyawanprash ,Natural Almonds ,Dry fruits come into play ,they will provide us & our children almost all required natural ingredients to create a healthy immune system within our body .As Dabour Chyawanprash consists of 40 natural ingredients which  seems to be sufficient for a growing kid to get extra immunity & become fit .So with some proper exercise  discipline & extra healthcare we can become immune from all harmfull things .

A healthy Child is always a source of happy family & a happy family will make healthy society ,which in turn make our country more healthier & Immune .So we should make sure that our children & family members posses sound mind in a sound body which will make our country an #ImmuneIndia 

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So lets Cheers for Happy & Healthy India !!

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