Monday, September 15, 2014

Top Technology Blogs in India -2014

After doing some deep dive for 3-4 months &  research by reading various technology Weblogs across Internet ,I found few interesting & viral blogs which are genuinely contributing knowledge ,awareness & influencing user behaviour in era of Information technology  & E-commerce .

Lets check out some of the top technology blogs in India .
I am not giving any rank here ,these are the few ,who have maximum no of Visitors ,Subscribers Social media reach including High Alexa rank which normally changes with time .Main idea of my search was  to get best of the technology blogs available in our Indian Web space .

So friends lets have a look ,you can select the blog which you want to visit & explore as much as you can .I visited all of them & found them very unique & useful .Also all those new Bee's in blogging world  who are interested in Tech buzz ,they can surely  refer to these blogs & get some inspiration/ideas  for writing & creating technical stuff .I learned alot from them & I am sure you all will  see the difference's in your future blogging skill as well .

Instruction : Just Click on Logos to visit the Blogs 

Founder : Harsh Agarwal

Founder :Amit Agarwal 

Founder : Vardaan

Founder : Anand khanse

Founder :

Founder :

Founder : Taran Deep Singh

Founder : P Chandra

Founder : Webhosting Buzz

Founder : Arun Prabhudesai
Founder : Raju PP

Founder : Sramana mitras

These are one of the best tech blogs available in India ,but I am sure there are others which are doing well ,here I have tried to collate all popular tech blogs but you can surely search for others .
Best of luck 

PS : All logos are owned by respective blogs & their owners .

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