Monday, September 8, 2014

Small Words That Can Make A Difference...

Hi Friends ,It’s Etiquette Time again & I hope you will find this series useful…
Today, I will share few words that can make a difference!
Although small, there are words that can hold you back from accomplishing what you desire or create an illusion of progress when there is none.

You probably use or hear others using these words on a daily basis. Be aware of them and realize the impact they have.

You have just finished sharing an idea with a colleague and the first word out of her mouth is "but …" or "Yes, but …"
ØWhat's your reaction?
ØDo you think she was actually listening?
ØDo you feel your idea has been rejected?

The word 'but' has the potential to diminish or kill whatever idea, thought or experience immediately precedes it. Far too often we use 'but' when 'and' is a better choice.
Incorrect: You have been doing a great job; But can you send out the status report?
Correct: You have been doing a great job and please send the status report by end of day today.

How often do you hear or say, "I'll try."?
And what does this mean? Sometimes the word 'try' is used to mean "I really don't want to do what you have asked, and I don't know how to say no to you.“.
How would your life change, if instead of saying, "I will try to do …" you say "I will do …" or even better "I am in the process of doing …" and specify a time when it will be done.
Incorrect: I will try to complete the report & send
Correct: I will complete the report & send it out by 5PM today

Hope to, Want to
These are similar to 'trying' to do something…
The idea of accomplishing something is there and with 'hope to' or 'want to' there is no commitment or visible action to getting it done.
If you are really serious about it, why not say, "I am committed to accomplishing this by (date or time)" and then focus your actions on doing so.
Incorrect: I hope to complete the report by EOD today
Correct: I am committed to send out the report by 5PM today

'Can't' is used far too often and shuts out the possibility of doing/achieving something.
Saying, “We cant complete Milestone X” closes down any possibility of achieving the milestone. If instead, you say “We haven't yet found a way to complete Milestone X”, this leaves the door open to finding a solution & puts you & the team on a path of discovery
Incorrect: We cant complete Milestone X
Correct: We can complete A,B & C today and haven't found a way to complete X.

I will keep writing on more areas related to 
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