Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Discover your passion for blogging with Micromax Canvas Tab P666

I have been a social addict & Internet worm since my school days, during my engineering I discovered my passion for blogging and since then I have used various gadgets to explore the blogger world & Internet. Those day's we didn't have smart phones, tablets. The PC desktop was most popular for browsing & accessing Internet, few had laptop, but not as common as desktop. Later the technology emerged with invention of smart phones & tablets. Everyone started using the Internet world with help of Tablets & Smartphones which tend to provide excellent grip, high mobility with impressive design, loaded with connectivity and multimedia feature.

I was using my laptop for browsing until last year, later I used my Micromax smart phone for exploring my passion for blogging. But now I realized a need of a smart tablet which can full fill my passion for blogging & writing with lightning fast performance. Guess guys what I found this year,
A tablet from most innovative & popular brand "Micromax Canvas Tab P666" .

Whole day searching & comparing tablets on online store came to an end , when I found this new tablet from Micromax, I felt that this new year it will be my first possession. To tell you about some features of this awesome gadget, let's explore this latest android tablet by Micromax with 3G Internet.

The Canvas Tab P666 is powered by Intel 1.2 GHZ atom processor  with 1 GB RAM which gives you lightning speed & performance .The most important  8 inch WXGA IPS screen with Intel Graphics media accelerator  for the best quality graphics with 800*1280 pixels resolution . A sleek design with an exquisite glass finish with aluminium rim on sides make it perfect for my blogging need that too within budget. When it comes to look, it comes in two elegant colour option's  of Magnetic black & Puritan white. I liked the magnetic black more .

Coming to Storage & connectivity it comes with 8 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 32 GB , I thought 64 GB should have been an extra advantage, but you can use external storage to full fill your need. Voice Calling & 3G connectivity were most important to me while selecting this tablet over others. Now coming to the fact how it will help me to Re-discover my passion for blogging. Blogging is all about creativity & recollecting all your knowledge, facts & memories you see in real world & putting them together at one place called blog. This tablet will help me doing this at a lightning fast speed with high mobility. I can keep this gadget wherever I go  & use its tremendous features to convert my thoughts into a wonderful blog.

So I will, give full points to this sleeky & durable device with genuine classy look  Canvas TAB P666  is perfect to people like me, if  you also like this tablet and want to explore more about this device, you can watch the demo in below video & give your views in comment section.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Come Alive in Melbourne -Travel Dossier

The idea behind this post is to share some travel places and  tourism spots at one of the major cosmopolitan,elegant & chic city   "Melbourne" .If you are planning to travel Australia,this new year is the best time to visit  & If you are a  beach lover this is the best time to enjoy .We all know Dec-Feb is Summer time in Australia.With Sandy bay beaches and a rivers through Melbourne city ,there are lots of activities to do on ,by the water from kite boarding to kayaking by moonlight ,there are several other water sports you can enjoy this season .

So let's explore what are the key places & adventures you can enjoy in Melbourne .

Philip Island Nature Park 
(Natural & Wildlife ) :

It's a beach for everyone & you can enjoy bay beaches & wild surf  beaches including other interesting places like Churchill Island heritage farm ,Koala Conservation Centre .Don't dare to miss famous Penguin parade at Summerland beach .

Royal Botanic Gardens-CRANBOURNE 
(Parks & Garden)

The garden features rockpools, waterholes, an arid garden and a serpentine path.

Mornington Pensuila /Bathing boxes     
(History & Heritage)
These iconic bathing boxes are the local symbol of summer & one of the popular tourist attractions in Melbourne .These are passed by one generation to another & part of heritage.These are perfect for lazy beach days .

Melbourne Cricket Ground : 
(Sports Tour) 
My favourite MCG ,we all have been watching those exciting matches here ,but you cant miss the inner sanctum of  this ground ,which reveals the truth behind Australia's great sport country .You can check by the National sport Museum to recollect some historical moments in field of cricket .

Queen Victoria Market : 
(Shopping & Markets) 

This market is the heart & soul of Melbourne from last 100 years .This historical market consist of variety of Australian fruits , food cuisine's ,international cosmetics, branded clothing's & other accessories .Perfect place for you if you are a shopaholic like me .

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV): 
(Art Galleries)

The NGV art gallery is famous for two art galleries,both are  located at short walking distances .Its like buy one get one .Visitors can enjoy both galleries at same place .NGV consist of international art & collection of American ,European ,Asian & oceanic aircraft's & unique visual art .

Ballooning & Scenic flights : 
(Outdoor sports)
You can enjoy ballooning & scenic flight & watch sunrise over Melbourne from a hot -air balloon or take in the expansive view of city ,it hills & iconic bay on a scenic flight .

Flinders street Station
Its a most famous railway station of Melbourne & 103 years old .

A contest for all  my readers:
Tell me which of these places would you like to visit In Melbourne and Why ?Give your answer in comment section & the best comment will stand a chance to win Rs 500 voucher.

Contest  will close on  5 Jan '15

For more info on Melbourne tourism visit :Tourism Victoria website

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gravity of Truth in our Life

In words  of Thomas Hardy "If an offense come out of the truth, better is it that the offense come than the truth be concealed ".

When we are kids we all have a natural tendency of telling the truth, later when we grow up, we observe that people around us our peers, friends and relatives  they aren't always telling the truth. We get confused why everybody is hiding the truth and manipulating things in their own way. That's the time when we learned how creative people get rid of various offenses by hiding the truth. When we hide the truth within us it creates some stress & internal conflicts in our minds.

Hiding the truth or twisting it for our own interest, is it correct? To understand this, let me share an incident of my life where I had a huge dilemma whether to tell the truth or hide it and what would be the right thing to do?

During the second year of my computer engineering, I needed a laptop for my minor project. I asked my father that it's very important for my studies and I need to buy one at the earliest. He agreed to give money for a laptop, I bought one in the next two days and was so excited about my new laptop. I used to carry it, to my college for presentations. One day in college while the presentation my laptop fell incidentally & got damaged. When I checked the display it was completely broken, I immediately took it to service center where they said the new screen  and repairing will cost around 15 thousand. I was shocked, what I will tell to my father it was only 15 day's since I purchased it. I got so stressed and   worried about  my final presentation in coming month. Fear of telling the truth and not completing the minor project on time was causing so much internal trauma. Finally, I decided to lie about my broken laptop and asked my father to give 15 thousand for campus placement coaching which I was never going to attend. This was the biggest lie, I have ever told to my parents. My father was happy to see my concern towards campus placement and next day he deposited the money. Within one week of time I got my laptop repaired, next month minor project presentation also went well, but still there was some regret and mental stress within me which was making me unhappy about everything. One day my father called me and asked about how my campus coaching and preparations are going on, I got voiceless, I had no answer to his questions, suddenly guilt of dishonesty and lie made me burst and I told him the truth about my damage laptop, I told him about my fear, initially he got angry and hung up the phone, later he called me and said, "It's OK son ,no need to worry". I felt so relaxed and realized, "Kitna chain hota hai na sachhai mein". I thanked my dad and promised  that I will never lie to him.

"Sometimes when telling the truth could get us into trouble, we tend to lie or omit details to avoid it. Although this seems like a great temporary solution, it weighs on our conscience "

This post is inspired from Kinley  TVC & part of  Happy hour contest at  Indiblogger

Monday, December 22, 2014

Max Life Insurance ‘i-genius Young Singing Stars’ Grand Finale -Event Coverage

Recently I got an opportunity to cover a Musical event at Taj Land Ends ,Mumbai .The event was hosted by one of  the leading insurance company Max Life Insurance in association with Universal Music Group on December 17 ,2014.
About the Event :

Blogadda invited some selected bloggers from Mumbai to cover the event .To start with my coverage let me elaborate on structure of whole contest . ‘i-genius Young Singing Stars’  was launched as a  singing platform for aspiring children aged between 8-15 years  in two categories - i-Genius Junior (8-11 yrs) & i-Genius Senior (12-15 yrs) .All children across India from various government ,public /private schools had participated in this contest  .The interesting fact about this contest was there were more than 1.26 lakh registration out of  which 30 K registered there voice on IVR . Top 10 finalist were selected after digital auditions through video conferencing which was evaluated by Jury.Selected finalist got mentoring from Brand ambassador's of  event India's most respected singer & music composer "Salim Merchant " &  India's biggest You -tube sensation  "Shradda Sharma " .

Live Coverage : 

The event was shceduled to  start at 6:00 p.m. ,but because of high alert in mumbai ,which was later contributed by traffic which caused  an unpredictable delay of 1:30  hour .The event  started at 7:30 ,with 1 min silence for all  children who died in terrorist attack in Pakistan ,a nice gesture shown by organisers to give condolence's to all victims of phesawar attack . 

Later on the start was triggered by famous singer  cum anchor Mansi Scott with an amazing song .It was a stunning start of the finale ,all jury members for the contest were sitting in front row  including  Salim Merchant ,Shradda Sharma & Devraj Shanyal .

As a brand ambassador,Jury member & mentor Shraddha sharma took over the audience by his awesome voice & performances one by one .

Now it was turn for Salim Merchant to give his performance ,but he was little bit affected by the incident of terrorist attack in pakistan lately & so with heavy heart he performed on a song as an tribute to those children's who died in attack .We all prayed to god in our heart while listening to his melody .

After inspiring  performances  of two ambassadors of the contest ,it was time for grand finale & winning performances of all top 10 finalists .The winner will be chosen in two categories "Junior" & Senior as mentioned above .

First round of performances started with children's of age group  8-11 years with their introduction ,followed by performances .Names of top 10 finalist (Abhinav Kumar ,Arpita Basnet,Shreya Basu ,Ashish kumar patra.Shivam Ahuja,Kanika Kappor,anuja Panchal ,shereyomi Chatterji,shaurya Saxsena,Shradda Shree & Vanika kappor ) in alphabetical order .

Later on the grand finale witnessed mesmerizing performances by theses 10 finalist.

After all performances ,few key people who were related to the contest (ie,Mr. Rajesh Sud CEO and Managing Director, Max Life Insurance ;Ms Anisha Motwani, Director & Chief Marketing Officer;Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director - Universal Music Group and EMI South Asia )   gave their thank you comments &  some thoughts  behind  "i-genius Young Singing Stars" .

At the end ,all audience witnessed a mind -toggling performance by one  of the popular band " RaagaTrippin'  +RaagaTrippin which consist of 6 musical artists  deleivering an insane vocal sound experience with music n ryhtm & new  Accapella Mash ups.

Results :
Finally  it was the time when result's were announced by the Jury members  in both categories :

Junior category : Shivam Ahuja (Winner)
Senior category :Shrada Shreya (Winner)

Both winners won an album contract whilst the 8 other finalists won "single  song " contract with UMG .

For more information on Event please visit :
This post is a part of press coverage for blogadda bloggers community .

Some Random moments from the Event : 

Groupfie with all finalists

Shivam ahuja -Winner
Raaga Trippin

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Add Magic to Your Kids Vacation's -Teddy Travelogues

During my childhood, I used to be a kid who was very close to nature and loved  my holiday's  with  my family & relatives. In Summers we used to travel to my grandmother's place from Bhopal  to Govindgarh a very small village hidden in the midst of Wild nature, almost covering 800 k.m. of distance  by train or by road. From what I remember, every time we used to  travel for more than 24 hours. The journey was always full of fun, looking all those places, animals, rocks, rivers, jungle's  from a train window, everything was new & fascinating. Being a kid you will always have some bubbling experiences throughout your childhood. You keep those memories for life time & later when you remind them,they will bring you an pleasant smile on your face.

Now coming to the topic, how we can add some magic in our child's vacation either we are travelling to a tourist place for long trips or we  are celebrating a festival at home. Can you remember all those vacation's where you bring your kids, you will feel the difference, those holidays with kid's will consist of some extra spice, some magical memories including immense love & fun in comparison to those in which you went without kid's.

Vacations are always full of fun for childrens, they love everything, enjoying away from school life, full freedom from studies, no tuition's nothing no worries at all, close to family and friends. They just feel wonderful. In this I will share my view's on how we can add some extra magic to their holiday by keeping below points into consideration.
Image Source: Club Mahindra website

Kid's love long Vacation at Popular Resorts  : 

We all know that children's just love Resorts & Natural places. If you are planning for a long trip to a Resorts like (Asthamudi in Kerala, Binsar valley in Uttarakhand)Club Mahindra  provides  a various range of resorts which have a Kids Club etc ,where you can sit back & relax, whereas your kid's will be taken care by Fun Rovers of  Club Mahindra, it might be possible they will have so much fun that, they probably won't want to leave the resort. These resorts have various activities for your kids including sports, workshops on guitar lessons, music etc, which will add some extra value to your kid's vacation.

Take them to their favourite Picnic Spot : 

On short holidays ,you can always visit nearest picnic spot in your locality ,In general kid's prefer natural places like Zoo's, Gardens, parks  etc. In case you don't have a natural one, you can always go for popular amusement parks or a water park.

Eg .In Mumbai we have Borivali National Park, Essel world, Imagica etc.

Children's Loves  Nature & its creativity (Manali  /Ooty /Mahabaleshwar ) /site Seeing :

We know that children's are very close to nature ,they love the Fl aura & Fauna, butterflies, flowers , gardens, rock, mountain everything. Site seeing while on holiday trips, it's a best way  to add enthusiasm & fun & will add to general knowledge of our Kid's.

Teddy Travelogues
To explore more about ,how you can add Magic to your kids vacation please read Teddy Travelogues powered by Club Mahindra ,which consist of  amazing travel stories of  kids from all over India. 

To Know about Club Mahindra Membership plans & holiday Resort  Click Here 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Driving safely In India -Know-How

Urban areas in India especially metros are highly crowded & driving on roads sometimes seems to a job similar to a licensed pilot where he is accountable  for life of all passenger on plane including his own life. Sometimes we think that we need to drive safely on roads just to ensure we are safe,but is it correct,don't we have any responsibility towards fellow motorists & pedestrians who need safety as well .If everyone understand the need of caution & safety while on road ,its surely going to reduce the number of casualties & damage caused by traffic accidents.

Image credit:
Nissan India introduced Nissan Safety
Driving Forum (NSDF)which is one of the major initiatives towards changing the mindset  towards driving behavior of Indian people .Its main objective is to reduce the car accidents & thus reduce fatality & serious injuries through cars as a part of  Blue citizenship ,Nissan's CSR platform . 

NSDF  encourages drivers & motorist to wear seat belt ,and follow basic safety guidelines while driving on road under their motto of "SAFETY FIRST". It's primary focus on India youth who 
drive  without any responsibility & generally ignore safety guidelines .This initiative began in 2012 as an annual activity ,initially it covered 3 major cities of India - New Delhi,Mumbai & Chennai and gradually tend to cover other cities of India.

This year, NSDF would reach 8 new cities – Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi as marked in below image.

Image credit:

In my view below are some Safety guidelines,which we should follow while driving:

-Always wear Seat belt while driving 
-Do not use Mobile phones while driving 
-Keep safe distance with other vehicles on road .
-Follow traffic rules, ie.Red light , No parking etc 
-Do not overtake ,Do not tailgate on higher speed .
-Stay Alerts while driving on Wide roads ,Highways etc .
-Do not Drink & Drive ,it's against the law: If you don't know this shame on you
-Carry an attitude to co-operate with other drivers & pedestrian's on road .
-If possible use car with Air-Bag, it help in reducing injuries in case of collision .
-For new Car owners always go through the "Vehicle Owners Manual " ,you must know how your car works,also make sure it's in prime condition.
-Don't drive if you are sick or injured, or suffering from some kind of mental dis-order .
-Avoid driving if you are tired .
-Before planning long trips, always have a proper sleep & food, take regular breaks on long drives,if you feel sleepy.
-Always Drive on the left -Hand side of the road:If you don't know this shame on you
-Always turn on Headlights at  night & inappropriate light conditions such as Fog, Rain etc.

Some Safety Guidelines from NSDF 
Image Credit :

Saturday, December 13, 2014

#RiseAboveFear -Courage is what it takes !!

 To Rise above fear is to be sure about what you are doing are going to make some difference.Some times in our life we feel stupid about our karma because we might have made various mistakes in the past,but moving on after a certain incorrect act or mistakes can eliminate fear from our lives. Fear come with setbacks,but faith gives us audacity and tenacity to achieve success most of the time,if  I have to say above lines in one quote,I will use words of  Ambrose Redmoon "Courage is not the absence of fear,but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear"

To understand above thoughts in practical life,let me tell you about one crucial risk I took in my life and how it  helped me to overcome my fear and achieve success.

Decision to take one year drop for preparation for engineering entrance exams :

After my schooling it was time to choose my career path,I was on the urge of deciding which stream to choose.Some told me to go for MBBS and become doctor,few told me to prepare for Indian civil services,but in my mind I had to decide whether to go for my dream to join top engineering institute in computer engineering or to do what others are saying.I was so worried and at that time getting to a top college was seems to be a pie in the sky .Looking at the competition level for pre-engineering entrance exams,I was anxious to take any decision on my next step,all my teachers and mentors suggested to join leading coaching institute for exam preparation,for which I need to take one year drop from my regular studies & gave a huge fee of 40-50 K approximately apart from other miscellaneous expanses of accommodation food etc,total  cost was around  1 lakh.I was so afraid ,if I take 1 year gap for preparation and doesn't qualify with top rank my whole year and my fathers hard money will go on vein.Also no need to mention about peer pressure and social trauma in such situation .For me it was time to show some courage And confidence  to take final call for my career,in spite of  fear & anxiety,I went ahead and decided to take drop for engineering exam and went to Indore for preparation.There I joined a leading coaching institute.During my preparation I continuously learned to rise above my fear of not cracking the exam had faith in myself that I will be in toppers list of qualifying students.Finally it was the day of pre-engineering exam.In spite of nervousness I wrote the exam with confidence to crack the exam & finally the day of result came,Guys you will be surprised ,I got 25th state rank,I was sure about getting in top 100 but getting 25 Rank is all because of faith and can-do-attitude to rise above fear of failing the exam.

You must have seen the advertisement of popular PepsiCo's drink Mountain dew which Say's "Darr ke Aage Jeet hai" and follow the philosophy of  "Who Dares,Wins".I must say it's true I always feel the same and salute the spirit of those who rise above fear. Recently Mountain Dew brand has launched #RiseAboveFear campaign for theme based TVC  which show how two actors (Arya & Akhil) overcome their personal mountain of fears, Its clear from video that team had to #RiseAboveFear to shoot it and make the Film reality.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Har Sapna Sach Karega India,Banega Swach India #SwachhIndia

"Har Sapna Sach Karega India,Banega Swach India "

This is the slogan of   "Dettol- Banega swach India " (#SwachhIndia) Campaign of  NDTV group & RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) to encourage everyone to keep our nation clean & healthy and also to address the need of Sanitation & hygiene.This year was full  of  initiatives & campaigns,which were either on Social awareness on Cleanliness,Sanity or on making of "Swach India" .It all started with one of the initiatives of our own prime minister "Modi jii' named "Swach Bharat Abhiyan" .Later all politician's ,social organisations ,NGO's & private companies joined this campaign in some manner to make Clean India .

Join  NDTV Cleanathon Live

We see all these programmes on clean India .but do we raise concerns when someone Litter  or Pee on road ,do we follow these things in o daily life,have we taken any initiative on cleaning our surroundings,have we complaint to Municipal leaders regarding sanity and other issues in our areas .
It's very tragic that more than 60 % our population is defecating  in open in lack of  Toilets & proper sanitation .We need to have sustainable sanitation system in our society .Sustainable Sanitation is a new sanitation concept which includes social ,economical & environmental point of view ,covering all primary functions of sanitation  

We need to educate our children on importance of  personal hygiene & cleanliness. In schools & home children's should be told about how  to clean hands properly ,especially in rural & non-urban areas,as these student's after learning from school ,they can spread awareness within their family .

I have started this with my home ,society & my workplaces .I give equal importance to sanity and hygiene to all the places.Daily cleaning of household my office attire's,trousers everything,which keeps me healthy and motivated all the time .At my workplace I ensure that my desk ,workstation,coup-board everything is clean .As they say "Sound Mind in a sound body",sanity & hygiene help us to maintain good health .

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Airbnb :A New way to Explore the World -MY WISHLIST

Airbnb is a unique portal providing one stop shop for all your  requirement for finding a best place to Rent ,Host or share your apartment or extra space to earn some money & save some money .It helps you to discover amazing places ,connect with hosts ,confirm travel dates & pay all through airbnb trusted services .

After Exploring Airbnb Website  ,I have created my wish list of dream homes & Vacation places around the world .Its a very good portal for those who want to explore  & rent unique places in budget & optimum prices .After exploring the portal you will surely find range of places from Villa's ,apartment ,bungalows ,suites ,condo's to unique accommodation like castles & igloos .Feel at home anywhere you go in the world .

Link to My Wishlist at Airbnb : 

Referral Programme : 
Airbnb has a very unique referral You can earn upto Rs 6190 for everyone you invite 
Send a friend to join the website you will get Rs 1,547 when they travel and Rs 4,642 when they host a place .

My referral Link (Join exciting journey at Airbnb)

1-A home Besides an Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya                                                                                 

Reason To Choose : 

The house name is "Pumzikatu" which means a place to Just Relax .It gives you a view of life above clouds ,a place to rest  & feel calm  .This magical destination can provide you the best adventure & is very  near to Kenya's hidden treasure.I would love to enjoy my stay above the cloud .

       2- A Beautiful Beachfort Villa in Indonesia 

Reason To Choose : 

Its an awesome Villa near a public beach ,with black volcanic sand ,surrounded by rocks,leading to a coral reef. On addition to it has a private pool & Jacuzzi ,its awesome. A best place to to get way from the city hustle in Bali .These are sufficient for me to add this in my wish list .

      3-A Beach Home in Kenya - Nyumba Ya Madau

Reason To Choose : 

A crystalline water beach  & a Swahili style Villa on a  white sandy beach is sufficient for any one to visit this place. Villa has 5 bedroom with en-suite bathroom ,perfect for a long family tour .Its away from city but mostly visited by tourist .I would love to visit this place .

      4- B&B suite in the Cancun Hotel Zone 

Reason To Choose : 

Its a perfect Suite for family stay & has monthly booking scheme on a very reasonable cost as compared other luxury hotels .It has all features of a 5 star suite including King size bed ,a leather Sofa,including dark wood furnishing with A.C. 50"inch HD flat screen TV ,DVD player & an X box ,also its has wine fridge apart from a small fridge ,a microwave oven & a coffemaker .I would prefer this place rather than staying in hotel .

     5-Wonderful 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bali -Kerobokan

Reason To Choose : 

It's a 3 bedroom home with a private pool ,the villa is situated near a fairly silent area just off the main road .For me the main attraction the pool in side the villa .I look perfectly awesome for me .

Again bali being my favorite ,I would love to visit this place anytime .

Do you like these places ,if yes please register on below link & create your wishlist & enjoy the unique places across the world through a single portal .I am recommending this website to all frequent travelers & those who have some extra spaces or own some unique places .

My Airbnb Referral Link :

Thursday, December 4, 2014

God Is A Gamer -Boozing book Review


This is my first book review on this blog ,I got a chance to review this thriller novel by Ravi Subramanian ,I was  lucky to get the  autographed first edition of this book . All thank to BlogAdda for giving this opportunity . Before I start the review lets get some facts together about author, Ravi  is a Banker turned writer  & a rising star in the finance thriller genre .This book is the first to introduce concept of BitCoins /Virtual money  in writing world .So let's start with the book Review .                                                                            

The story starts with  two  unrelated incidents in Mumbai & Washington D.C. ,following  intense discussion between  two corporate leads of  MasterCard & Visa International .Bitcoin coming into picture & it's impact on US government becomes the basic plot of story .Soon there's is an explosion killing a Bureaucrat  pushed FBI  strongly to investigate  & solve the case . The another plot in story describes the dark world of virtual currency growing day-by-day ,changing lifes of people ,authors extensive R&D on virtual currency make the story interesting & full of drama - suspense . Overall it's a good pick if you like thriller & must read if have interest in finance & banking sector .

Book Trailer on YouTube : 



Why Read this book  :

1- This book throws light on current situation of Cyber crime in banking industry & its consequences .

2- First time introducing the concept of virtual money "Bitcoin"

3-A Financial thriller with lots of potential to keep you reading on your toes,till you finish the book ,though I took 2 weeks to finish due to work load & clients visits  at office .

4-It's a roller coaster ride with lots of suspense that will keep you reading the book & some time you will try to skip some pages to know what happen next .

Key Characters
  1. Gillian Tan: A US Senator 
  2. Swami: Head of Retail Banking at  (NYIB) - Mumbai
  3. Malvika: CEO of NYIB - Mumbai
  4. Tanya: Malvika's daughter
  5. Aditya Rao: Founder of eTIOS & Indiscape (a gaming company) - Mumbai
  6. Varun: Aditya's son
  7. Adrian Scott: FBI  Agent 

Book Summary :    


Book Name -God Is A Game

Author  - Ravi Subramanian  

Publisher : Penguin Books India  

Price - 299 -INR (Paperback)   

Pages- 324 

Genre -Thriller  

My Rating : 4 /5 

To Buy @ Flipkart -Click Here 

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Game of Luck & Confidence

"The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone” -Orison Swett Marden

Luck or Confidence? If you have to choose only one of these ,what will be your choice.What is more important for you in your life.Well we all know that confidence comes from what we think about ourselves,not what other think about us .Trusting & loving ourselves can do miracles in our life .
 In my  post  StaySuccess Ready -Never Miss An Opportunity #WillYouShave ,I mentioned about the crucial role of  grooming in career of a working professional . A well groomed face & personality contributes to individual self -esteem including confidence in his body language & mind set .
An individual should always rely on  his confidence & efforts ,positive result & luck will follow his path. Lets understand this by an example ,If you are applying for a job what will be the first think you need to clear the interview ,assume that your colleague is saying you are lucky brother go for it,but inside yo don't have the confidence surely you will not go for it.
In words of D.Seuss  “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” So be yourself do not leave your fate on luck,bring your charm ,feel your self-esteem and boost your confidence & say yes to well-groomed face to be at your best everyday.

At the end of my post I would like to thanks BlogAdda & Gillette  for  exclusive invitation for #WillYouShave activity .

I am tagging below friends for  #WillYouShave Challenge :

Pallavi @That Desi Girl
Priya @Priyamade

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Bet365 review OfPad