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Univercell SYNC -Ultra Modern Retail Store - My Experience

I was excited since few days to visit the newly opened  UniverCell showroom in Colaba near popular Regal cinema that to at my favourite place in Mumbai ,Basically it all started with Indiblogger contest in which all IB bloggers got an opportunity to visit the store in their city & share their experience .

I am an old customer of Univercell Online store & have purchased various products online ,but this was my first opportunity to visit the newly launched store .

UniverCell Sync Store , Next to Regal Cinema,Colaba ,Mumbai

This is how our weekend started  to explore the new shopping destination for Smart Phones Tablets & other Mobile  essentials  .

Once we reached the UniverCell Sync showroom ,I was surprised to see the  Ultra modern look & also got overwhelmed by the  welcome & gesture shown by staff . The store manager acknowledged our arrival with grace & enthusiasm .
I accompanied my fellow blogger ,she was also excited to see the store ,we started exploring the store by ourselves .
Later, Store manager joined us started showing each sections one by one ,So friends if you are looking for all latest Smart phone bundled with lots of exciting offers this could be the place for you .

All sections were divided based on the purchase requirement ,usage & relative value to the customer .
Based on my experience ,I found the store was divided into various special sections as per below :

1)- Work & Play : 

This section was basically for Professionals like me ,those who want to do everything on their smart phone from MS  Office  ,Webmail ,Messaging ,Surfing ,IM Chat  etc ,things which are as feasible on Tablet .You will find a range of all Phablets(screen size 5 inch above) that suits your needs .


2)- Music : 

This section belongs to all Music lovers ,say it smart phones loaded with high quality music features ,sound box ,i-Pod's ,speakers ,High quality /wireless head phones etc . You will get everything to test & fulfill your hunger for music .


3)- New & Noteworthy :

This section was basically for all new arrivals  phones ,gadgets & accessories .
You will find all latest smart phones featured into this section .I saw LG G Pro /Nexus 5 , HTC One M8 ,Samsung Galaxy S5 bundled with special offers .Also found one gigantic JBL high quality speaker .


4)-Tablet Section  :

You will find all the latest Tablets along with all accessories  in this section ,which are very useful for students & working professionals . Just to name few I found Apple i-Pad Air ,Samsung Galaxy & other major brands .


5)-SYNC Services :

One of the main differentiator I found with Univercell is their SYNC services .It provides customer the freedom of Personalisation ,you will find expert helping you for software set up,Phone Setup, hardware services & mobile first aid  are just few of them ,their are lots of other services they offer .To know more please visit the nearest Univercell store .

5)- Point & Shoot (Fun Section) :

I liked this section the most ,you can have fun while purchasing your phone .So just point & shoot with fun images ,take selfies with the help of frames & other stuffs .

Apart from these major section they have  one  more differentiator from other major retailers in this domain :

Mobile theft  & damage insurance Plan :This insurance plan covers  reasons like theft ,fire accidental damages ,strike ,malicious damage & other fortuitous circumstances .
They also  provide pick & drop facility to avail such services which is a plus looking at the traditional carry-In warranty given by mobile companies .

#Plans are starting from 799 INR to 1199 INR 

Some Magic Moments :
Over all experience with UniverCell was great & I will recommend  everyone who likes to explore new range of smart Phones & other music gadgets this can be the destination for you .

We had also enjoyed the Framebox shoot at P&S section with the showroom staff .
I met few wonderful bloggers along with Univercell team including 

Store Manager -Tanvir Ansari  & 
VP Marketing & Brand Strategy - Soumya Menon 

Fun Masti with Univecell staff 

Me with my fellow blogger
I also want to mention one incident which might be not relevant  but worth mentioning here ....

"Basically we had explored all the section & discussing some facts with Store manager at the end of our visit ,suddenly one lady jumped In ,she was in hurry ,Store manager introduced us to her saying she is the VP of Univercell (Brand strategy ) her name was Soumya ,we had casual introduction ,then she told us that we bloggers are doing great job & Indiblogger is such nice portal  .Meanwhile she mentioned that she had a flight to catch & then she turned to her staff asking everyone if they had lunch or not ,even she asked the store manager to get something for lunch . I got inspired , her down to earth nature ,inspite of being in hectic schedule & hurry  she cared for her staff .Kudos !! "

At the end when it was time for farewell ,guess guys we were not empty handed .
We got a complimentary  meal bag of  Cafe Coffee day for refreshment  containing 1 Spinach hot dog ,1 brownie, mango juice & a water bottle ....
"We luved the treat & brownie it was as sizzling as our visit to Univercell store   ..."

Overall great Techsperience !!
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