Thursday, July 31, 2014

List of top Engineering Institutes in India for 2014

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India today group & Nielsen have conducted a survey across India  regarding top notch engineering colleges in our country.

I thought it would be worth sharing through my blog & will be useful for all  aspiring students who want to take admissions in Engineering colleges .

Just to add, I am also an Engineering graduate ,after my metric I searched top colleges while preparing for IIT /AIEEE ,however didn't got selected to IIT's ,but was able to secure 25th Rank in my state Engineering entrance exam (worth mentioning it here & later completed my engineering for state govt' college .

So here goes the list of top colleges for Engineering in India - 2014 :

  1. Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur
  2. Indian Institute of Technology,New Delhi
  3. Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur
  4. Indian Institute of Technology,Roorkee
  5. Indian Institute of Technology,Chennai
  6. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences,Pilani
  7. Institute of Technology, BHU,Varanasi
  8. Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore
  9. Delhi Technological University,New Delhi
  10. Indian Institute of Technology,Guwahati
  11. S.R.M. Engineering College,Kanchipuram
  12. National Institute of Technology Karnataka,Surathkal
  13. National Institute of Technology,Tiruchirappalli
  14. PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore
  15. Government College of Engineering (COEP),Pune
  16. Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology,New Delhi
  17. National Institute of Technology,Warangal
  18. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology,Bangalore
  19. National Institute of Technology,Kurukshetra
  20. VeerMata Jijabai Technological Institute(VJTI),Mumbai
  21. National Institute of Technology,Calicut
  22. Thapar University,Patiala
  23. International Institute of Information Technology,Hyderabad
  24. Indian Institute of Information Technology,Allahabad
  25. KJ Somaiya College of Engineering,Mumbai

Source: India Today Ranking 2014 (

Best of luck to all Aspiring Engineers !!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

“Netiquettes Desk ” -Effective Phone Conference -For IT Professionals

During a conference call you hear someone say “What an idiot! Can you believe he actually said that?”… And then you hear the moderator requesting all to mute the phones!
Sounds familiar?

Regardless of whether a meeting is held in-person or over the phone or video, good etiquette shows respect to meeting participants as well as demonstrating professionalism and due consideration for the meeting topic or issue. Good conference call etiquette is essential for a successful and efficient meeting. Several factors such as the participants location whilst taking the call and background noise are vital to having a clear and productive conversation. Good etiquette often involves keeping distractions to a minimum and communicating effectively.

Phone Conference Etiquette :

Keep track of conference call dates/times : Make sure you know when your conference call is. Also ensure everyone needed to attend the meeting knows the date, time, Venue,  phone number and PIN

Call in to the conference line a couple minutes early. Try to avoid being late, especially if you know you will have to contribute to the discussion. No one wants to be the reason why the conference call discussion is held up, because they are waiting for you to arrive.

Be prepared to discuss the topic at hand. Agenda is a must. Do a little prep work or jot down questions that you would like to bring up on the conference call. After all, you want the meeting to be productive and not spawn other meetings because of lack of preparation. Send out the materials, if any, to the participants a day in advance so that they come prepared too.

Pay attention!  If someone asks you a question on a call and you don’t realize they are talking to you until the end of their question, it will be obvious that you weren’t paying attention. Don’t be the one who always has to ask the person to repeat their question, because SOMEBODY wasn’t paying attention.

  Mute your phone when you are not speaking
    Muting your phone will help you avoid embarrassing sighs, munching noises from eating your lunch, or other background noise.

Keep background noise to a minimum
Noise may be from standing outside in the wind, typing on your computer, pets barking just to name a few. It is best to find a quiet location for the meeting.

Be sensitive to the tone of your voice
Do not sound overly anxious, aggressive or pushy. Make sure your tone conveys authority and confidence. Don’t lean back in your chair when speaking.

Speak Clearly
Enunciate your words clearly while slightly smiling. Speak slowly; the person on the other end of the phone conversation needs to understand you.

State your name before speaking
State your role, company, or location after your name; This will help better understand the context of your comments

Define a clear leader / moderator of the call
The leader should be the ones that emails out the agenda ahead of the call, directs the conversation, makes sure everyone sticks to the agenda, pays attention to time, and sends any follow up action item emails or additional meeting invites.

Recap & send MOM
Before adjourning, do a quick recap to be sure that each participant knows what’s expected of him/her. Send out the minutes of meeting within 24 hours.

We are starting with an initiative “Netiquettes” in my organisation . This initiative will help each of us to improve on our common unintentional communication errors. This is very important initiative .

As we are spread across global locations, classroom training is not a feasible option, hence we have opted for such  initiative.

Few of my articles related to corporates Etiquettes are as below 

Instant Messaging & Social Media Etiquettes 

Please intiate such learning ideas within your team if you are working globally  and help yourself  in improving your communication skills. 

Thanks for reading !! good byee ....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Real Black Side,My Real Desire !!

I was always interested in everything which is Black & White !! Now when it comes to Black ,I always get stunned immediately .During my childhood I used to get fascinated while seeing things which are dark eg. black cars,black accessories ,T-Shirts ,Toys one I had seen a black dog that always does some tricks.In school I read the black hole theory in physics which still not clear in my mind .

What I had : 

My bajaj avenger
During my college days ,I owned a Black cruise bike" Bajaj Avenger " .Also got a nice black leather jacket from "Globus" to have a sporty look with my bike with a nice polyester black Reebok T -Shirt ,which still I have .Just to add some looks able to find one "RayBan" Black shade aviator from one friend ,as those days I was getting  few thousands bucks for monthly expanses from my father ,couldn't afford to buy a new one ,In this way my love for black made me to go for everything whatever I was able to afford till now .

Rayban-Gifted by a friend
My Black Globus Jacket & RBK T-shirt

In words of Johnny cash  
" I wore black because I liked it .I still do ,and wearing it still means something to me. It's still my symbol of rebellion-against a stagnant status quo,against our hypocritical houses of god,against people whose minds are closed to others' ideas. "

What I wish :

If someone ask me now you can choose whatever you want in this world & that too in  black below is my Black wish list :

1-SUZUKI GSX R1300 Hayabusa -Pure Black : 

This is my dream bike that to in shining black ,this is of one the fastest bike available on sale now days in market ,so there is no wonder why ,some people call it black queen of sports bike by rewarding its rider with ground breaking performances ,tasty design & a sporty look .When a group of girls see me riding this queen they should be shouting like #What the BLACK ..... 

2-Rolex Blaken Watches with DLC -Coating (Set of 5)  : 

Rolex watches are once pride of richness & royalty ,these blaken watches are created using multiple patented highly -tech procedures & are coated with diamond like carbon .The black combos of 5 sets is sufficient for your life time requirement of watches .I would love to have them in all flavours once it's on my hand you will immediately say #What the BLACK

3-The Black Tuxedo -Jackie Chan Suit :
Those who are fan of Jackie ,they must have watched "The Tuxedo" movie based on a black suit ,which grant its wearer special abilities( including martial arts,various acrobatics abilities,speed ,ability to dance etc) ,I loved the movie ,a perfect combination of  comedy & action driven by this perfect stylish black Tuxedo which make me wish ,that I should be having this kind of black suit one day ,which will provide  these powers & skill  ,I will impress the girl I want as done by Jimmy- a Spy played by Jackie in the film  ,I will do what I want with these powers .

4- iPAD mini -Black with Retina display:

Everyone is fond of apple products ,but when it comes to price sometime we resist and go for other available products as substitute .For me as an IT guy computer gadgets & tablets were always  close companions .
I always wished for ipad that too in shining black ,but I sustained with my cell phone to use as tablet .I  used my Black Lumia 625 & later 1320 as substitute for tablet .But still If I will go for a tablet then this mini black beauty will be on top of my list .That is the Apple people say this product as "SMALL WONDER".
and when I see it I always say it #What the BLACK 

i Pad Mini with Retina display

5-Tanglewood -Black Electro-Acoustic Guitar :

My passion for music was always there since my college days I wanted a guitar & my gf promised me one too ,but I never got one till now .The black vibrant guitar is my wish ,don't know when  it will get fulfilled ,but will wait for that moment surely .Tanglewood Venetian guitars are uniquely styled to offer a compromise between the full bodied dreadnought shape & smaller super folk shape .Black music geek ,people will call me & they will shout when they see me with my guitar #What the BLACK .....

In all ways black is such a happy colour ,black is absorption of all colors  & the absence of light .
It absorbs all the negative energy around you .I love black ,I live black  & at the end
"Black is the end ,but the end always implies a new beginning"

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at

Photo references :
All other products are Trademark of their respective brands .

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Era of Banking :Social Banking #Jifi Is here

Now days Social Media has covered  all domains weather it is Television ,Advertisement ,Media ,Online Shopping ,Digital Marketing ,Education ,Entertainment ,Music ,Sports everything .Than how come Banking is remain untouched .Now all Major International & domestic banks have started using Social Media in some manner to promote & attract customers .

In process of making money simple ,Kotak Mahindra Bank  has recently came up with  Kotak Jifi Account ,which is a kind of  non-interest bearing account ,however it does not have any minimum balance requirements .Also have facility of automatically creating  term deposits if your balance crosses Rs 25,000 ,your spare cash will earn high interest .
Also when you sign up for Jifi account you will get Kotak Money Watch -Platinum subscription free for 1Year , 25 Loyalty point on transactions of more than Rs 500,Referral rewards I have already mentioned .

How its related with Social media is you can only open this account via your face book account or mail invitation ,however Facebook account is compulsory to open Jifi account as of now .
You can use Twitter ,to know your account balance ,transaction history & many more activities .
You will also get Rewards points if you refer your friend for Kotak Jifi account .
To know more ,how banking has become social now ,please visit Kotak Official website for Jifi account .

Friends this is what I am talking about ,the new world of banking ,where people will not use only social media for chatting , messaging & entertainment ,but they will include their daily overheads & bit complex activities such as banking,shopping,bill payments etc through social media .Today everything will be now just a tweet away .

Kotak Mahindra ,ICICI ,SCB ,Citibank are some leading banks which are promoting  banking activities via social media ,Where in Kotak Jifi & ICICI Pockets are most popular among social media .

We will be waiting for the time ,when we will be able to use Net banking by just logging to our social media account ,like we do IMPS transfers now days  by using mobile banking .

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