Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Ways to Work from Home More Effectively

Being an IT  Professional, I can say that Working from home is one of the best facility you will get while working for Multinational companies like TCS,  Accenture, Capgemini & others.
But its not that all MNC's allow WFH (Work from home), still more people are foregoing a lengthy commute & are working from home.Weather you are a Consultant or a technology architect, working outside  can be complex & a bit of challenge for everybody. How do you stay focused & productive while working from home.What are the best ways to set yourself for success .and how do you keep your work life separate from home life ??

To answer all these questions I would suggest these  5 ways to work more effectively from my experiences, beating all challenges you can be more productive & chances of Career growth will be on a higher side.

5 Ways to Work from Home More Effectively

1)- Prepare a Work Schedule: 

Always have a time table ready while working at home so that it doesn't impact your productivity even you aren't at your office.Attending meetings, replying mails & others BAU.
You need be proactive follow the deadlines & its possible when you already have planned scheduled for your deliverable .

2)- Set Up an Office corner @Home: 

Create your personal work space @ home & try to use it specifically for work & not another purpose .This will create a healthy & enthusiastic environment when you are working from home & you feel like as you are at your workplace.

3)- Maintain work-life Boundaries: 

Always set strict rules to keep your work life distinct from personal life.

4)-Regular Break: We need to have a regular break while working at home but please make sure it's not frequent & not in between any meeting or task you performing.

ie ."Go for a walk ,get some exercise .Then get back to actual work ,Take some rest for your brain "

5)- Stay connected: sometime peoples do work for longer duration from home ranging from 1 month to a year , which might bring some isolation to the employee from his team & organization ,so it's recommended to always connect with colleges & team members over phone or on weekend over a cup of coffee or an outing with team will also work & provide a natural bonding with your workplace as you get while working at your office .

Few Tips to Remember from My personal Experiences : 

Do's :
  • Make a schedule & strictly follow it .
  • Focus on your deliverable & what you have accomplished at the end of the day ,to keep yourself motivated & energetic .
  • Find a nice corner at home to set up a Work Space.
  • Always logged in to Communicator/Office Messenger & do check in on regular interval with colleagues & bosses .

Don't :
  • Don't take regular breaks your it will hamper your productivity .
  • It's imperative to make yourself visible even if you are not at the workplace .
  • Isolate yourself & your work to add an extra mile with peers & companions to talk shop.

Please do share your experiences & feedback on this article, hope it will help to everyone who is frequently working from home or planning too in improving their productivity & effectiveness.

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