Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What is Knowledge Management ??

“Knowledge Management is not something we do in addition to solving problems, Knowledge Management becomes the way we solve problems

KM is a universal concept is any domain or field.It is one of the major process defined in IT Service management.As an IT Professional I have been using this process for a long time now , I thought it would be helpful to share some facts about this whole process & its purpose !!

Knowledge Management - What and Why?

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using organizational knowledge.

Why do we need Knowledge Management?

1. To Increase efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge
2. To Increase the efficiency of Resolver Groups, Incident, Problem and Change Management
3. Improve quality of service, increase satisfaction and reduce the cost of service
4. To ensure information is not duplicated, is used effectively
5. Ensure the Knowledge Database is recognized as a central source of information
6. Knowledge Management process can increase profits & productivity within an organization .

Knowledge management Database:

Do you have knowledge management process in your organization , if yes how you use it & do you find any of above benefits from it .please do share & comment on this ....

Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 10 Video Conferencing Rules of Etiquette

Video Conference Etiquette
How to Optimize the experience of Video Conferencing

 It is easy to assume that everyone is aware of the simple rules of the proper conduct of a conference call but if you have ever  experienced an ineffective call it is obvious that everyone is not aware of the right way to participate in a conference call . 

I am continuing on my blogs basically which were related to work oreinted  etiquettes I would like to share some of the basic rules which we need to follow while attending any Video conference at work .                                                   

Video Conference Do’s & Don’ts (10 rules)

1-Look at the camera when talking,
not your screen so you create eye contact with people on the other end of the call.

2-Beware of bad habits, Avoid picking your nose, chewing your fingernails, playing with your hair.

3-Smile and sit up so you look engaged and interested and not bored, Keep your focus on the discussion at hand. Remember, you’re on camera; Stifling a yawn is as obvious and demoralizing to others on a video call as it is in person.

4-Keep body movements minimal ,If you’re someone that talks with your hands, practice keeping them put. Hand movements can distract your audience. Also, keep head movements to a minimum as well as jerky movements forward or back.

5-Don’t carry on side conversations, That includes tuning out of the present conversation to talk to someone else sitting next to you, on the phone, in an IM chat, anywhere and anybody not in the current meeting.

6-Dress appropriately ,Striped shirts or shirts with intricate patterns do not transmit well on camera, because they are visually distracting. Red, white and black are also poor choices. Go for a pastel or other light colored shirt

7-Don't wear noisy jewelry, Jewelry should be small and simple. Also, stay away from dangling ear rings and shiny eyeglass frames.

8-Do be yourself and have fun, Relax and have a good time. Be lively, break the ice with a joke, and make viewers laugh. The more fun you interject, the more people will stay focused and interested in what you have to say.

9-Being Prepared ,Keep your Agenda or notes organized & easily visible without to much shuffling of documents & office supplies .

10-Pay Attention to Presenter & attendees 

Image Courtesy : Google images

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Top 10 Technology Companies to work for in India

The Economic  Times  has done a survey along with Great Places to Work Institute  for  best places to work for in India.

I was keen to see who are the Indian players in Top 10 ,but  to my surprise there was not a single Indian IT major . No doubt "GOOGLE "  continues to Top the list .

Please refer below infographics ,companies are in their merit order of  Top 10 best tech companies .

Freshers & Engineering graduates can refer this list during this year campus placement .
I had worked for Indian MNC such as Patni Computers ,TCS & enjoyed my working tenure ,so don't think that Indian MNC's are not good as compared to other ,but surely this survey can give you idea about ranking of MNC's all over the world & how well they are doing in Indian Market & how they become the great place to work ..

Keep reading & Best of luck !!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Top Technology Blogs in India -2014

After doing some deep dive for 3-4 months &  research by reading various technology Weblogs across Internet ,I found few interesting & viral blogs which are genuinely contributing knowledge ,awareness & influencing user behaviour in era of Information technology  & E-commerce .

Lets check out some of the top technology blogs in India .
I am not giving any rank here ,these are the few ,who have maximum no of Visitors ,Subscribers Social media reach including High Alexa rank which normally changes with time .Main idea of my search was  to get best of the technology blogs available in our Indian Web space .

So friends lets have a look ,you can select the blog which you want to visit & explore as much as you can .I visited all of them & found them very unique & useful .Also all those new Bee's in blogging world  who are interested in Tech buzz ,they can surely  refer to these blogs & get some inspiration/ideas  for writing & creating technical stuff .I learned alot from them & I am sure you all will  see the difference's in your future blogging skill as well .

Instruction : Just Click on Logos to visit the Blogs 

Founder : Harsh Agarwal

Founder :Amit Agarwal 

Founder : Vardaan

Founder : Anand khanse

Founder :

Founder :

Founder : Taran Deep Singh

Founder : P Chandra

Founder : Webhosting Buzz

Founder : Arun Prabhudesai
Founder : Raju PP

Founder : Sramana mitras

These are one of the best tech blogs available in India ,but I am sure there are others which are doing well ,here I have tried to collate all popular tech blogs but you can surely search for others .
Best of luck 

PS : All logos are owned by respective blogs & their owners .

Monday, September 8, 2014

Small Words That Can Make A Difference...

Hi Friends ,It’s Etiquette Time again & I hope you will find this series useful…
Today, I will share few words that can make a difference!
Although small, there are words that can hold you back from accomplishing what you desire or create an illusion of progress when there is none.

You probably use or hear others using these words on a daily basis. Be aware of them and realize the impact they have.

You have just finished sharing an idea with a colleague and the first word out of her mouth is "but …" or "Yes, but …"
ØWhat's your reaction?
ØDo you think she was actually listening?
ØDo you feel your idea has been rejected?

The word 'but' has the potential to diminish or kill whatever idea, thought or experience immediately precedes it. Far too often we use 'but' when 'and' is a better choice.
Incorrect: You have been doing a great job; But can you send out the status report?
Correct: You have been doing a great job and please send the status report by end of day today.

How often do you hear or say, "I'll try."?
And what does this mean? Sometimes the word 'try' is used to mean "I really don't want to do what you have asked, and I don't know how to say no to you.“.
How would your life change, if instead of saying, "I will try to do …" you say "I will do …" or even better "I am in the process of doing …" and specify a time when it will be done.
Incorrect: I will try to complete the report & send
Correct: I will complete the report & send it out by 5PM today

Hope to, Want to
These are similar to 'trying' to do something…
The idea of accomplishing something is there and with 'hope to' or 'want to' there is no commitment or visible action to getting it done.
If you are really serious about it, why not say, "I am committed to accomplishing this by (date or time)" and then focus your actions on doing so.
Incorrect: I hope to complete the report by EOD today
Correct: I am committed to send out the report by 5PM today

'Can't' is used far too often and shuts out the possibility of doing/achieving something.
Saying, “We cant complete Milestone X” closes down any possibility of achieving the milestone. If instead, you say “We haven't yet found a way to complete Milestone X”, this leaves the door open to finding a solution & puts you & the team on a path of discovery
Incorrect: We cant complete Milestone X
Correct: We can complete A,B & C today and haven't found a way to complete X.

I will keep writing on more areas related to 
Corporate etiquette's.Keep Reading ,Keep visiting,Please do give your feedback if you find my blog useful .Have a good day ahead  !!
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