Tuesday, August 19, 2014

IM & Social Media Etiquettes For Corporates

Instant message (or "IM") interruptions are like emails you just can't ignore. The little ping and the way it pops up in front of whatever you're doing make it an extremely effective way for someone to virtually hijack your productivity at work.  

Also, Social Media is an important part of the organization, brand or personal identity. Failure to understand the proper etiquette for these platforms can be damaging and embarrassing.

Chat, IM(Instant Messaging), Texting Etiquette :

1 )-Try not to be overly cryptic or your meaning can be misread. Practice communicating briefly .

2)-Use IM for casual topics or informational briefs.IM is not the place for serious topics or confrontational issues.

3)-Check if it is a good time to chat. Refrain from IMing if the other person is in screen share mode

4)-Always consider if calling the other party on the phone is better when texting about sensitive topics

5)-If you are not good at multitasking, do not continue multiple IM sessions and leave folks hanging while you communicate with others.

6)-Learn how to use the features of your IM program. Specifically you are "busy" and "away" message features.

7)-Take into consideration who you are communicating with to determine the acronyms and emoticons that should be used - if at all.

Social Media, Blogs and Forums Etiquette : 

1)-Keep in mind when posting on social media or message boards that you are in a global arena .

2)-When discussions get out of control; don't stoop to name-calling or profanities. You are better than that!

3)-Keep commercialism to no more than a link at the end of your comment or contribution .

4)-Stay on topic and discuss issues only relative to the thread/topic in question

5)-Never give out personal information or specifics or your location on online -- nor should you give out the personal information of others!
6)-Keep in mind there will always be differences of opinion. Try to remain objective and not personalize issues.

7)-Be sure to edit, or remove any part of the post you are replying to that is no longer necessary to the ongoing conversation


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