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NSR -Credible Data ,Credible People -For IT Professional

This blog is with regards to the NSR -National skill Registry (

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Its an initiative by NASSCOM, in which  they have set up an infrastructure  to store IT Professionals data at a single database.Once an IT Professional is enrolled by NSR, it will generate an ITPIN (IT Professional Identification Number), They will get e-Card & physical ID card can be ordered by paying Rs 113 + taxes. 

Companies which are registered to NSR via Nasscom  will be able to view candidate profiles & will help to identify desired resources, also to it can be used for EBC (Employee Background check ).

As we know that IT firms are getting wiser to employees faking experiences , NSR is helping them to do this by providing a one-stop shop for any kind of IT Employee verification.

(Source NSR website:
National Skills Registry (NSR) is set-up and managed by NDML on behalf of NASSCOM www.nasscom.inNational Skills Registry is an NASSCOM initiative to have a robust and credible information repository about all persons working in the industry. This develops trusted and permanent fact sheet of information about each professional along-with background check reports. This is a security best practice for the industry and assures identity security, industry acceptance to honest professionals.

NSR develops a permanent fact sheet of info for each IT professional along with  BGC reports.
On a per-employee basis, the cost involved at NSR is Rs 250 as one-time joining cost and Rs 50 as an annual fee. Still, just over 6.6 lakh of the total 22 lakh professionals are registered.

Those who are interested can refer to the NSR portal for getting these details ,I was working with TCS earlier so they done the registration for me , so you can even ask your employer to do the same & save registration fees :) .

Sample NSR ID Card: 

Register for NSR: For guidance on registration process and related queries please 

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