Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Era of Banking :Social Banking #Jifi Is here

Now days Social Media has covered  all domains weather it is Television ,Advertisement ,Media ,Online Shopping ,Digital Marketing ,Education ,Entertainment ,Music ,Sports everything .Than how come Banking is remain untouched .Now all Major International & domestic banks have started using Social Media in some manner to promote & attract customers .

In process of making money simple ,Kotak Mahindra Bank  has recently came up with  Kotak Jifi Account ,which is a kind of  non-interest bearing account ,however it does not have any minimum balance requirements .Also have facility of automatically creating  term deposits if your balance crosses Rs 25,000 ,your spare cash will earn high interest .
Also when you sign up for Jifi account you will get Kotak Money Watch -Platinum subscription free for 1Year , 25 Loyalty point on transactions of more than Rs 500,Referral rewards I have already mentioned .

How its related with Social media is you can only open this account via your face book account or mail invitation ,however Facebook account is compulsory to open Jifi account as of now .
You can use Twitter ,to know your account balance ,transaction history & many more activities .
You will also get Rewards points if you refer your friend for Kotak Jifi account .
To know more ,how banking has become social now ,please visit Kotak Official website for Jifi account .

Friends this is what I am talking about ,the new world of banking ,where people will not use only social media for chatting , messaging & entertainment ,but they will include their daily overheads & bit complex activities such as banking,shopping,bill payments etc through social media .Today everything will be now just a tweet away .

Kotak Mahindra ,ICICI ,SCB ,Citibank are some leading banks which are promoting  banking activities via social media ,Where in Kotak Jifi & ICICI Pockets are most popular among social media .

We will be waiting for the time ,when we will be able to use Net banking by just logging to our social media account ,like we do IMPS transfers now days  by using mobile banking .

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